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'He told me to kill baby', mom says on 911 call

posted 7/30/2009 5:23:51 PM |
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tagged: news, gross, sad, straddle

A Texas mother accused of decapitating her 3 1/2 -week-old son screamed "I didn't mean to do it. He told me to" while her sister pleaded for an ambulance to bring help in a desperate four-minute 911 call released yesterday.

Otty Sanchez, who police say told them the devil made her kill and mutilate her only child and ate parts of him including ripping his face off and eating his brain, screams "I love him" and says she's stabbed herself in the heart and stomach while her sister tries calming down the 33-year-old mother.

After a dispatcher tells sister Priscilla Garcia that an ambulance is on the way, she moans, "Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God."

Sanchez is charged with capital murder in the killing of Scott Wesley Buchholz-Sanchez, who authorities found decapitated and grossly mutilated in a bedroom of the sister's house early Sunday.

Sanchez is being held on $1 million bond.

Scott W. Buchholz, the infant's father, said Sanchez suffered from postpartum depression and that she told him she was schizophrenic a week before the slaying. Buchholz, who said he also is schizophrenic, said he wants her to receive the death penalty.

A family member has said Sanchez had been undergoing psychiatric treatment.


This happened in San Antonio, Texas. I got this info from the Columbus Dispatch from yesterday and today.

What should happen with her?


Did everyone miss me? Got on here late last night and saw where Featherone emailed me about 11 times bugging the hell out of me to blog. Seems she along with others have missed seeing me on here. Great to be loved.

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'He told me to kill baby', mom says on 911 call
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Jul 30 @ 5:30PM  
Damn, looks dead on here this afternoon. Read some recent blogs, and I gotta tell you, some of them look pretty interesting. Some newbies I see blogging too. Thats always great to see.

And yes, I missed a lot of you freaks and perverts too!

Jul 30 @ 5:40PM  
First of all.......yes I missed you....after all the "I am here come fuck me blogs" I am happy to see anything but......and yours even tho usually gross are entertaining......however with this blog topis........

I am getting so sick of people killing there babies and saying "The devil made me do it" and than not even having to serve life because "the poor dears" (sarcasm injected) are mentally ill Personally I think the bitch should have problems with depression you get to the doctor but you fucking well don't kill you babies...........and maybe if they would start killing some of these cunts (and yes I used the C word.....and Yes I believe I used it properly) there would be less of these psychos killing their babies.........JMO

Jul 30 @ 5:41PM  
yeah Shawn....was wondering where ya was!! Missed ya!!

Jul 30 @ 5:44PM  
wow look who blogged! im in shock! was it only 11 i thought it was like 20 times it sure did feel like it!

Jul 30 @ 5:46PM  
ok ok! im waiting for more blogs! make it worth it now stradd

Jul 30 @ 6:04PM  
I think the bitch needs a bullet in her head!!!!!!

I'd be more than happy to do it myself!

Jul 30 @ 6:15PM  

Shawn if I said how I really feel about this : People would no longer think of me as a nice guy.
Good to see you back my friend.

Jul 30 @ 6:25PM  
I think she should have to sit in a cell in solitary for the rest of her life and have to look at images of what she did. If you kill her, it is over for her then. Let the bitch suffer for years in a cold cell, bad food, images of the killing on the walls and anything else they can think of to make her uncomfortable. No medications to treat her. If she gets sick too bad. Let her go crazy in there if she wants to. And make sure she cannot kill herself. That is just my opinion though.

Jul 30 @ 6:36PM  
Welcome back Straddle! Of course we missed you.

And yes, I heard this story on the news. My first gut reaction is, hell yeah she deserves the death penalty. But, our laws do protect those who are mentally ill, so, we will see what happens.

If she does not get the death penalty, then she needs to be locked up the rest of her life so she can't harm anyone else.

Jul 30 @ 6:37PM  
I think she should have to sit in a cell in solitary for the rest of her life
Yep in a perfect world that would indeed be good...........but sure as hell leave her a live and some slick ass lawyer will come along and find a "technicality" to get her out again..............

