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Prezidenchul State of the Mess Address Finale

posted 8/7/2009 12:44:39 PM |
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My Fellow Pervasites,

I quit. Take this job and shove it. Blah blah blah.. whatever. Yup, I abdicate. Impeach me.. something.. I don't care how it happens.. but this job sucketh mightily.

Honestly, watching a blow out of massive proportions over something that was meant in jest is just really stoooooopid. People take things so damned personally. When will we all just get that it's all just words on a page til you allow it to be YOUR PERSONAL PROBLEM?

So sorry I stepped on some people's tender feelers. No, actually, I'm not the least bit sorry. If you want the total truth? I quite enjoyed it. Makes me feel so very powerful when people take what bullshit I spout as a personal affront and blow it into a massive bullshit storm. It's great to know that I have so much power over so many people's emotions. No, really. Keep on handing me the power to run how you feel. (this statement applies to any one who you allow to control your emotions not just me.)

Of course, no one can take responsibility for their own actions or behaviors here. It's always someone else' fault. So and so made me angry. Not something is wrong in my life and I got angry over something that had NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH ME! Yeah.. well ... so what? Get over yourselves.

Me? Leaving? Not on your lives. I'm here to annoy you.. to step on your toes, to piss you off.. whatever.. I'm here cuz I wanna be. I'm not gonna take a break.. I'm not gonna play bullshit games.. not gonna be a whiney butt pity bag. But as for the job of Prez? Prez of what? A bunch of crybabies? No thank ya very much.

You don't like what I've got to say? Oh well.. how does that affect me?

I don't like what you've got to say? Oh well.. how does that affect YOU?

Let's beat that dead horse til he gets up kickin and screamin and see where it takes us, shall we?


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Aug 7 @ 12:53PM  
*Deep husky voice*

C'mon over here and annoy me, baby.....


Aug 7 @ 12:53PM  
I am recalling story I saw on the news a few years ago. It involved somebody attempting suicide unsuccessfully and after the fact, attempted to accuse somebody else of attempted murder.

Aug 7 @ 12:55PM  
*annoys the heck out of DKW*

Suicide/Murder..hmmm interesting thought..

Aug 7 @ 1:24PM  
Actually I'm thinking about becoming The Farmer.. at the phunny pharm.

Aug 7 @ 1:38PM  
Actually I'm thinking about becoming The Farmer.. at the phunny pharm.

Want me to harvest your crops for you

Aug 7 @ 1:45PM  
Inside joke, but a few may connect the dots.
Simon and Garfunkel
The Scorpions

Aug 7 @ 2:35PM  

I'm witch ya baby, I'm witch ya. You wanna bewitch me ?

Aug 7 @ 4:09PM  
whiney butt pity bag

don't you dare say next; I did not have sex with that woooman

kudo's for the grins

Aug 7 @ 4:37PM  
So that means no more taxes, right? I'm rich! I'm rich!

Aug 7 @ 5:06PM  
But, Tass.. I did NOT have sex with THAT woman.. the other one.. sure.. that was me.. but not THAT one.. I do have standards!

Aug 7 @ 7:04PM  
Me? Leaving? Not on your lives.

Damn!!! Don't scare me like that!!! I'm glad you're staying...I'd miss seeing that squirrel picture.

So....I guess this means I don't have to pay taxes anymore? YIPPEEEEEE!

Aug 7 @ 7:08PM  
but this job sucketh mightily
I certainly don't want it.

Aug 8 @ 12:39AM  
yes but do you have the dress to prove it

Aug 8 @ 1:43AM  
well i am a proud pervasite & I will continue to give you my kudos whether you like it or not

Aug 8 @ 8:22AM  
I likes "VICE" prez's mo' betta'

Aug 10 @ 9:45AM  
Well, I have no earthly idea what this particular blog is about, but that's neither here nor there. My comment is addressing the comment that "it's just words on a page" or similar comments such as "it's just the Internet." What I'd like to know is, why, just because they are typewritten words, and just because they're "on the internet," does that mean all sense of accountability for ourselves ... and respect for each other ... goes totally ignored?

If confronted personally, face-to-face, with another person who would say derogatory things about you or about someone else you cared about, would you be so quick to state, "It's just words coming out of someone's mouth?" Or "It's just in the WalMart parking lot?" (Or wherever).

Why does it being "words on a page" or "just the Internet" make it any less hurtful than if it were spoken in a face-to-face, audible, manner?

Someone want to explain that to me, please?

Does it follow the "sticks and stones" premise? Well, contrary to what some may think, verbal abuse can hurt as much, if not worse, than physical abuse.

And do people in Internet Land somehow think they're less accountable for their words simply because they're typewritten or because it's "JUST" the Internet?

I'm afraid I just don't follow that (illogical) line of reasoning.


Aug 10 @ 12:28PM  
Where, exactly, do I state that one does not need to take responsibility for what one says? Nowhere.

What I am saying is, if someone says something that upsets you, why is it upsetting you? What is it in your own life that's fucked up that needs fixing. The words aren't your problem til you allow them to be YOUR problem. I know, this is a difficult concept for lower forms of fungi to get, but in reality, in the big big scheme of things? Words don't matter. If you don't let them.

Aug 16 @ 6:27PM  
Wow...what the? Skwirl you crack me up What's with long legs? Reading into things a bit much?


Aug 16 @ 11:51PM  
Words don't matter. If you don't let them.
Amen to that although some need to have a permanent umbrella attached to their nose in case it rains.

Aug 17 @ 4:29AM  
Damn...I go off and have a life and I miss all the fun!

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Prezidenchul State of the Mess Address Finale