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Many good returns and a poor one (or Old Hands and Sticky Wickets)

posted 8/5/2009 9:43:03 AM |
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tagged: blogs, amd

I wandered away for a month or two, and it seems that a few of the old bloggers came back (Ewe_Wish, DS, and lintroller (who I don't think I've ever overlapped with), maybe some others that I don't remember off the top of my head, or don't know as regulars. Good to see them back. I wandered away for the same reason I wandered away a year and a half ago, that being that I felt like I was putting more into the site then I was getting out. Hopefully, with Ewe doing the week in review, I won't feel like my time here is work...

But while I ramble, I don't mean to rant. There's always a fair amount of that here without me adding. In fact, there are 3 rather recent ones, that were different spins on the same idea. It got me thinking...

Wouldn't it be nice... thinks I... if we could go back to the halcyon days of yore. When Pervia was green and new. When all the blogs were gems and the forum teamed with life and interesting discussions? But I wasn't here in the good ol' days and I'm not sure if they even existed. But when I think back about the salad days that I have seen I take a look at this old blog I wrote and it reminds me that meat and taters were never as good I think they were. I realize that it was never worth my time to read through all the blogs. I remember that it was through digging a bit that I found what I really want. Let me move away from the food metaphor to a different one that's maybe a bit tastier...

We all get tired of the same old blog experience, that's probably why a good chunk of us are here. Everybody likes blogs a little differently. Some people want a reading experience that's soft and sweet. Some people want it to be an exciting experience that makes them rush out for more. Some want to get to know you a little first, so that your blogs will touch their soul. Some like mystery and annonimity. Some people come back looking for the same experience over and over, while others yearn for variety. There are a lot of how-to's but really, you've just gotta try and see what works for you. When I do it, I like to take my time and try to make it memorable. I guess what I'm getting at is that blogging is a bit like,,,

cooking for someone. It might not be to everyone's taste, but it's worth trying. Wait, that wasn't the metaphor I was going for. I must be hungry, but let's try this again.

A blog should be long enough that it elicits some feeling. But not so long that it's painful to experience. It should have enough breadth that it hits a couple sweet spots, but not so much that you just stare in confusion. You're going to have a natural style that's unique to you. Try embracing it and learning how to use it. You also can't change other peoples, you can only find the ones you like and put the other's out of your mind. But this is all stuff that one either knows or isn't going to realize.

AMD's blogs are really not like anywhere else. This is why I stuck around after seeing that there really isn't anybody near me on here. Some times you get a bunch that are original, some of them are about sex (and a few are sexy). But Bloglandia was hijacked a long time ago and plays by rules that are ever changing. Most blogs out in the real world suck ass. They're either completely market driven (trying to get the top spot on google for a particular search while trying to get money out of AdSense) or hand-stapled-to-the-forehead, woo is me crap that people should've out grown in high school.

AMD entirely accidentally created a fun place to play in. There is, however, an inescapable problem here. The site wasn't designed for what it does best. The blogs aren't searchable in any kind of meaningful way. There's only a comment section, and kudos (ideally, I'd like to see some sort of rating system). Most people don't articulate well, if they did maybe people would read more. Good blogs get lost in shuffle. But there's not really much that can be done about this.

There's a lot more written than is worth reading. This is true on AMD as well as in real life. On AMD, it may be a little harder to find good stuff, but it's still there, hidden behind an interface that works against itself.

I'll get off my soapbox now.

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Aug 5 @ 10:16AM  
Good post, greenie for you. Yes, the reemergence of some people has definitely elevated the quality of the posts. On the other hand, I just wish that the those who post blogs that do not get any comments would duly note it and refrain from doing so again.

When all the blogs were gems and the forum teamed with life and interesting discussions? But I wasn't here in the good ol' days and I'm not sure if they even existed.

What people can do if they want to revisit those days of yesteryear, is to go to the profile of a favorite blog poster that has been here for a few years. Then click on their blogs button. Dig deep to a couple of years ago and you will see some real gems. If you do, you will also notice how much better, in general, the comments were too and how many more comments there were.

Back in the day, the blogs and comments were much more engaging and it led to much more participation that was much more interesting.


Aug 5 @ 10:56AM  
I agree with WoW..this is a good blog. And yes, I have explored other blogs out there, and always find myself coming back here. Why? Well, there is the obvious, I have friends here who blog, and I do on occasion like to blog. And hey...I don't always pasted jokes here. Once in a while I will blog about something on my mind.

