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In Pursuit of Happyness or Pissin' on Somebody's Cheerios

posted 8/5/2009 1:45:27 PM |
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Some of you may be familiar with "The Pursuit of Happyness," a 2006 movie based on the true story of Chris Garnder (played by Will Smith), an on and off again salesman turned stockbroker. The movie entails a series of serious setbacks as Gardner struggles to raise his son and improve his lot in life. It's realistic in it's approach that life is a struggle, it's messy, but happyness can be achieved. The title is intentionally misspelled, as it also appears as graffiti in a scene in the film. The misspelled phrase is taken from an essay written in 1776 that argued that whites and blacks were created equal. The essay, which was written by Lemuel Haynes, a biracial man living in New England during the Revolution, quoted Thomas Jefferson's well-known sentence from the United States Declaration of Independence, but spelled the last word of the sentence with a y. The sentence, as it appears in Lemuel's essay, is as follows: "We hold these truths to be self-Evident, that all men are created Equal, that they are Endowed By their Creator with Certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happyness."

It's in this vein... in pursuit of happyness, I write this blog.

One person's idea of happyness is another person's personal hell OR one person's personal hell may someone elses idea of heaven. It all depends upon one's perspective. Lately we've received blogs with rants, rules and rebuttals which have addressed the quality of blogs or lack there of on AMD. Personally, I embrace them all no matter whether it's positive or negative. Why? Because every blog, whether we like it or not, is a person's individual view. We are all free to express ourselves. By exercising this right we are expressing ourselves... and often times in the pursuit of happyness.

Ranting is a good thing! It helps express frustration, dismay, disappointment and even anger. It's far better to release these emotions rather than allow them to fester and potentially boil over into something truly destructive. We all reserve the right to read or not read the rants. This is where that freedom thing comes in again... it makes me happy.

Rules can also be a very good thing. We need rules to help guide society, to help prevent chaos and limit the turmoil which can overshadow the good in the world. Of course, we don't like all the rules, especially if we didn't make them. Sometimes, we make our own rules while ignoring others. Other times we think we are above the law or that certain rules were created for others, but not for us individually. Either way, laws, rules, and guidelines are generally made to help us manouver through life with fewer difficulties. Rules are another avenue which allows us the advantage of pursuing our happyness.

Rebuttals are also examlpes of what is good about being citizens in the USA as well as members of AMD. We have the right to discuss, debate and give our opinions freely. We can comment positively, negatively or ignore any and all blogs. We can share laughter, pain, sorrow, good news, seek a sex partner, and ask for help and information whteher it's affairs of the heart or the bed. Rebuttals make me happy... just another way for everyone to share in self-expression.

So whether you want to discuss what makes you happy or if you want to piss on my Cherrios because you don't care for my perspective... it's OK. I support your pursuit of Happyness no matter how you spell it!

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Aug 5 @ 1:47PM  
I've been pursuing happiness for a long long time.. that bitch has long legs!!!

Aug 5 @ 1:48PM  

And that's all I have to say! Oh yeah...kudo!

Aug 5 @ 2:03PM  
Scuse me but piss on your Cheerios. You are absolutely right and a kudo for you.

Aug 5 @ 2:15PM  
some people even have the right to delete comments that makes a point other than the blog poster.............. Actually everyone has a right to delete comments but i usual don't bother commenting on blogs once they remove a comment of mine that may disagree with their own idea of the truth. I do have a tendency to get royally pissed off when people start the bullshit of censoring what can and can't be put in blogs.........if they don't like it and they are too immature to just to ignore it they may want to try the Disney website, or blue clues website.......but that's the downfall of this site is the whiners and bitchers that people are not living up to their expectations..............JMO

Great blog........

Aug 5 @ 2:20PM  
I second that emotion... Cookie rollin' your way m'dear...

Aug 5 @ 2:25PM  
I've been pursuing happiness for a long long time.. that bitch has long legs!!!
Yeh, but she'll be worth it when you catch her!

