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Memories repost in answer to Ewe's blog

posted 7/9/2009 12:21:23 PM |
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Raindrops beating on the tin roof, gather in the rafters to drip down onto the hard packed dirt floor.
The scent of cattle mellowed with the sweetness of hay. My favorite hiding place on a rainy day.
The warmth of her side as I lean my forehead against her flank, hands in motion beneath, pulling rhythmically, the steaming frothy jets of milk hitting my pail.
Cats are clamoring nearby hoping for a treat. Roll over, purr, show me what good kittens they can be... beggars. Please, they seem to say, rubbing along my legs.
The cow watches them carefully, beautiful brown eyes wary for any sign of treachery.
The warmth, smells sounds and textures of the barn lull the mind.
Sometimes after milking the cow will lie down in a soft pile of loose straw and I will lean against her side, chewing on a straw, trying to match my breathing to hers. She chews her cud contentedly.. I let my mind drift to daydreams.
The old dog lays at my feet.. tail thumping. I want to run with him again, like we did when we were both pups, but he is no pup any longer. My favorite companion, he acts as though he understands my every thought, perhaps he does. On a cold damp day he can hardly walk, his joints are so stiff. I wish he would stay at home by the fire, but it is in his nature to stay by my side. Sometimes I have to carry him home.
I wonder if, when I am old, will someone be there to pick me up when it hurts too much to move?
He is a treasure, this old man dog of mine. Always glad to see me no matter how I look or how grumpy I am.
I think today, about the people I know, how one day they love you and the next seem to forget you.
Cats are cool, far too cool to depend on. They love you when they want to and then walk away switching their tails.
I have heard some men comparing women to cats.. sometimes with good reason.
I prefer the old dog and the placid, if slightly stupid, cow. They are always what they seem, no pretensions, few complaints... unless dinner is very late.
I get the curry from its hanger on the wall and brush the loose fawn colored hair from the cow... her sides twitch as if it tickles and occasionally i would swear she smiles.
The old dog snores.
Rainy days in the barn are good for thinking... overwhelming problems aren't so hard to sort out there. The work is cathartic and the company is good.
The old dog, the cows and even the self -centered cats.

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Jul 9 @ 12:42PM  
Oh Sam...............tears welled up in my eyes while reading this..........not only because I share some of those memories...............but because you wrote it so beautifully. My mother use to tell a story of me dissapearing when I was about 3. They found me curled up in the horses stall sleeping on fresh hay by my pony wrapped up with my favorite barn cat.............I am sure years later she thought it was cute, but she sure was angry when she woke me up..........I know now it was because she was scared.

Thank you for sharing this with us. Kudos to you!!

Jul 9 @ 12:51PM  

Jul 9 @ 1:09PM  
Leaving a kudo because it's deserved, not because of taxes due.

Jul 9 @ 1:15PM  

I only have 5 kudo's. Soooo 1 for the Dog, 1 for the Cow, 1 for the Cat and of course 2 for You.

Jul 9 @ 1:36PM  
I only have 5 kudo's. Soooo 1 for the Dog, 1 for the Cow, 1 for the Cat and of course 2 for You

Damn the sheep never catch a break around here...........

Jul 9 @ 1:39PM  

Damn the sheep never catch a break around here...........

Oh; I love to eat lamb chops. Would Ewe be interested .?

Jul 9 @ 1:51PM  
Too bad I can't give you more than one.

Jul 9 @ 1:55PM  
That was beautiful. Kudo!

Jul 9 @ 2:25PM  
Memories are very precious thank you Prez

Jul 10 @ 3:15AM  

Jul 14 @ 11:19AM  
man your good. thanks sam.

Jul 18 @ 10:18PM  
even the self -centered cats.
Cat's are NOT self centered

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Memories repost in answer to Ewe's blog