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A Sheltered Life

posted 8/4/2009 3:20:59 PM |
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I guess I have led a sheltered life. It wasn't until recently that i was encouraged (or perhaps found the courage) to look at sexual activities at the extreme ends of the spectrum. What I have discovered has sent me reeling, longing for the good old days, when a man and a women were both seeking mutual pleasures, and nothing involved pain, or permanent damage.

I was sent to several website that deal in Fem-Domination. Reading through the blogs I discovered a complete subset of women who wanted to actively partisipate in a painful male castration. Stories about permanently damageing another person on a physical level (not to mention the emotional trama)

Stories of "Vampitism" Blood-letting, bondage so cruel that it boggles the mind, that anyone could ever function again after being subjected to such punishment.

In short I see that there are far too many freaks out there in the world today. Or perhaps these are thoughts, deep dark thoughts that have lingered in minds throughout history, and only now find an outlet. People seperated by vast distances, but sharing the same dark desires. Disires to hurt, injure and dominate, all in some sick quest for thier own enjoyment.

Add to this the long list of diseases that are moving through our society, and it almost want to make you consider the life of a hermit.
This has become a scary world.

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Aug 4 @ 3:26PM  
Very scary.....And I'd consider what you found to be "vanilla" compared to way more other things out there. I think you just hit the tip of the iceberg, theres more....way more sick shit out there.

And wanna know something scarier, they just found a new strain of HIV, nice...huh?

Aug 5 @ 6:04AM  
I don't know if you wanted comments or not, but if you did, you may want to change the setting to auto-approve. To do this, on the home page, click account settings, then comment settings, then you'll see a screen where you change them. Just a heads-up.

Regarding your blog, I don't think that these thoughts have been hidden in the backs of people's minds. I think that the only thing thats really changed is that now EVERYTHING can be found somewhere on the internet. The Marquis De Sade wrote about some truly appalling stuff that was going on in the 1750's. It's not historically disputed that he threw orgies regularly. That means that without social networking sites he was able to find enough people that were into the kinks he public talked about to fill his rather palatial estate. One of the contenders for first novel ever written is about kinky sex practices. And so on, and so on. Nowadays, there are (a) more people and (b) more people talking to each other so all the less than mainstream sentiments look like they've grown over the years.

I think it's important to put this in a bit of perspective (historical and otherwise). You mentioned going on a Fem-dom website, so what you got was women who wanted to dominate/were on the sadistic side, and men who wanted to be dominated/were on the masochistic side. Sex is at least a two way street, so keep in mind that it's not just people who want to hurt, but also people who want to be hurt.

As far as the blood-play goes, while (I think) it's horrendously unsanitary. I don't see anything about it that's particularly cruel, per-se. It can be done in a more or less painless way.

In general, it's important to recall the way the dark ages were once described. Famously, somebody once said, life then "was nasty, brutish, and short." We've come a long way since then. We've managed to just about cure the short part. Maybe we got our priorities all wrong but c'est le vie. Beyond that people are just people. I don't think we as a whole will change and so, logic indicates that we as a whole haven't really changed. As they say "there's nothing new under the sun." It's just that now things that used to be private can be viewed by anyone.

The moral is if you don't want to see something, don't look. Anyway, that's my .02

Aug 7 @ 8:03AM  
A new strain of HIV??? Holy crap! I guess I should be happy to not be dating right now. It's some scary shit out there, and it's only getting worse.

I appreciate your point of view. Of course your right, burying my head in the sand would prevent these obscure ideas from getting inside my head. I'm guessing there ther are people throughout the world with deep sadistic ideas, and yes as the technologies have advanced, so to have the opportunities to express these deep dark throughts for the masses to consider.
I've learned my lesson, somethings are (for me) better left undiscovered. I guess it just all caught me by surprise. I had always thought that I was "experienced" but I can see how nieve I have been. Closing Pandora's box and putting it back into the top shelf of my mental closet.

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A Sheltered Life