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A Message in Ten Parts 1/10

posted 7/31/2009 4:37:05 PM |
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tagged: whig

Some of U may well disagree with me on this one, but I really don't give a shit. This message isn't 4 U anyway. 4 all I give a shit U can stop reading right now. The people for whom this message is intended will know who they are.

This message is 4 all U FAT BITCHES out there. I just want U all 2 know that this man fucking LOVES U! Each and every single one of U is special in her own way, and in many other ways U are just as fucking sexy as some bimbo eating a hamburger on the beach (yeah...right, cause that's realistic!). In some ways U are even prettier. At least U are real.

Because the truth is that most big girls are really fucking pretty. I don't know why, I just know that it's true. Of course, I'm not trying 2 insinuate that there are no fat, ugly bitches. That's ludicrous. What I am saying is that ugly, skinny bitches way outnumber them. There are a lot of fucked off looking skinny broads. Thats why they hit the tanning salons and the hair dresser and the plastic surgeon's office and all that bullshit. Then they parade around half naked so that their $6000 chest will detract attention away from the fact that they are cock-eyed, knock-kneed and have absolutely no ass whatsoever. When U add 2 that a definite lack of personality, what is it U really have? A realdoll that talks shit, smokes up all Ur pot and then fucks the neighbor as soon as U turn Ur back! And let's not 4get that this is an ugly bitch we are talking about here! Skinny and pretty? OMG - that's a whole nother nightmare by itself!

If the girl is ugly and fat, however,then at the very least U can always entertain Urself by playing with her tits while U are fucking her. Gives U something 2 distract U from having 2 look at her. Can't do that with some flat chested, Don Knotts looking bitch, can U? Hell, no U can't...

But, like I said, usually its a moot point because most of the time big bitches are really pretty girls. And most of the time they are also really nice girls. Usually if a skinny bitch is pretty, she is either stuck up or a hooker...or both. And believe me, nothing makes a girl look less attractive than finding out she is a stuck up hooker. Not only am I dealing with this fucking bitch's bullshit, but I'm paying 4 it 2!?! U must be out Ur motherfucking mind...

Anyway, thats all really. I just wanted all U big girls 2 know that I appreciate U, I love U and I LOVE fucking U! We aren't doing it just cause no one else was available. We are doing it because I think U are fucking AWESOME, and I can't wait until we do it again!

I do have 9 more reasons why I love big bitches, but those will have 2 wait 4 another blog. Until then...

Keeping U posted


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Jul 31 @ 4:50PM  
And you know Dick gets to to to bed each night with one of the most gorgeous bitches out there...

Jul 31 @ 4:52PM  
Well babe.....I'm glad we have you ON our side instead of AGAINST us!

Jul 31 @ 4:55PM  
And you know Dick gets to to to bed each night with one of the most gorgeous bitches out there

Well, yeah, there is that...


Jul 31 @ 5:07PM  
Thanks, nice to be appreciated.

Jul 31 @ 5:10PM  
You go Mr. Parker.......Tell it like it is!!!


Jul 31 @ 7:22PM  
Just for you Dick, I've pulled myself out of "hiding" mode to say... fat bitches LOVE a man who knows whats up as much as you love us ;)

Especially... this one...

Jul 31 @ 9:08PM  
wow! I dont concider myself skinny! or real fat! What did skinny woman do too you?

Jul 31 @ 9:42PM  
What did skinny woman do too you?

I realize now that I may have given off the wrong vibe here. I don't have a problem with skinny girls at all. Believe me, I'm a total slut. Fat or skinny...I don't really care about that. I wrote this blog mostly so that those big girls who may happen upon it get 2 hear how awesome I think (and believe me, I'm not the only one either...) they are. Skinny bitches get 2 hear how hot they are all of the time. Big girls maybe not as much, and I just wanted 2 pay them a little bit of attention. I think they deserve it.

I guess I just wanted them 2 know that THIS guy thinks they are desirable, and hot and sexy and TOTALLY fuckable! A message that thinner women get all the time without any help from me. Thats really what I'm up 2 here. I'm not trying 2 vilify skinny bitches at all. I'm truly sorry that it came off that way.

Does that make better sense now?


PS I am totally willing 2 make this up 2 U with sexual favors if that would help at all.

Jul 31 @ 10:00PM  
I certainly don't have any problems with over-weight wimminz- they're softer, more to cuddle with and appreciate a guy who enjoys their company! Except for maybe two ladies in the past, most of my relationships have been my height or taller and/or equal to my weight or heavier! Never been a problem with me- in fact, I prefer a larger woman! JMO


Aug 1 @ 12:56AM  

Aug 3 @ 2:55PM  
Damn right we is!! And us fat grrrls love us some Dick!

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A Message in Ten Parts 1/10