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Something for the underappreciated on AMD

posted 8/6/2009 2:57:05 AM |
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I'm all tuckered out. Been a long (but good) day and I'm ready to sleep the sleep of the wicked. I have a few e-mails that I wanted to respond to, but they require time where as I need sleep. So, unfortunately, they'll just have to wait for tomorrow.
I also want to send a couple of responses to people who posted comments on my blog. But that's not gonna happen tonight. I like feedback, and I'm always glad when people comment so I feel kinda bad about this. Not about putting them off in favor of sleep, but tomorrow, their gonna lack a certain freshness and so I probably just won't respond. Ces't le vie. If I don't, "thanks for the comment."
Just a second ago, somebody sent me a message complimenting me on something I said on somebody else's blog.
As discussions today showed, commenting can have a big effect on the bloggers. It can steer them in either the right or the wrong direction. The commenters rarely if ever get noticed though. In fact, sometimes I don't want to comment because it seems like when I say something in the morning (blog/comment), I immediately come under the notice of bots. I don't do it enough, commenting that is.
There's no immediate award for those who do. But sometimes they really make the blog. They can't get kudos, or see their comment fill up the inbox of the original blogger. It kinda reminds me of the idea in the previous blog, a thumbs up/down rating for blogs. WoW's probably right that it isn't a good idea. It isn't a good idea for comments either.
I had a slightly different idea for a reward system. How 'bout if you like one of my blogs or comments, but don't really want to post something you just send me a nekkid picture of yourself or a pretty girl (which ever is more female)? I'm just joking, unless you want to.
But this wasn't about soliciting pretty pictures. This was going to be about commenters. I remember there used to be one commenter in particular who commented on some of my blogs. DarkDesire. On mine or other blogs, she always had interesting things to say and questions that really made me rub my scruffy beard. I don't think she ever wrote a blog, but I loved reading her comments.
I saw an old Straddle blog that was something to the effect of "if you could bring back one blogger, who would it be?" I'm curious, if you could bring back somebody that isn't around anymore, or only rarely around, somebody who solely or mostly just commented on other peoples blogs, who would it be?

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Aug 6 @ 3:09AM  
i used to have some ok blogs...i think...

Aug 6 @ 4:23AM  
I saw an old Straddle blog that was something to the effect of "if you could bring back one blogger, who would it be?"
I remember that blog of mine. It's one of my favorites I did back in Jan. 2009 I believe. Thank you for the mention.

Just a second ago, somebody sent me a message complimenting me
I usually get those, but tonight it's a different story. Just got some hate mail in my inbox because of some of the blogs I do. I very rarely get these types of emails.


Aug 6 @ 8:55AM  
Good to see you resurface, Linda!! How are things going for you?

I saw an old Straddle blog that was something to the effect of "if you could bring back one blogger, who would it be?"

I think of these old posts could be revived with great success. I am confident that it would work out more favorably than remaking old movies. Straddle relaunches his frequently, but they tend to be his kooky quirky ones.

But the one you cite was one of Straddle's more interesting mainstream blogs. It was posted in January of this year. Here is a link to it: The top three people you would love to come back to this site.

I did a companion blog to it on what three people you never hope come back to this site.

I debated with one person in particular yesterday about the significance of the amount of views, comments, and kudos. Higher numbers are good indicators to me and this one got 468 views, 41 comments, and 3 kudos. I'll take those numbers any day. I imagine that straddles blog got more then that that.

I think that they both make for interesting reads, especially the comments. Often the comments are what really make the blog good.

Aug 6 @ 9:04AM  
Still no comment

Aug 6 @ 10:10AM  
Can you explain the statement "commenters rarely get noticed"?

In what way? I think that sometimes the comment section is better than the original blog. Blogjackings occur and sometimes it gains a life that the blog never intended. I believe that commenters do actually get noticed! The people that comment on my blogs do..

Aug 6 @ 10:33AM  
What ^she^ said!!!

Aug 7 @ 6:03PM  
I did a horrible job on this blog. My apologies. Let's see if I can set this right:

As our Prez just pointed out, and as WoW has shown both directly and indirectly, the blogs can be made or broken by comments. The comments keep a page fresh, the provide a guiding hand for the blogger. They can even be the whole reason one would bother reading a particular screed. (They can even be the whole point of a blog.)
But the commenters, especially those who don't blog themselves, don't get as much of the obvious and visible recognition they deserve. You can't kudo a comment, though I've wanted to many times. You can't follow a commenters postings, they just pop out of the wild blue and give us these precious gems and then vanish into the night like some masked man (I think that sentence made sense, in spite of mixing metaphors).
I was just thinking of some people whom I only knew through there comments. DarkDesire came to mind. I think Zaftig was another (though I may have her confused with somebody else). I was just wondering if there are any former commenters, people who don't blog (or don't blog often) whose comments you always look(ed) forward to.

I think that's better.

Aug 7 @ 6:09PM  
Ohh I do miss Zaftig! There is a woman who can tell a story and make you want to read what she has to say!

I agree, commenters often don't get the recognition they deserve. I've often wanted to kudo a comment. Sometimes people do add a kudo to the blog with the note that it's for such and such comment. Would that be good?

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Something for the underappreciated on AMD