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An Early Start for the Weekend, part 2

posted 7/17/2009 12:16:41 AM |
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You arrive at the room (it will be an upper floor, preferably 5th or higher), not sure what to expect when you open the door. Cautiously, you slide the card, opening the door slowly because you are still not certain what I am up to. I am standing by the window backlit by the candles that are lit on the sill. The curtains are wide open. You still aren’t sure what’s up. I smile at you but say nothing. You shut the door and stand there, smiling in return. I don’t know how long we stand like that, smiling across the room at each other. Could be minutes. Could be seconds. Finally I ask, “Aren’t you going to come over here and kiss me?”

By then, I think you are probably feeling like you have been teased enough. You come across the room and grab my hair, pulling me to you. Your kiss is almost savage. My lips are feeling bruised. I like it! I shove your jacket off and throw it towards the desk chair. Who cares if it makes it or not? I undo your tie and unbutton your shirt. Your breathing quickens and you are almost panting. You try removing some of my clothing but I keep pushing your hands away. You decide, for now, to let me do what I want. I work my way down your chest, kissing you lightly. I find a nipple and circle it with my tongue then lightly nip it with my teeth. I hear your sharp intake of breath from the pleasure/pain. I keep working my way down your body and as I come to the waist band of your pants, I start licking you with quick little laps of my tongue. My hands are on your ass and I grab your cheeks firmly and press my face into you, breathing you in. Your breathing is ragged and you still have a hold of my hair. One hand is caressing me gently, the other every so slightly pulling. It’s as if your hands can’t decide if I am pleasing you or torturing you. I run my hands down your legs and press my face into you again, only this time at the crux of your pelvis and legs. Again, I inhale deeply. Gawd! You are so enticing! I love the way you smell! I reach down and remove your shoes and socks, kissing the tops of your feet and gently licking your toes just a bit. I look up to see if you are watching me but your head is thrown back and your eyes are closed…your breathing ragged and shallow. I think you might actually be enjoying what I am doing to you. God knows I am!

I am now on my knees and I finally, FINALLY! reach up and undo your belt. I whip it off…I may have uses for it later…and set it aside. I unzip your trousers with my teeth and slide my hand under the waist band of your shorts, feeling the taut muscles of your fine ass. Naturally your pants fall to the floor since there is now nothing to hold them up. Gawd! You are beautiful! I look up to your face again but this time I find you looking into my eyes. I smile at you and then start to nip at you through your shorts. I bring my hands around, still against your flesh and expose your wonderful cock. Thankfully it isn’t 10” like you had teased! Like I had hoped, you are fully erect and waiting for me. I quickly take you into my mouth and grab your ass cheeks hard, forcing you all the way into my mouth. Oh, I can’t get enough of you! You gasp at the sensation…you weren’t expecting me to take you in all at once. I grasp your balls with one hand and the base of your cock with the other. All the while I am working you in and out of my mouth. The hand at the base of your manhood is holding on very firmly. Soon you reach your limit and grab my head, forcing me into your pelvis. You thrust and savagely push my head to you and start literally fucking my mouth just as I had hoped you would. I put my hands on your hips to steady myself. I am amazed at how quickly you got to this point. I had really hoped I’d be able to enjoy you a little longer. I turn and look at the window and you notice what I am doing. Then you realize that you can see our reflection there…and also realize that there may be voyeuristic eyes enjoying our show. The idea of being watched thrills you. This seems to push you that much closer to the edge. You resume fucking my mouth only now you are completely enthralled with watching us in the window. Moments later your whole body starts to tense and I can feel you at the edge of orgasm. I keep working myself up and down your shaft as you shudder to climax. I suck down every iota of your cum…I had no idea you would taste so good. You let out a large gasp of air as you finish and then I can feel you grab my head to steady yourself. I slowly get up and pull the desk chair to you and have you lower yourself into it. You open your eyes and see me above you, smiling like a contented cat. You give me a weak smile and close your eyes again until you feel me straddle your lap and grab your head. Then I give you an extremely deep kiss before pulling back to look at you again.

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Jul 17 @ 12:30AM  
materialize anytime under the green lantern behind the green door.
its such a chore really. now tell what he bores you with.
another boring day and night. and you of course getting bored
day and night. then its time to bore each other. with what?
or we could just play the card game old maid. if you get the card
game old maid, you win. another round of being bored.

Jul 17 @ 12:38AM  
Thankfully it isn’t 10” like you had teased!

Finally, and honest sex blog...

I'm still waiting for the one where they talk about his hard throbbing 4 inches...

Jul 17 @ 3:38AM  

Jul 17 @ 3:53AM  
Steamy L4E! Kudo for you!

Jul 17 @ 6:54AM  
very nice...will give me lots to dream about while travelling today!

Jul 17 @ 12:55PM  
smiling like a contented cat.
It was more like a "cheshire cat"

Jul 17 @ 5:02PM  

I love that you got every iota!!!

Very impressive.

Jul 18 @ 2:05AM  
you are a wild pussy cat
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Sep 29 @ 8:53PM  
Very well done!

Oct 16 @ 11:29AM  
great story could use some improvement though.

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An Early Start for the Weekend, part 2