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Cosmetic Surgery For A 3 Year Old....

posted 7/21/2009 2:29:58 AM |
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tagged: stupidity

I swear some parents need to have their heads examined. I'd say their brain but evidently they don't seem to have one..

I heard part of a story on Extra TV tonight and went to to see if I understood it correctly.
It's titled something like, Never Too Young For Plastic surgery.

It is a taped first appt with a plastic surgeon .... for a 3 YEAR OLD little girl.

He tells the mom that the 3 year old is already starting to look older than her age, he thinks she might have been 4 instead of 3. And she has lines between her brows that could use some botox. Mom and him discuss how her lips and nose could be redone as well as a tummy tuck or lipo suction depending on whether she ever wants to have children or not. AND, he mentions to the mom that she seems interested in silicone breast implants and would she consider them. Of course the mom agrees to them as long as they are well proportioned to her body. He says oh yes, nothing over a C cup, and dumb ass mom agrees.
A C-cup, ON A 3 YEAR OLD!
She should be learning her ABC's, not wearing a C.

But of course the mom isn't doing this for herself, it's what the little girl really wants to do.
HELLO DUMBASS, she's 3 years old! She thinks she wants to do it because you convinced her that she does.

Un Freaking Believeable!! Both mom and plastic surgeon need to be severely punished for even thinking such things. How stupid can people be?!?
He needs to lose his license and she needs to lose her child/children. At the very least...

What mom or doctor would do such things to a child barely older than a baby, AND subject her to such pain and the medications for the pain unless it was a necessary surgery?

I just can't believe this!!!!

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Jul 21 @ 3:26AM  
And yet they take a child away from a parent that disciplines by spanking? Un-FREAKIN'-beliveable.

Jul 21 @ 7:07AM  
I saw part of that..Ridiculously disgusting
Doctor and mom both should be banned from any contact with kids
They're a menace

Jul 21 @ 9:00AM  
In most states, you have to be nearly 21 to get a tattoo...and 18 for any body piercings. They are seriously considering surgery on a child...? Either the world's biggest prank, or they need shot in the fuckin head.

Jul 21 @ 9:03AM  
Any doctor that would even consider doing something like that to a 3 year old isn't much of a doctor and the mother sure as hell don't need any kids.

Jul 21 @ 9:16AM  
Some people shouldn't have kids, and obviously, some should not have a medical license. And where are the state authorities on this???? If it is out there for the public to see, how come someone in Protective Services or law enforcement isn't knocking down their doors? Talk about child endangerment! That is just so wrong! I really hope someone steps in and stops that.

Jul 21 @ 10:00AM  
It's a's not real! Are you kidding me...I can't believe anyone fell for that! Those were actors and not even good ones.

Jul 21 @ 1:10PM  
WTF????? I ummm.. gawd??? where do they get these people?

Jul 21 @ 2:29PM  
I went online and checked every where to find proof if this is real or a joke....which honestly I'm hoping it is just a spoof... but all I can find are peoples opinions whether it is or not. Over 2 hours of searching and no actual proof either way.

But the pics I saw of the actual Dr. Frank Ryan do look different than the one in the video.
So to me it appears it is a joke.... but neither Extra nor the news confirmed that when they showed it.

And if it is a joke, many other people who have seen it believed it and are angry about it also..

Jul 21 @ 2:49PM  
How about I saw a profile on Adultspace of what appeared to be only a 19 year old, pregnant mom, dressed seductively & holding her 4 year old daughter for all those freas on there to see....Nice.

And here's another one that shouldn't have kids.......

Jul 21 @ 2:52PM  
The only way I see cosmetic surgery for a child is to correct a physical defect that could ruin their life or cause health problems. But what we are talking about here is child abuse pure and simple. The state should take the kid away from her and any doctor should say no to that. He should not be allowed to practice medicine.

Jul 21 @ 3:20PM  
I saw a profile on Adultspace of what appeared to be only a 19 year old, pregnant mom, dressed seductively & holding her 4 year old daughter for all those freas on there to see....Nice.

And here's another one that shouldn't have kids.......

Some people just don't think past the moment at hand.... or care to.

Jul 21 @ 4:19PM  
There should be laws against this kind of thing.
How can a 3 year old child make a decision on whether to have surgery or not. If I had of been part of the team making this program I would have reported the doctor and the parents to the authorities as this is clearly child abuse, there are some really sick people out there and I am disgusted. Brit

Jul 22 @ 12:45PM  
i sure hope this is a joke like everyone says but there are parents like that out there. scary i know.

Jul 22 @ 8:32PM  
omg! OMG! thats horrible! i hope by putting in on tv someone will see it and have her and that dr. arrested!

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Cosmetic Surgery For A 3 Year Old....