Jul 30 @ 6:41PM  
Welcome back!!!
Yanno... I really can't respond to the your Question...because..I dunno the whole story!!!
I'm NOT saying I agree of what she did!!!
Someone once said...."You don't know... why someone does what they do..unless you are walking in their shoes"!!! But I do Know... I don't want to be in her shoes Now!!!
I'm sure Dope was in the Picture!!
It's so sad!!!

Jul 30 @ 6:59PM  
Scott W. Buchholz, the infant’s father who met Sanchez six years ago while they were studying to be pharmacists assistants, said he isn’t buying it. He said although his girlfriend had postpartum depression and told him a week before the killing that she was schizophrenic, she didn’t appear unstable.

He wants prosecutors to pursue the death penalty.

“She killed my son. She should burn in hell,” Buchholz, 33, told The Associated Press.

I'm gonna agree with the father "let the Bitch Burn"


Jul 30 @ 7:13PM  
Well you all know my mental disorders & how hard I fight them every day & I can safely say that if i ever got to the point where what this worthless piece of garbage did starts to look good I would have myself committed right then & there...using a mental illness to get away with horrible crimes like this is pure bullshit, you are never that sick to know right from wrong I don't care what it is...that poor baby, i just hope it didn't suffer too long...

Okay, well it's about time you came back stranger...starting to wonder if you dropped off the face of the earth chuckle..welcome back & I better start seeing some more from you or else ...

Oh, yes she should get the death penalty, but like everyone else has suggested more than likely she will do the insanity defense & go sit in some mental ward the rest of her life..

Jul 30 @ 7:41PM  
Okay, well it's about time you came back stranger...starting to wonder if you dropped off the face of the earth chuckle..welcome back & I better start seeing some more from you or else

Yeah! What she said!!!

Jul 30 @ 8:51PM  
As a mother, I cannot see how you could or would even think about doing this. It makes me sick. I say let the bitch suffer and look at pictures of her child and what she did to it for the rest of her miserable life. Death? Why? So she can be at rest? So she doesn't suffer? No way. Make the fucking bitch suffer, hurt and go more insane with time. That baby deserved more, and she took her own flesh and bloods life with no remorse and no thoughts of anything. That poor child. It makes me sick to think a mother or any parent could do this or even think about it. May that child rest in peace and the mother rot in hell.

Jul 30 @ 9:28PM  
Reminds me of this story.
China Arnold, an Ohio woman, killed her month-old daughter in a microwave.
Then there was that one Texas woman I believe, who drowned her five children?

People are sick.

Jul 30 @ 9:36PM  
Heh... there you is- was wondering what was up, even though you did mention you were going to peek in once in a while! Nice to see you again Straddle!

Man... there is so much I could say about this! But, I'll keep it short! I know a lot of people oppose the death penalty! Ok- they are entitled to their opinion as I am! I don't oppose it, but you can get around the pros and cons! Simply put her in with the general population- they'll take care of her themselves- they'll know in advance, what she did to that little child!

No lengthy prison term while appealing her sentence from the death penalty, if she gets it, down to life without parole! She goes straight to prison and may last about a month or so- hopefully less! Saves the taxpayers tons of money and wasting a cell!

Then the press will find out about it and blast around the world! Maybe, just maybe, it'll help prevent such a heinous crime like that!



Jul 30 @ 10:32PM  
i feel she deserves the death! its to bad they cant give her the same death that little baby got!

Jul 31 @ 3:19AM  
I agree with Som. Try her, put her in general population and let them take care of her. It'll save us all a lot of money and help rid the system of all the dead beats. The woman who takes care of her should get out early for doing the deed.

You know if we opened up all the cell doors on death row and let them take care of each other it would save us a lot of money too. I was watching Locked Up on tv the other night and where Scott Peterson is there are 78 other prisoners on death row. That sure would save California a lot of money to let them take care of each other. Since the state is broke now anyway. Why should we keep paying to keep these people alive? Feeding them and caring for them? They have better health care than I do.

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'He told me to kill baby', mom says on 911 call