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People and their low bass in car music systems...

posted 7/25/2009 1:03:49 PM |
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No, I'm not talking about fish! It's the very low frequency range level [bass] in the music they listen to, in their cars/vans/ SUVs with their windows closed, on super steroids!

You've heard them before, when pulling up to a stop light or sign and your vehicle vibrates, sitting next to a vehicle playing their music, with their windows closed. I hate that, when that happens! But then, it's their ears!

It's the ultimate in super sized vibrators! If it's uncomfortable for you, you can imagine what it's doing to them! I was in my breezeway a few minutes ago and I could easily hear an SUV going by playing their music- and my front yard from my house to the street is easily about 70/80 feet away!

Don't these people realize that they can damage their ears or at least lower their ear's sensitivity to sound, by doing this?

Here's a website that explains what levels are harmful:

Noise levels

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Jul 25 @ 1:18PM  
While at a stop light a vehicle stopped next to me. Both our windows were down. The boom boom crap was so loud I thought my teeth would shatter. Funny thing though, there was absolutely no music, only the boom boom. To make matters worse these ass holes purposely make parts of their vehicle loose so there will be even more rattle effect. The disrespect these morons show by doing this is bad enough but, like the subliminal dog whistle that affects dogs, this boom boom rattle emmits a certain frequency that hits the human nervous system like finger nails on a chalk board. The effect is to induce anger in many people and can not be controled. When I hear this I get pissed whether I want to or not. No wonder theres so much gang violence amungst the age group that plays that shit.

Jul 25 @ 1:28PM  
I am quite familiar with it, but don't hear it nearly as much as I used to. I remember over ten years ago when they would drive by and the bass blasting at below 100 DB would set off fucking car alarms resulting in a fucking obnoxious dynamic duo. You have too much of that shit now, you get an expensive ticket, five hundred bucks. I guess the cops got sick of the complaints.

Jul 25 @ 1:28PM  
I lost 50% of my hearing from a ac-dc concert! but if i had a ticket to see them a gain id do it!

Jul 25 @ 2:15PM  
I am horrible about driving with the T-tops off the Camaro and the music blaring........but I am careful of where the bass is sitting.........due to the fact I am more worried about the damage to the speakers than my ears........ but when I get into a town/city I do turn it down..........I also keep myself alert for flashing lights because over that volume and ambulance/police/fire is not going to be it safe to do ...........probably not...........but then neither is driving with a cell phone to your ear, or texting someone, or drinking and driving and so on..........but i do try not to do it around other people because I don't like it when someone comes up on me with the music blaring in town.......... far more dangerous there than out on some rural highway.............JMO

Jul 25 @ 2:37PM  
We get that in the UK too and if the law chose to do so they could be arrested for playing music without a license (under the performing rights act) and for breach of the peace. I personally think that if the music in your car is loud enough for the neighbourhood to hear then it's too loud period. not to mention the fact that it must distract the drivers attention and what if a police car, fire engine or ambulance with it's siren on is trying to pass, could the driver hear? People like that have no consideration for others and they will all go deaf eventually and then start bitching that they can't hear when it was their own fault!

Jul 25 @ 2:47PM  
As a teen, there was this beach at Lake MI where we would all hang out. We had this one cop every night just before the park closed for the night would walk down the sidewalk & if he could hear your music standing there he would issue you a ticket. At the time we use to get so pissed at him, but now i find it quite funny that as soon as he started his walk you knew you had to be in your car, radio down & leaving before he got to you or else...

I know of a machine the ex told me about he found out about during electrical class. If you turned this thing on it would blow speakers out for so many feet, so if you were going to use it you better shut off your tvs, & any other speakers...No we never used it but I have been tempted a few times too...

Now on another funny note, i listen to opera Il Divo, Andrea Bocelli while in my van I the other day was playing one of there songs. There is one song in particular that is quite loud it's called "Mama" & I had these street kids doing what you described with the radio going I cranked my opera & when they went to try to turn there';s up it blew 2 of there 5 speakers it was hilarious!!!

Jul 25 @ 2:54PM  
I lost 50% of my hearing from a ac-dc concert!

That is ironic that you should mention it and that band. In my rock and roll days, I ran a spotlight on an ACDC show. I was three feet from the PA stack. My hearing got blown out. I ran the show guessing on what I thought my queues should be. I got most of it right. I had communications to the AD and explained what I would do. The show went fine, I hit over 90 percent of my queues correct on speculation. I knew the band and the songs.

When I came down, all I heard was a large hiss. When we were tearing out, people yelled at me and I couldn't hear them. One roadie got in my face and I explained my problem to him. He ragged on and I slammed him against a wall and clarified the situation (it is a type A environment).

The next day, my hearing only returned to where it sounded like people speaking to me was like voices speaking to where I was underwater in a pool. I then realized that I wouldn't recover from this shot. I had sustained a permanent hearing loss.

So goes the glamour of show business and the glory of rock and roll. It is a business that honors the dead, and buries the living. That is why I left it with what was left of me.

Jul 25 @ 2:57PM  
When I want to annoy those with the booming music I just roll down my windows and turn up the pow wow drum music to the point where it drowns them out. LOL I usually get a dirty look and a good laugh at them. I don't mind loud music. Probably have some hearing loss myself from playing drums in a metal band years ago. I always tried to make sure the amps were nowhere near me as it could make your ears ring for days. I have friends who lost a lot of their hearing from playing in bands back then. For those who do not like loud noises though I can see where these cars could be quite annoying. If you don't like it just take their license number and turn them in. Fayetteville does not have laws about the noise but a lot of cities do.

Jul 25 @ 4:18PM  
If you take a close look som, many of these people have in ear plugs so it won't do damage to their hearing.

Jul 25 @ 4:40PM  
If you take a close look som, many of these people have in ear plugs so it won't do damage to their hearing.

Might work but ear plugs are mostly for manufacturing shops- they help to reduce most frequencies in a shop! But those are usually short duration and higher frequencies!

I'm talking about low frequencies of longer duration- that if your body can feel the vibrations besides hearing them, I don't think ear plugs help all that much- if any! Kinda like a false sense of security!



Jul 25 @ 5:16PM  
Two words for idiots like that!!

Jul 25 @ 6:15PM  
I ran a spotlight on an ACDC show. I was three feet from the PA stack. My hearing got blown out.
I'm sure it did I was only about twenty five feet from the stage watching them & found them to be the loudest concert I've ever been to. Even radio commentators said they have the loudest concerts that they have ever heard. As far as loud bass in a vehicle it is rediculous.

Jul 25 @ 8:11PM  
People in my neighborhood or the ones that drive through use this bass setting all the time. It makes my house shake. I am used to it, but still can be annoying. It isn't as bad as it used to be, but still happens 2 to 3 times a day or night. Do they really like it or is it just that they think it is cool?

Jul 25 @ 8:22PM  
Heard em, felt em.. hated em.. I get headaches fast from low range frequencies.

Jul 25 @ 10:12PM  
I used to live next to a 24 hour convenience store. Just about every night, a car would come in around 12 midnight or later with the bass booming. It was so bad that it would shake the whole house. Fortunately, the police chief was a friend of mine as well as some of the captains and lieutenants. So, a couple of phone calls and a whole bunch of tickets were written.

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People and their low bass in car music systems...