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A hot sex story. TO WOMEN

posted 7/8/2009 5:20:47 PM |
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I wrote this A LONG time ago for my girlfriend. I thought I'd share it with everyone else. Who knows, you might enjoy it. I wrote this to a girl, so if your a guy and straight idk if you want to read.

Were sitting on a couch together watching a movie. Your sitting on my lap, I have one arm around your stomach, the other at my side. Your head is beside mine, to the left of me. We can feel each others cheeks touch. I lower my hand and reach under your shirt. You don’t say anything but instead with one hand lift it up higher. I reach up higher feeling your breasts with my hand through your bra. I then reach under your bra and start caressing your breast, feeling your nipple ever so slightly getting hard. You reach for your shirt and pull it off. Your bra is half ways on showing one of your beautiful breasts.

You reach behind your back and undo your bra. I carefully take it off of you. You turn around to face me still in my lap. You’re on your knees eye level to me topless. You can feel my dick grow stiff through my shorts. We both look at each other almost as if looking through each other. Your eyes are glistening in the light. You reach to grab the bottom of my shirt helping get it off of me. We both go in towards each other to kiss. Your naked breasts against my naked chest. We peck each other on the lips, then open our mouths as far as we can, our heads twisted in opposite directions our lips locking in against each others. We both stretch our tongues as far as we can into each others mouths tasting each others saliva.

With one of my hands I reach under you and lift your body closer to me. I drop my head a little bit so my head is level with your beautiful luscious breasts. With one hand I squeeze your left breast while I lick and suck your right one. Your whole body straitens and I can see you start to blush. Your pretty much sitting on my stomach with your body strait as a board. While still licking your right breast my hand stops messaging your breast and gently pinches and rubs your nipple. With my bottom lip and upper teeth I carefully bite your nipple while my tongue licks the tip of it.

I tell you to sit up beside me. I get on my knees on the floor with you still sitting upright on the couch. I tell you to spread your legs as I stand on my knees between them. I reach for your button and zipper on your pants and undo them. Your wearing dark red underwear. I pull your pants down to your knees. I then pull the front of your underwear down far enough to see a hairless pussy revealing your bare and naked lips. I put my head in your lap kissing around your lips, teasing you. I spread them with both of my thumbs, lowering my head lower locking my lips on your pussy lips. I cock my head to one side making it easier for my tongue to fit in. You, feeling the pleasure, but your hands on the back on my head every ounce in a while putting your nails into my scalp involuntarily.

I pull my head back and with my left thumb and index finger spread your lips ounce again using my right thumb to finger you with my hand upside down. Your pussy feels so warm to the touch. I can’t tell if your pussy is wet from me licking it or from the pleasure. Since my head was pulled back and you hadn’t had anything you rest your hands on you reach down and pull your underwear yet farther down. You look down at me and say it’s my turn.

You tell me to pull my shorts off and that you were going to return the favor. I sat back on the couch as you did. You got on your knees and crawled up to me. You could see how stiff my dick was through my boxers and couldn’t wait to feel it, grabbing it and stroking it through my soft boxers. Feeling the pleasure and knowing how much better it would be with them off I slid them down revealing my rock hard veiny cock. Crawling up forward to me a little more, you opened your mouth wide and put the tip of my dick in your mouth, quickly taking it back out to observe it. You put your hand around my dick tightly gripping it stroking it up and down in an extreme rhythm.

Opening your mouth again you take my dick in your mouth again tasting a salt like liquid slowly leak out. Realizing this you took your time to make me last longer. Your head slowly bobbing up and down now and then looking into my eyes. Experiencing this pleasure I put my hands on your head forcing my dick in your mouth farther and harder. Without realizing what I’m doing I force my dick to the back of your throat making you cough a little. Thinking that it would be better to let you do it at your own pace I take my hands off your head and put them on my legs. You take my dick out of your mouth and say “It’s ok; I can take it all in if you’d like me too?” Being grateful, I take the offer.

You open your mouth again putting my dick yet again in your mouth. In your own pace you slowly take more and more in yet bobbing your head back and forth. You suddenly force it all in your mouth, the tip hitting the back of your throat. Choking and coughing you continue bobbing your head back and forth yet taking it all in. After about a half minute you take your mouth off of it and take a deep breathe. The salty tasting liquid all over in your mouth. With your tongue you lick your lips. You get up standing, get on the couch and crawl back onto my lap facing me. With you sitting up on the couch on your knees, you grab my dick and lower your pussy onto it. You pussy felt so hot with my dick inside of it. My dick easily sliding in and out thanks to the hot wet fluids.

So horny from all that happened before now, you start riding my cock at a rapid pace. My hands are gripping the back of your ass, me watching your precious breasts bouncing and shaking fiercely with every drop. After several minutes, with your hands on my shoulders both of us sitting up, you close your eyes and look. My hands are still on your ass, feeling the muscles contract with every drop and rise. Soon later you slow to a stop breathless and out of energy. With my dick still in your pussy you just sit there facing upward breathing heavily.

I wrap my hands around behind your back lifting you up as I stand. Not understanding what im doing you wrap your legs around me between my ass and waste, your hands wrapped around my neck and your beasts yet again against my bare chest. I pick you up holding you under the legs and ass like a backwards piggy back ride. I carry you over to my bed all this time my dick still slightly in your pussy. I drop you on my bed landing on top of you, whispering in your ear “My turn”.

I tell you to spread your legs and even use my legs to help you, pushing them farther apart making your pussy all the more easier to reach. I start pacing myself slowly humping you harder. With each violent thrust I send your whole body shaking and quivering. I then yet more violently thrust harder and faster, thrusting all of my cock in your tight wet pussy. Your legs still getting in the way, I put my arms on t

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A hot sex story. TO WOMEN

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A hot sex story. TO WOMEN