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Kickin' Sex Up A Notch!!

posted 7/18/2009 9:09:04 AM |
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Wanna spice up your sex life a bit? Here's 8 ways to get started!

1- Put her on the washer
Somehow the rumor got started that the vibrations of a washing machine make women orgasm. Whether or not this is true isn't as important as the fact that women seem to find the sensation agreeable, so why not give it a try? Maybe someday an enterprising company will make a washer with a seat on top specially for this purpose.

And if you don't have your own washer, you can still pull this off. Just take her to a Laundromat at a time when no one's likely to walk in with a load of whites.

2- Go on the roof
The element of danger or of being seen can make this quite exciting. If possible, climb out there on a warm, quiet night, bring a bottle of wine and a blanket and start out with a mini picnic. If you don't have roof access, bring a blanket out to the balcony and have sex there instead.

3- Do it on the staircase
The stairs are another popular place to have sex. You can stand her up against the banister or take her doggy-style on the steps. She can ride you while you sit down. This is your one chance to use the geometry you learned in school.

And if you live in an apartment, you can always track down a secluded set of steps in your building (the fire escape) and leave your mark on them.

4- Do it in the pool
The thrill of getting caught is alive and well, and the pool is the perfect place to test that theory. Take your girl into the shallow end of the water where both your feet touch the ground so you can easily maneuver into her. Or you can hang onto the ladder or the diving board in the deep end while she straddles you.

5- Get a webcam
The Internet's got everything nowadays, even swinger websites where you can meet couples and have a virtual foursome. Just Google "webcam couples swingers" and that should point you in the right direction. From there, it's as simple as finding a like-minded couple who want to share a webcam feed over one of the many instant messaging programs. Sure, it's a little crazy, but as far as swinging goes, it's one of the safest ways to have group sex.

6- Have sex in the bathroom
The bathroom is the perfect place to get some privacy and there are dozens of ways to position her for sex. You can look at her in the mirror while you penetrate her from behind, you can prop her up on the sink, or you can sit on the toilet while she rides you. And no mention of the bathroom would be complete without bringing up the shower, one of the most romantic places you can sex your lady, if it's done right.

7- Get on the dining room table
This is an age-old place to have sex in the house. But it's popular for a reason: it's a firm, flat surface that can hold your weight. You can make use of the chairs and the table; just clear it off first.

8- Turn out all the lights
Hindering eyesight can lead to bolder sexual behavior. Shut off every light in the house, put on a glow-in-the-dark condom and play hide and seek. (They actually make glow-in-the-dark condoms that are FDA approved for pregnancy and disease prevention.)

And while the lights are out, you can do an unlimited number of other kinky sex acts. Sexual novelty companies also make a surprising array of glow-in-the-dark products like bubble baths, panties, handcuffs, dildos and vibrators, massage lotions, and body paint.

God, all this sex talk has made me HORNY!!!!

Anybody wanna fuck?

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Jul 18 @ 9:17AM  
I do I do!!!

all those sound soooooooooooooo fun!!!

Jul 18 @ 9:19AM  
Tried a few of those. Have to keep practicing and try the rest.

Jul 18 @ 9:27AM  
1. done it!
2. yep!!
3. yes!
4. there too!
5. haven't done that yet!
6. oh yeah!
7. uh huh!!
8. never played hide and seek with a condom on a man... lol

personally, I like fucking with the lights on!!


Jul 18 @ 9:50AM  
1- Put her on the washer
Hmmm... seems to me a washer and Ben Wa Balls, would be made for each other!

But, that's me... in my sometimes dirty little mind- YEAH BABY!!!


Jul 18 @ 10:21AM  
For the washer there are the toys with the suction cups on them. Just hope the washer has a long spin cycle.

Jul 18 @ 11:31AM  
Have sex in the bathroom.......

Especially the handicapped ones in Hotels...

[/QUOTE]Do it on the staircase[QUOTE]

Um Yeah!!!!!

Jul 18 @ 11:55AM  
1. sex against the washer, but not on. Gave her a nice lickin while she was sittin on it though.
2. Not on a roof but on a balcony at a hotel over looking the Old Clearwater Bay
3. Did on a staircase were I worked a couple of times.
4. Done in a pool, hot tub at the club house of an apartment I used to live in, and in the water at a crowded beach.
5. Nope
6. on the sink, in the shower, and now in the whirlpool tub.
7. On the table on occasion or the kitchen counter.
8. This one sounds like fun, can you show me how it works Sunshine?

Jul 18 @ 12:42PM  
One of my favorites is; oral sex, but with a twist. Just before I go down on her, I unwrap a mint and put it in my mouth for a while. While eating her out, I like to slip the mint into her and let it stay for a while. The fun is digging it out just using your tongue.

Jul 18 @ 12:44PM  
I also like to do it in a movie theater, specially if it is one that shows porno movies.

Jul 18 @ 1:32PM  
If you don't do most of these...than.....You are not Doing it right!
Except for #5...

Jul 18 @ 1:46PM  
tried the ocean. tried the bath room. never tried the stairs .tried the washer and dryer. hmmm guess i need to try even more now.

Jul 18 @ 2:05PM  
Do it in the pool
A great place, but don't forget lubrication, it increases satisfaction!

9. On the hood of a car... there's than more than one position, use your imagination!

10. In the park late night... a picnic table is handy or in your backyard (make your neighbors jealous)... it spices up an afternoon BBQ (a private one).

11. In the office after everyone has gone home or on the weekend... you'll never look at your desk the same!

Jul 18 @ 5:51PM  
Go on the roof
note to self... only one I haven't tried. Woo Hoo something new to do

Jul 18 @ 7:25PM  
Nice ideas............but BOB don't care where we are.............


Jul 21 @ 12:13AM  
well thats a nice amount of things to try =D i have only done outside and bathroom though D= i guess i didnt do all i could think of

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