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Screen names..

posted 8/2/2009 11:19:31 AM |
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You know I have often wondered something. Why do people pick the names they use on these sites? was it something they were called & it just stuck? I ask this because looking at profiles on here ( yes i am bored chuckle) some of the names are just so offensive to me. It makes me wonder why they pick it, because it shows they are nothing more than looking for that booty call, yet in there essay they talk about wanting more.

So what is the most offensive name you have ever seen? why did it offend you? & which ones do you actually like, but you must say why!!!...

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Aug 2 @ 11:41AM  
I usually use nick-names that I was calling school....well, not all of those nick-names because..well, i've been called some nasty things in my

The most annoying this is when you've been using this one name for a long time, think you're the only one in the world that uses it, join a site and it's taken. There goes your only internet identity. Then you need to go through the whole dilema of choosing a new one.

Which can be a complete bitch..even worste than chosing band names.

Aug 2 @ 12:00PM  
I played the part of Earthquake McGoon many years ago in a local production of 'Lil Abner'. That has been my CB radio handle for about 30 years and is my screen name on the "net"

Aug 2 @ 12:20PM  
go through the panel on the upper right hand corner, online dating.
over there is adult dating. its more calm over there.
not so ribald. i am snidegrass over there.
why did i pick funnywhapper. it just popped into my head.
i tried to change it, it wouldn't work. i aint' that computer savvy.
did you ever read lord jim by conrad? we had to read that
in junior high. i didn't have the foggiest what he was talking about.
but it is hailed as an american classic. ever read ulysses by james joyce?
another book of nonsense to me. but hailed as one of the greatest
pieces of literature ever written. so you go figure? why cooties prayer?
i figure it had something to do with elementary school sayings, like
i don't want your cooties. microbiology and social diseases. do not
put your lips on the drinking fountain. some forget basic training.
its just a matter of art. we had a saying as kids, sticks and stones
may break my bones, but names will never hurt me. while playing
around on karen harris's front yard and singing elvis's song 'i ain't nothin
but a hound dog'. if you find pelvis elvis presley offensive? well.........

Aug 2 @ 12:42PM  
Oh gaud this is embarrassing... The name Soft Touch originally came from toilet paper! No....REALLY!

But there's more.....

For several years when I had my CB I used that for my handle.

But there's more....

In beauty college I got so many comments on how gentle and soft I could tease hair that it never hurt...they said I just had that touch. first beauty shop was called Soft Touch Salon....

and eventually became my user name. This is the only site I use it for. I've had numerous usernames over the years but I don't need any usernames now because this is the only site I'm on. Oh...I'm on MD as new patches but I rarely go over there's too...well...vanilla for me...

Aug 2 @ 1:32PM  
I didn't pick my name..........the Pervians did. I was actually Looking4fun@45 but I was getting so damn many stupid emails ......and I was a Gold Member than so I found that I could change my name without changing my I held an election and many names were nominated but Ewe_wish was the one that was the most popular...........of course it might be because of my profile pic............

Now when the idiots write their cum fuck me emails............I just write back Ewe_wish (you wish) works for me.............

I have come across a lot of names and pics that have offended me.............not to the point I have gotten nasty with them..........they can do as they please and I just ignore them..........but I can't think of any right now..........I very seldom go thru the profiles anymore..........if you're not looking why bother? at least for me anyway.....

Aug 2 @ 2:01PM  
Originally, I was SkinonSkin- well that was pretty obvious, simply meant to me anyway: one on top of another- her on top or me on top!

Somnium- is Latin for: 'The Dream'! Which is apparently, about all I can do around here- you know... wishful thinking??


Aug 2 @ 2:58PM  
Well I had to think of something when I registered and that is what I settled on. I obviously didn't spend more than a few seconds thinking about it. I almost went with the nickname my manhood had when I was younger SeymourCooter.

If I encounter a screen name that seems to be bragging and/or exaggerated, that turns me off. For example, some older dumpy bald guy calling himself SexxZestMan or a woman looking like the Michelin tire guy's twin sister going by RedHotBabe4U. It is a bit of a red flag for me as it comes off as person being full of themselves as well as being possibly full of shit.

Aug 2 @ 2:59PM  
I wasn't thinking about the flavor of a pringle .....

Aug 2 @ 4:03PM  
Well.... I like my toenails pink.... hot pink, light pink, neon pink.....

All things PINK!!

That's about it!!

Aug 2 @ 5:09PM  
I don't think I have to explain my screen name on here.

So what is the most offensive name you have ever seen? why did it offend you? & which ones do you actually like, but you must say why!!!...
I honestly can't think of any. Besides, who am I to be offended with some other persons screen name with a screen name like mine?

Btw, I'm surprised no one mentioned my screen name as to being offended with.

Aug 2 @ 9:30PM  
I thought it would be amusing to select a mundane household object as my handle. It leaves things open to interpretation, which is important for a name, but at the end of the day it's completely meaningless.

Aug 2 @ 10:18PM  
I've got to know...what the hell is a cootie sprayer?!?!?!

Aug 3 @ 12:39PM  
Dang you guys have forgotten already...back when I was still Scottishtease on here one day I made a sarcastic comment to an old friend on here & he said tag your it & that he would spray me with cooties...everyone in the blogs started playing this little sarcastic game & so I did it as a joke. Remember in school if a girl touched a boy she gave him cootie's?

So I am a cootie sprayer, if i touch you you get sprayed w/ my cooties. That's all :o)

Aug 10 @ 2:42AM  
My friend's and I since, high school and part of college has always had a nick name that started with "SexC" for example mine is SexC_Curvealicious which is something the girls always called me, and there's another one who is SexC_Red All the girls in my chours class who where Alto's had a nice name like that. Then, on some other sites, I have Sassy&Sweet which is another term some of my friends use, still currently for bittersweet in a sense lol...But, in highschool I also got called by EVERYONE lol "DevilishTease" which started on Halloween...but the SexC nick name's have always stuck, even people at all our jobs still call us that, and some people who we meet from mutual friends, will introduce us as "SexC Curve". The Spelling we choose because we wanted it to be different, and we wanted a letter you herd, where the "Y" was silent.

Aug 10 @ 9:05AM  
umm...just an attitude...i mean...ynot

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