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I got to blow off some steam so this is a BITCH BLOG.

posted 7/23/2009 11:55:49 AM |
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I have 2 wonderful kids from my first marriage. The State of Indiana uses some stupid formula to calculate child support. I make a little more than my ex and I also have our 2 kids 50% of the time (every other week) but I still have to pay child support and 60% of their medical stuff and 50% of other expensive that arise. I think it is crap but I pay my payment every paycheck and smile. Also for the privilege of paying child support I a get to pay a $55 fee to the State. This is my BITCH. In December I went in to make sure I was up to date and that was when I found out about the $55 fee. I didn't have enough cash on me to pay child support and the $55 fee so I payed child support and part of the fee. After I got my next paycheck I went back in to pay child support and the rest of the $55 fee. So I should be done for 2008 right? No I get a collection notice yesterday in the mail saying I owe for the rest of that $55 fee. This is the rest of my BITCH. I not once got any notice from the State saying the fee had not been payed, if I would have I would have payed it. I have never received anything from the State about child support. I keep all my receipts so I go through them and find one where I made the second part of the fee. I take it to the Clerks Office and they tell me I have to deal with the collection agency that I got the letter from. I tell them no I should not have to because I payed it and have the receipt right there and show it to them. So the guy I am talking to said he would look into it, but I would still have to pay the collection fee to the collection agency. Fucking Government. Because of their FUCK up I am getting screwed. I probably have a collection on my credit report now and I might have to pay the collection fee also.
The total amount is under $40, but I am not going to let them win, I will take them to court if I have to and spend more money doing that than what the bill is. Fuck Them. This Is B.S.

I need some STRESS release, Who's Game?

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Jul 23 @ 12:01PM  
Well....sounds like you just got it up the ass my friend! But.....I'm game too

Jul 23 @ 12:07PM  
oh heck yes you should take it to court. You paid it, because they screwed up isn't your fault.

Jul 23 @ 12:15PM  
I would suggest letting the emotions pass and let your logical side take over. The last thing you want to do is face a judge in these circumstances as you will find no empathy. There is a saying in the courts and enforcement divisions: "You are not here because of us, we are here because of you."

If you don't pay that damned thing, you could be thrown into a pile of others in similar circumstances, that a judge will issue arrest warrants for. Then the long story really begins. If you don't cut your losses, there may well be a much longer and expensive story that cannot be told without the including the word "cluster" in it. My nickel minus three pennies.

Jul 23 @ 12:24PM  
Texas might be like Indiana is this matter.

The one walking into court, wearing testicles is the one in the wrong.
The system will do their best to make him pay......for any wrongs, perceived, imagined, or true.

As for the collections, I'd send the agency a certified letter with all receipts
of payment. In it, ask how much you really owe after these parts are taken

Then send another certified with their check.....and document everything.
Otherwise, they WILL double bill you.

As for your credit report, send the big three (Experian,etc.) another certified
with copies of your receipts and correspondence. Let them know that you
are contesting your getting screwed and cheated.

Jul 23 @ 12:48PM  
Oh, yeah, the court system in Indiana is a doozie. Gotta love it. I can't get started on it or I might blow a gasket (I'm already totally pissed off about something else...and it has to do with divorce too). It's not only dads that get screwed. We moms do also. My favorite is that you are expected to do everything by letter but they always want a letter yesterday. IF you can get a hold of anyone at the courthouse the answer is always, "You'll have to retain an attorney. I cannot give you any information. You might try writing a letter." Infuriates me.

Jul 23 @ 12:56PM  
Yep you have definitely been screwed and the worst part is yet to come. I am originally from Indiana until 9 years ago. I was divorced and got the hell out before they could pull anymore of their bureaucratic bullshit on me. They don't send out statements in your case telling you that you owe some kind of hidden fee. That's where they get you. You are supposed to know this in advance like you are a mind reader or something. Then after months and months they turn it over to a collection agency that I'm sure works just for them and they add interest and late fees onto it until they get you for a big bill then sue you for it. Whatever you do keep all documentation. Don't lose anything. They will still try and get the whole amount from you even after paying half of it. You may be able to show that you have paid half of it and get them to drop it but I doubt it. They will come up with some other kind of charges and make it even more rather than less. What Wordsofwit and 40DWM said are both correct. You are probably better off just greasing your ass up good and taking the shaft they are going to give you, pay it and be done with it. I hate to rub salt in your wounds but you are fighting a losing battle trying to beat them. The judges are all on their side and you don't have a chance unless you have a huge bank roll that you want to part with. I've been where you are and it's not fun. Good luck to you with whatever you decide.

Jul 23 @ 1:11PM  
Collection fee to cover a fee that you don't owe them, what a boatload of crap.