What I like about blogging here at AMD is there is variety, some blogs are meant for laughing, some for thought, some are stories, and some just for the sake of blogging. The ones that don't follow the guidelines..I've come to ignore. I figure if they can't read the rules/guidelines for blogging, they can't read friendly advice.


Aug 5 @ 11:01AM  
Welcome back! we need a good writer in here :)

Aug 5 @ 11:24AM  
Wow man, men like you make men like me seem like men that like men like that other sort of "man" could really like men like Richard Nixon. And even still, I think it goes without saying that some men just don't like men like some men like men, vice versa, y'know? When it comes down to it you can just butter my ass and call me biscuit. I really liked this.

Aug 5 @ 11:53AM  
Biscuit, I think I can dig what you're sayin, though I'm not gonna butter you up anytime soon. Thanks for the compliment and the nice comment. Though it accidentally got posted twice, I'll only delete it once.

Feather, I'll try and post soon about something other than this. Just wanted to say something on the subject that was too long and rambly for other blogs comment sections. I think more than good writing the site just needs more writing.

sugar, thanks for the comment.

WoW, I guess what I would really most like to see would be a thumbs up/thumbs down mechanism like youtube comments. I mentioned in on evild's blog about blogs, in response to your comment, that some people don't get comments because they just got lost in the shuffle. Once in a blue moon, I'll see one where I don't have anything to say in terms of a relevant comment but I hope the writer posts a different one, or sometimes I'll comment just to be saying something rather than to express anything in particular. It would be nice if comments were for commenting and there was another way of rewarding/punishing posts.

I think (or hope) a lot of what we're seeing is an awkward stage of evolution for this site. As far as comment eliciting blogs (Straddle blogs if you will (no offense intended)), they've become very streamlined. To where the whole blog is visible in the summary. I use Straddle as an example because he owns that style, but usually he has a bit thats worth reading before asking a question. The reposting jokes seems (on a casual glance) to have slowed down over the last month. I think it really is filler and will be down to a minimum with old posters re-entering the fray.

Aug 5 @ 12:01PM  
To be honest.............there has never been a time when everyone was a great poster............the only difference is there was less bitching about the ones that to some peoples opinion are not worthy blogs..............Now I am of the mindset if you don't like the blogs........ignore and move on............if none of them are your cup of tea.........than there is a whole wide world of web out there for you to find what you are interested in.............Some of us wandered back in because we missed this place............we missed our friends..............I for one didn't miss the whining....

Disclaimer...........You is in general terms not directed at the blog poster...............fuck i am tired of having to put a disclaimer up to keep from hurting feelers...........

Aug 5 @ 12:54PM  
Yeah! what she said^^^^^^^

Aug 5 @ 1:04PM  
I guess what I would really most like to see would be a thumbs up/thumbs down mechanism like youtube comments.

That would lead to carnage I think. Unlike rating a video, it would be far too easy for people to take it personally and think that you were rating them. Hell, in some cases it would be like going up to a newborn's mother and telling her that her baby was ugly.

Aug 5 @ 1:26PM  
Nothing has really changed in blogland, except that there are more to weed through than before. If more people wrote and stopped bitching, it would be better still!

Good post!

Aug 5 @ 5:37PM  
Phenomenal. This was a kick-ass blog. Why? Because a) the extraordinary effort shows; b) it's topical and relevant and organized; and c) it's exceedingly articulate. What could detract from it?
1) "Why dosen ne1 want my cum action?" or similar substandard ilk flanking it;
2) Inordinately high volume flanking it.

On the surface, it seems tragic that this will disappear from the front page before I have a chance to blink ten times. On the other hand, the fact that the peak breadth of its exposure will be fleeting is what makes it a gem.

How can we appreciate the evanescent highs without the incessant lows?

Also, I echo your sentiment about nostalgia--I bristle at comments about the "old days," which are invariably filtered through a retrospective lens and rarely reflect reality. The dynamic here is cyclical; in fact, I was just noting that the drama on AMD seemed to have died down... until now. Sometimes, when creative juices slow to a trickle, it helps to have a provocative stimulus such as a proposed "new rule." It seems to have led to a rather substance-filled flurry of activity.

Great post. Pleased to meet you!

Aug 5 @ 5:49PM  
Yes, this is an excellent post and very articulate.

On the surface, it seems tragic that this will disappear from the front page before I have a chance to blink ten times.

That is sadly true. But what many people do is find the good posts in the blogs most recently commented on section. This is particularly true for people that don't log on until the evening.

Aug 5 @ 6:01PM  
Good blog!

Btw, welcome back!

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Many good returns and a poor one (or Old Hands and Sticky Wickets)