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Would you sue your university if you couldn't find a job?

posted 8/4/2009 4:18:39 AM |
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tagged: crazy, news, money, straddle

I heard a story a couple of nights ago in the news about a young college graduate with a degree who is suing the university she graduated from because she's unable to find a job. She spent $70,000 and 4 years getting her degree. She wants her $70,000 back from them because of this. Does she have a case, or is this another case of ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME???!

Would you try this after graduating from college if you had no luck in finding a job, or do you think this would hurt your chances of landing a job if word got about your frivolous lawsuit?

Personally, I think the woman is a fucking joke for going this route. Seems like most of the younger generation like her were raised very spoiled without any common sense!

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Aug 4 @ 4:30AM  
She probably majored in something useless like ancient mythology anyway. Universities do not, under any circumstances, guarantee job placement. This is just plain restarted. Please go back to posting questions that leave room for a little credible debate on both sides.

And please lay off the generalizations about my generation's so-called "sense of entitlement". People from every generation come up with stupid ideas to get easy money and easy lives. Slavery. Tammany Hall. The cocaine trade. All invented before this girl was even born.

Aug 4 @ 4:55AM  
Wow, I think that's now what, two things we agree with each other on?

Please go back to posting questions that leave room for a little credible debate on both sides
Something like healthcare reform?

Aug 4 @ 5:36AM  
I saw that also on the news. To me it is stupid. How many people in this world have gone to college and not found a job? Me for one. It may not have been that big of a college and I sure didn't spend that kind of money but the issue is still the same. I didn't find a job in my field.

Some people will do anything to make money I guess including lawsuits. As for me I have to get ready for work now.

Aug 4 @ 6:07AM  
It's about time your blogging again!

Aug 4 @ 6:18AM  
It's about time your blogging again!
Thank you. But I've been blogging all weekend, and already a few people on here are getting tired of seeing my blogs. I was even called a blog hog Sunday night after doing my third blog for that night. lol If I was thinking of a 4th blog that night that wouldn't have stopped me.

Aug 4 @ 6:50AM  
Does she have a case,
Would you try this after graduating from college if you had no luck in finding a job
do you think this would hurt your chances of landing a job if word got about your frivious lawsuit?

There is now law on who an employer has to hire. Employers in her area are probably not satisfied with the school she went to.

Aug 4 @ 8:12AM  
Where will the sense of entitlement stop? Just because you have a degree or graduated, is NO guarantee that you will get a job. The constitution DOES NOT guarantee you a job....not even hapiness, wealth or anything else. It DOES say that you are guaranteed the PURSUIT of such things.

People need to grow up and face reality!!

Aug 4 @ 8:43AM  
It's a litigious society- has been for a couple decades now ever since people realized they could file frivolous law suits and make a few bucks! But that's the fault of the court system and especially the lawyers- better known as ambulance chasers!

IMO, being a lawyer at one time was a prestigious profession- now they've relegated themselves right up there, with that of a 'prestigious' used auto sales 'professional'!

One thing I have learned after getting an out of court settlement against an ex-partner, [now going after his assets for failure to comply] is that the legal system isn't for the law-abiding, honest, hard working citizen! It's for the cons, thieves, terrorists, businesses and their associated lawyers- especially their lawyers!!



Aug 4 @ 9:05AM  
Here is CNN article about it.

Aug 4 @ 9:13AM  
It would probably have helped if she had received her degree in a growth
oriented profession rather than, what a lot of degrees seem to end in.....
Mickey D's "Do you want that supersized"???

Aug 4 @ 9:16AM  
Thanks WOW

her GPA was 2.7 for a 4 yrs of education. She probably don't have any experience which is a hinderance. How do I know?? I have a 2 yr degree in accounting my GPA is 3.86 I also had perfect attendance and made deans list. BUT I have no experience She won't win

Aug 4 @ 9:54AM  
This definitely falls under the category of

First of all...we are in a recession..finding jobs right now is going to be close to impossible. Second of all, her not getting hired could be a number of factors such as; lack of experience, how she's is dressed for interviews, how she is conducting herself at interviews (if she is getting any interviews that is), could be how her resume is drafted, and, maybe the places she's applying at are not hiring.

Bottom isn't the fault of the University that she isn't getting hired and I think the lawyer who took the case is a joke. I hope the judge it goes in front of throw it out as frivolous.

Aug 4 @ 10:37AM bad. I just read the article. (thanks Bruce for the link) Apparently she doesn't have a lawyer because she can't afford one.

Her odds of winning this case without the aid of a lawyer is very dim. Like I said, I hope the judge throws it out of court.

Aug 4 @ 11:00AM  
Now I checked out Monroe College. It is part of the State University of New York. A 2.7 GPA with a bachelor of business administration degree in information technology ain't shit. There are a lot of MBAs out there looking for work with higher GPAs.

The other thing is where you get the degree from. A lot of times people get a degree from some little funky bullshit private "college" advertised on TV with the ad bracketed by ads from chiropractors and personal injury lawyers. That should tell you something, especially if the credits are not transferable to real mainstream college or university.

Aug 4 @ 11:31AM  
I wonder what she is like in an interview. Did she get any interviews? What does her resume look like? So many question could make it her fault.

Aug 4 @ 4:04PM  
You can make the dean's list and still not be able to find a job in your field. Sometimes that comes down to location and the ability to pick up and move where your chances are better. I worked in a store with people with degrees you would not believe, but there were no jobs in their career field. Most of them were married to members of the military so it is not like they can pick up and look somewhere else. Sometimes I do blame the guidance counselors a little in the schools who do tell kids if you go into this, you will be able to get a job. But to file a lawsuit, that is going too far.

Aug 4 @ 10:22PM  
Uh no, it's not there fault. IF anything sue the jobs not hiring you rofl...okay seriously. no they have no legal standing here...

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Would you sue your university if you couldn't find a job?