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posted 7/15/2009 10:19:39 AM |
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It just gets better and better doesn't it?

You want reform? Short of a revolution [which I prefer not happen]- we're going to need a massive campaign by letter, phone calls to our representatives and more importantly, a mass of people forming a massive ring around 'our' White House [it's the citizens White House- not theirs] and no one gets out [any representative not there, needs to be 'compelled' to be there, no matter where they are] until total reasonable reform is achieved, by being written into law- not debating it for months on end- within days!

The following are my 'suggestions' that need to be applied to the President on down to the local offices and are denoted as 'they' in the following:

A- All of the perks that they give themselves, need to be 'earned' and yes, pay into our Social Security system, just like the rest of us folks! Salary and benefits for five years after a minimum two term 'tenure'- and not for the rest of their lives! You need to realize that after they leave office, they have several other sources of income- positions in major corporate boards, lecture tours etc! They know a lot of people!

B- They need to be made absolutely accountable for their actions... period- written into by law! They suffer the same consequences, as any other citizen would be for crimes committed! They are not 'immune' to the very laws, as written by the legislature as they are now!

C- They are to eliminate our present form of election campaigns [who's minding the store, when everyone is out to get re-elected for a period of a year or so?] They lay their cards on the table as to what they have actually accomplished while in office- let the people, directly decided who's worthy of an elected office! No campaigns, no electoral votes- none of that! Presidential elections are, for the most part, bought with and paid for by political 'favors' and special interests groups- you saw that in the last election, with up to $600,000 in election funds!

No more elected 'officials' because he/she is cute, a catholic, an actor, man, woman, ethnic reasons or young- non of that stuff- it's all totally irrelevant! "Laying their cards on the table" as I mentioned, is a fair system called the 'merit' system- just as an employer gives you a raise based on how you perform your work... period! If you produce, you gain in the corporate system! Again, your cards out and let the media show what you've done- let the citizens decide amongst themselves! If the IRS can find you, there's no reason why, a computerized merit election system can't be incorporated, within a fairly short period of time!

D- All major expenditures [100s of 1000s on up] by the government are to be overseen and scrutinized by an 'budget panel' if you will, of citizens, not of the government or even corporate personnel but by economists, who know what's right and wrong! All special interests groups, eliminated- funds are fairly distributed back to the citizens, where needed!

E- If the government balks at any of these reforms, then the government should be forced to be relegated back to protecting our boarders and our citizens within our boarders... period! Let the states use funds through taxes [each state already has a tax collecting system in place, obviously] as they see fit for their people, with enough funds sent to Washington, to defend our country! We can still have commerce between states and the government and the rest of the world! Nothing changes, except that the government is forced to butt out of our lives!

Unky Sam can't create jobs, you already know that now! Citizens with the money, create jobs! Government only creates 'controlled chaos' to justify their means to begin with! It causes so called 'wars' that put our men and women in harms way and for what... egotistical reasons, oil and special interest groups? All this has to stop... period!

I could go on and on but... you get my drift! I am a patriot American foremost- I love my country but I'm afraid of my government! Our way of life, is being whittled down to pieces, little by little! In spite of all this, our government is the best on the planet going BUT, it's time to reform it for the benefit of our citizens and not the benefit of our so called 'elected officials'.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program of whatever is done on AMD!

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Jul 15 @ 10:43AM  
Green Thangy....

Too bad not enough share these thoughts. JMHO, too many have their hand out.

Jul 15 @ 11:53AM  

I just read the comments regarding the 'politicians' paying into the Social Security system- although more weighted in their favor then the average citizen would get, apparently!

So, I'm issuing a recant on the SS subject- even though I've read and/or heard otherwise through the years! Be that as it may!

I would also like to add about the [politician's] best medical coverage probably on the planet! Who pays for that... the citizens or they, the politicians? I think I already know!

Okay, I think I'm done here!


Jul 15 @ 12:03PM  

A politician is an animal that sits on the fence, with both ears on the ground.

Jul 15 @ 2:10PM  
Most excellent post
I do believe that anyone who thinks this country is so fucked up and poorly run,
they might want to go try living in Iran or Afghanistan or any of the other 193
countries for a year or two..You know...Just to compare!

Jul 15 @ 2:16PM  
Here's a greenie for ya. Very good post... it's good to have these issues brought before us, discussed and reviewed. Being informed is a major step to being able to make solid desicions and build a more positive future for our nation.

Jul 15 @ 2:29PM  

Jul 15 @ 4:04PM  
I believe we need term limits for Congress like we have for the President. It will take a Constitutional Amendment. In 220 years of being ruled by the Constitution we only have had 27 admenments. The last one was passed in 1992. It says Congress can not vote themseves a raise but can raise the pay for the next elected body. However it was proposed in 1789. That is not a typo. It was proposed in the year the Constitution became the law of the land.

Jul 15 @ 7:06PM  
Frankly? I vote for revolution. Everyone but those in DC secede from the union.

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