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In Answer to this Weekend's Blogs..

posted 8/3/2009 6:48:46 PM |
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My, you fellers are certainly prolific; aren't you? Ok since I don't feel like typing in so many places at once.. here are my blog answers.. see if you can figure out which one is yours!

*Congrats on fulfilling your dreams!
*Spiffy, I didn't know some of those things.
*NO, unless they already know you... winking is a waste of your time. In fact, this whole site is a waste of your time, unless you are willing to put forth the effort.
*Damned Rerun Blogs
*Nuns, whatcha gonna do?
*Tastes like ass!
*Also tastes like ass!
*Yeah, I don't care much for it either.
*Where's the rest? I want DICK!!!
*Should Elephants fly?
*Not yet.
*Snort.. relatives in bed.. move over sis.. mom wants her some of dat.
*OUCH! Hope you can sit after.
*UGH! Product placement shit gets on my nerves!
*You just learned that?
*Really? how often can you dance that before the end of time?
*Nope, it's not possible. Every love is different.
*Viva La Difference!!!
*Great Poem!
*Life is like that, ain't it? So.. why are you putting up with this shit? Are you crazy??? (I am)
*Gotta know your stuff man!
*I'll show you fluffy!
*I bet she'd be a bit tough and chewy.. but not bad with a bit of Worcestershire sauce.
*Politeness does not mean friendly.. and back biters deserve the same treatment they hand out.
*I WILL comment on this one in the blog.
*How odd.. I'm still looking for someone of the same species let alone type!
*You can do better.
*Maybe it's your approach? Couldn't be that.. now.. could it?
*Oh come on DBitch.. you know you want all of em! How could you not?
*Chocolate covered cherry!
*Damnit.. I miss it every time!!!
*Why spend so much time worrying about what other people do and not spend more time fucking??
*Generally, no, not so much.. cuz for most women it's not enough to just hit the sack with some guy and then never see him again. They want someone they can relate to.
*Yeah, but these dorks couldn't even get laid with a fist full of benjamins at a hooker convention!
*Rourk sounds like my kinda man! Yay for the end of the month!
*We all make snap judgments and .. well then we pay for them, don't we?
*there are vibrators humming.
*I love the play, but I hate the tragedy building here.. which is good.. it's sposed to stir emotion no?
*Baby, you can drive my car!
*All waked up n stuff.. how boutcha?
*Fucking BASTARD!
*So, ya lookin to spend some time?
*That wife bit would indeed be the reason. Maybe she'd be up for an orgy?
*Cuz I felt like a nut!
*In the early 1300's when they were invented one would imagine!
*Wear your flotation device! Be SAFE!
*That's all just cuz I'm the best baybee!
*Fuck I'm horny!
*You get a space/time machine.
*Good GAWD.. I hope you win!
*Maybe if they treated their wives well, the wives would treat them the same way? No, sometimes it's not the guy's fault but.. come on.. something must be wrong.
*Taxes are optional if you don't mind doing the time.
*In my bedroom.. awaiting a dildo ride.
*I thought she was in the antilles?
*Miley Cyrus, any song.. ever.
*He may as well, I don't wear em cept one week a month.
*Who knows why? Better yet... why should you and I care? I only get that crap if I sign in as 'online'.
*The one that's between my lips at the moment.
*SNL hasn't been the same since Belushi died.
*A little of both.. or both at the same time thanks.. yes, it can be done.. and yes.. it's HAWT!
*I wanna strangle that Eric kid and make him a eunuch.
*Thanks Sir, for the tear.
*It wasn't me.. I swear, I wasn't even here!
*I'll see if I can come up with one.
*Me me me... me me me... me me me.. eh.
*good luck to ya.. prepare to be spammed.
*Doorbell I think.
*I do.
*awww wanna cigarette?
*Mmmmm acorn mash
*ok I snickered.
*Nope, I don't believe a word of it.
*Super Bowl? I know Tidy Bowl.

Yeah, you missed me.. didncha bitchez?

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Aug 3 @ 6:49PM  
I self-kudo'd.. watch out for the puddle.. it might be slippery.

Aug 3 @ 7:00PM  
*walks around puddle*

Nope...not doorbell.

Aug 3 @ 7:06PM  
awww wanna cigarette?
Okay, I know this one, Sam. lol As for a few others, I believe I got those too. But the rest of it, didn't ring a bell.

Aug 3 @ 7:08PM  
Damn next week the review is on you......... Hope you had a fairy good i have to go to get electrodes hooked up all of me..................I have sleep study tonight................and no book to pre study for it..........................

Aug 3 @ 7:31PM  
Did you enjoy faerie world, was it held in San Francisco and did you meet any cute boys with other boys?

Aug 3 @ 7:45PM the hell did you remember all the questions?

Aug 3 @ 7:50PM  
And this explains why you is the prez

lays nut on the table and closes the door

Aug 3 @ 7:55PM  
Great rundown!!

There's going to be a quiz on this later!! lol

Aug 3 @ 8:05PM  
Mmmmmmmm got it methinks...

Ding dong...there's a nut at your door....

Aug 3 @ 8:16PM  
alright dang it I can't figure out which ones were from mine. HELP!!! rofl..welcome back.

Aug 3 @ 8:56PM  
can't think of anything to add, so leaving a green nut for ya.....are green nuts any good?

Aug 3 @ 9:10PM  
*SNL hasn't been the same since Belushi died

Eh... true. It's had it's moments though.

Aug 3 @ 10:04PM  
Holy Schnikes!!

Aug 3 @ 11:57PM  
*snicker, snicker, snort*
Yep, that pretty much covered it all, and Lord knows some of it needed covering badly!!! Back from playing with the faeries?? Did ya bring me some dust????

yes I kudo'd you and boy did it feel goooooood!!!!

Aug 4 @ 8:28AM  
That was fun thanks

Aug 4 @ 8:58AM  
All hell the Prez. Welcome back Sammie.

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In Answer to this Weekend's Blogs..