I hope you are able to get things staightened out soon and it doesn't appear on your credit report.
But as already suggested I would send certified copies to all concerned,including the head administrator at child support, and hope it would be of help to get it resolved in yur favor.

Good luck...

Jul 23 @ 1:34PM  
Thanks for the comments so far.
An update I emailed the collection agency and they emailed me back
I emailed the Clerk and we have to wait until they tell us to close your account.
We will contact you as soon as we hear from them.
I took this email back to the Clerks office (my 4th trip) along with everything else and in the mean time they had found their screw up and had contacted the collection agency and closed the account.
I just received the conformation email from the collection agency that it has been closed.
The Clerk's office just emailed us to close your account.
I just closed your account with us.

Jul 23 @ 1:51PM  
Applause, applause!!!! Now print those emails up and put them in the file.

Jul 23 @ 1:55PM  
My son got screwed over by the Minnesota court system on child support. They made the mistake and take the money out of his paycheck before he ever sees it. He is in the military and pays through the nose.

Jul 23 @ 3:16PM  
We went to court over my daughter when I split from my ex. I made more than him. Judge ruled I pay 70% & him pay 30%.

Tell me what the fuck all that's about?

Jul 23 @ 4:01PM  
Good for you man. I was never that lucky. They never found their fuck up which meant no matter what kind of papers I had I was still guilty. I don't know about any other states but I do know in Indiana you are guilty until proven innocent. Copy, print, keep copies and lock in a safe in case they come back on you. I'm really happy for you.

Jul 23 @ 4:03PM  
This happened about 40 years ago so, I don't know where the state of Michigan is on divorces, children and child support! Maybe what I did, wouldn't work now- dunno!

Back then, I got a non-contested divorce from my wife! There were reasons why we did it like we did! She wanted the divorce but I set it up! Anyway, after the divorce, I was to pay child support and had visitation rights, every other week! The very first check I sent to the 'Friend of the Court' as it was called then! [who was a 'friend'? I certainly wasn't a 'friend' of theirs!].

When my wife got the first support check, a service fee was taken out! This pissed my off royally, to no end! So much for having an interest in my daughter's welfare! I was servicing computers back then- I had a service call in the city/county building, downtown Detroit! Why'll I was there, I got to talking to what I thought was a Paralegal, about the fees they took out of my check!

He said: when you get home, get a hold of your ex wife and see if she is willing to work out a deal with you, where you pay her directly! He said: as long as you make your payments and don't give her a reason to contact the court, they won't bother you! That way, she gets all of the money, without any problems!

So, I did that- she agreed and every payment due, came on time and regular! After a few years when I got a better job, I told her I was increasing the amount, which I did! A few years later, I was making more money and offered to double the payment! To my surprise, she refused and said I was reliable in my payments and not worry about giving more!

I made payments until my daughter was 22 y/o because she was in college then- otherwise, it would have been until she was 18! It's a rare ex, that would agree to what we did but it cut the middleman out of it and my daughter got more money! I was never contacted by the court system! Would this work today? Not a clue! But, it's an idea!

One thing I've learned about our legal system is, it's really meant for the cons, thieves, ex-partners who rip off their partners etc., and the lawyers and not for the hard working honest person, who follows the law! OH wait... "cons, thieves, ex-partners who rip off their partners etc., and the lawyers" are one and the same... aren't they?

Just my experience I've given here!


Jul 23 @ 4:29PM  
Glad to see everything worked out for you .....And Sunshine I know the feeling! I am happy to say tho after 15 years of paying child support that I have recently received notification that I have fully satisified my order to pay child support from 1994. One of my issues was the fact I did not have a choice of when to pay, it was directly taken from my paycheck. Well the past is the past. Life goes on!! Surv I do understand what your going wishes

Jul 23 @ 5:56PM  
I know where you're coming from. My ex that I had to pay all the child support to, worked for Child Support Enforcement. Guess what! I had to go back and pay another couple of thousand. I know she "doctored" the books, and her boss knew the she had done it, but we couldn't prove it. So I paid.
My one goal in life is to outlive her, and visit her grave every day after drinking a case of beer.

Jul 23 @ 6:29PM  
I'm game.. howyalikeit?

Jul 23 @ 7:45PM  
Applause, applause!!!! Now print those emails up and put them in the file.

I hope you got it in writing from the clerk that this account is closed. If so, keep EVERYTHING in a folder. That way you have proof the matter is settled.

Jul 23 @ 8:45PM  
Child support agencies all suck. It took me 3 yrs to get them to give up trying to collect $400 in back child support they thought I should owe to my ex when the kid lives with me and he has been dead for 5 yrs. For some reason they wouldn't get the fact I wasn't going to take money from supporting my kid now to pay a dead man.

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I got to blow off some steam so this is a BITCH BLOG.