You are absolutely right
It is very nice when someone agrees... thanks!

blue clues website
Geez, I gotta look this up... I'm clueless. Thanks!

I wonder if it's the weather, the water or lack of new widgets that's creating the whaaaaaaa factor?

Aug 5 @ 2:32PM  
Two more days of Dog Days.. and then it should even out a touch.

Aug 5 @ 3:11PM  
I'm just happy being me. I love all my blogs....

I cannot for the life of me, understand why people give a flying fuck what is posted on this site. It's a free site & we are all free to our own opinions. No one is forcing us to read the shit blogs. No one is forcing us to agree with someone else.

Personally, I don't give a damn if the blogs are re-posts, copy & pastes or originals. It's a blog. It's someones mood. It's someones interest. And if it's of no
interest to you, keep on fuckin' moving. Didn't your mother teach you "If you don't have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all!!"


Happy Hump Day Dione!!!!!

Aug 5 @ 3:13PM  
And... further more, I would like to add........ ummm... hmmmm... well uhhh- DAMN, I would say you summed it all up right there!!

Great blog Dione!!

And damn... I remembered to give you a kudo too! I'm SMOKE'N today!


Aug 5 @ 4:10PM  
You know it's amazing how people can come on here despite of their hardships ... no jobs, worried about their next meal, wondering if they will have a place to live within the next month & so far behind on bills can still find humor & have fun in blog land. While on the other hand not saying they have a picture perfect world but are comfortable in their realm can bitch about the most petty crap imaginable. Oh I guess no one pissed in my cheerios because they tasted just fine this morning. I'm happy to say I was blessed to get off my bean diet for the time being. Good blog & that's all I'm saying.

Aug 5 @ 4:51PM  
Well thangy.

IMHO, this will only irritate hypocrites.
( Luckily, there ain't any on this site )

Aug 5 @ 5:42PM  
One person's idea of happyness is another person's personal hell OR one person's personal hell may someone elses idea of heaven. It all depends upon one's perspective.

Ranting is a good thing!
I don't know, if it's from the same person who seems to do a lot of it like 3-4 times a week, that could get very damn old on here.

Aug 5 @ 5:52PM  
Good one!!!!!!!!

Aug 5 @ 7:31PM  
Most excellent blog Dione

Aug 5 @ 7:54PM  
I'm just happy being me. I love all my blogs...
What can be better than liking yourself and what you do!
I'm SMOKE'N today!
Some days you're hotter than others... thanks for being red hot today! Thank you.
I'm happy to say I was blessed to get off my bean diet for the time being.
I'm glad you're off of it too. Thanks!
this will only irritate hypocrites
I'm bound to irritate someone, somewhere... sometimes it's a job someone has to do - lol!
Straddle: I know what you mean... some things do get old... and I'm getting older as we speak!
OHT and RevDocLove: Thank you!

Aug 6 @ 5:57AM  
A definite kudo to you and I'd give flavorbuster one for his comment if I could...

Personally I'll leave the pissin' on somebody's Cheerios to those who feel the need to wallow in un happyness...

Aug 9 @ 1:11AM  
honey nut cheerios???

Aug 14 @ 6:54PM  
The smart ass in me was going to ask if I could have frosted flakes (they're...GREAT) but the honey nut cheerios comment kinda stole my thunder.

It's one thing to engage in a spirited debate.... exchange of ideas. I'm all for it.

The ones I get tired of reading is the piss and moan, Hey every one pay attention to me.... whiny ass rants. But rather than whining about them myself (which is pretty much the same thing) I quickly move on and don't devote any time to them. (usually)

Like you.. I say.... write what you want. I might read it.... and I might not.

Aug 15 @ 2:54AM  
Oh, don't tell me trolls now have rights too...otherwise, I'm out of a job.

Fuckin economy and state of the union.....

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In Pursuit of Happyness or Pissin' on Somebody's Cheerios