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Re-Legalize Hemp, Tax It & Save the U.S. Economy

posted 7/4/2009 9:14:16 AM |
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The U. S. Government refuses to legalize hemp claiming, that it will confuse law enforcement officials and send a wrong message to children. Most people don't even realize hemp is NOT marijuana and contains no THC. You can smoke a hemp joint the size of a telephone pole and NOT get high. Hemp is however, our planet's most natural resource that is environmentally safe and bio-degradable. It can be our sole source for fiber fuel, paper, plastic fiberboard and more. Hemp fuel can provide the world's energy needs, eliminating global dependency on our nearly depleted fossil fuels. We'd never have to cut down another tree. Say goodbye to recycling, pollution, acid rain, global warning and deforestation. Before the Civil War, Hemp was the nation's second largest cash crop. Today, planting one hemp plant can get you thrown in jail for twenty years.

If hemp were re-legalized and taxed at the same rate as pipe tobacco, over one half a billion dollars could be raised annually for Texas schools. If it were taxed at the same rate as cigarettes (which poses the greatest health hazard to most Texans) over a billion dollars could be raised.

Hemp plants can replace fossil fuels and their by-products, reducing pollution. One acre of hemp produces the same amount of paper as four acres of trees, four times a year, at one-fourth the cost of wood pulp paper and with one-fifth the pollution.

Hemp helps to relieve the side effects or symptoms of glaucoma, AIDS, cancer, chemotherapy, migraines, muscular dystrophy, PMS, asthma and other medical problems.

A legally regulated hemp crop would yield billions of dollars in tax revenue.

A new hemp industry would replace thousands of jobs being lost today in the wood pulp industry and in other agricultural and industrial occupations, saving thousand of acres of U.S. forests and forests around the world.

Over 300,000 Americans a year are arrested for marijuana possession, at a cost of $840,000,000 to taxpayers.

Texas prison costs are skyrocketing because we jail nonviolent hemp offenders. Once productive citizens become wards of the state, sometimes along with their families.

Hemp is the Number One $$$ crop in California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii, Missouri and the Number Two $$$ crop in Texas. Hemp has been safely used by humans for thousands of years for fiber, fuel food and medicine."

Hemp makes more than 50,000 products including fuel, food, fiber and medicine. It is a renewable resource which uses one-fourth of the resources used to grow trees or corn. A man allotted five acres to grow hemp and distribute to manufacturers can avoid poverty for himself and his family. We can do way with our dependency of fossil fuels, We can reduce pollution, global warming and deforestation. We can stimulate our economy, save lives, our nation and our planet just by re-legalizing hemp!

I believe it's time to be smart, educated, responsible and resourceful about the benefits of re-legalizing hemp.

There has never been a better time to join the concerted effort to bring "re-legalizing hemp" to grassroots of America. It's time to help ourselves through this effort... to jump start our economy, regain our global leadership as a nation and reclaim our freedom this Fourth of July!

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Jul 4 @ 9:28AM  
Here is a picture of hemp.

Here is more on hemp. It is grown commercially world wide and I don't see it lifting other national economies out of the global recession.

Jul 4 @ 9:46AM  
I understand hemp is grown and used in other countries, but I do not see it being utilized as a primary fuel or food source nor as a major alternative in forestry. The savings, benefit and profit to be made from paper products alone seems worthwhile. If for nothing else it can be beneficial to the environment which over time can save a great deal of money.

Education and marketing can play a role in generating public awareness and the advantages of hemp. Once this occurs throughout the population I see the potential for profit as well as non-cash benefits.

I want to know what other people think about this subject. I'm certainly not an authority on the subject, but I am a proponent.

Jul 4 @ 9:49AM  
The seeds and oil are actually sold as food at grocery stores in the UK.

Jul 4 @ 10:12AM  
Some more facts for those who may be interested:


Hemp & Marijuana Myths & Facts

Hemp Facts


Jul 4 @ 10:26AM  
The seeds and oil are actually sold as food at grocery stores in the UK.
Hemp's nutritional alone qualities shouldn't be ignored. The oil is one of the best, if not the best source, for high grade polyunsaturated oil. It contains amino acids which aid in digestion and higher absorption of nutrients. It's fiber content is among the highest of level of plants which also aids the body in reducing cholesterol and bad (saturated) fats.

somnium: Thanks for the links. The info there reiterates many of the points previously made as well as provides info which dispells many of the emotional issues some people have with hemp.


Jul 4 @ 11:19AM  
You're welcome Dione!


Jul 4 @ 11:26AM  
Maybe they could get tobacco farmers to replace their crops with hemp crops. Would be a lot more useful.

Jul 4 @ 11:58AM  
I'm all for it!

Jul 4 @ 12:19PM  
At this point shewolf, sunshine and myself support re-legalizing hemp. The two gentlemen didn't state a preference.

We'll see what, if anything, anyone else has to say.


Jul 4 @ 1:03PM  
Think about this, the futility of outlawing any naturally occurring plant or substance. The only way to keep them out of the hands of 'users' and 'abusers' is to drive the marijuana, cocaine, peyote, poppy plants etc into extinction. Why? Because we don't like them. Now isn't that what we tried to do a few generations back with wolves and other unpopular animals?

It's just plain stupid. Let the stuff be, humanity will survive and the few people that have problems using the plants we will have plenty of money available to help them since we won't be spending it on ridiculous anti-drug policies.

I'm not pro-drug abuse I just think the war on drugs has failed, it's infringed on all of our civil rights, it's allowed government growth, cost billions of dollars and had no positive results.

Hope I didn't hijack your blog.

George Washington grew hemp!

Jul 4 @ 1:31PM  
You obviously haven't had the chance to come across any of my blog comments concerning the subject.

I am a big advocate.

And before anyone builds too big a soapbox against....industrial hemp is NOT marijuana in that it does not produce any drug like effects. Means smokin it will not get you high AT ALL. And it can be used in over a hundred ways including food, fabric, rope and FUEL. Many speculate the outlawing of hemp growing was engineered by the fuel companies.

More uses

Jul 4 @ 1:46PM  
I bathed with it last night;its in the castile soap I use, so you know how I feel about it. I think it hurts us more to not legalize it, but if the gov't can't get its cut, of course its "a-moral" and "illegal"...duh.

Jul 4 @ 1:47PM  
Were all of these 'facts' verified by The Blog Gods???

I can see no reason it shouldn't be legalized!

Jul 4 @ 1:53PM  
Were all of these 'facts' verified by The Blog Gods???

I put a link in my comment about it, does that count?

Jul 4 @ 2:09PM  
I don't post anything that isn't verified by at least 3 reputable sources, Sir Rev... unless I say differently.

Anyone can verify their own facts, btw...

Jul 4 @ 2:50PM  
I read this when I first got up...uh..pre-coffee...

Now I've consumed the whole pot...showered the fuzzies from my brain...and I still don't understand....

If HEMP is NOT marijuana then why is it illegal?

Ok ok...go back and read read read... I gleaned the most from somnium's comment "Myths and facts" thanks som...

I think most of what I've heard comes from pot smokers that doesn't realize the difference....legalize pot they holler..look at all its uses! And maybe many of these pot smokers are hoping for a backdoor into easier access without the consequences.

I'm not a pot smoker...but have had a few run-ins with it... and I didn't know the difference until now. With this info I don't see what all the fuss is about. If all that's written in these articles is true...then what's the big deal about it?

Sigh...I'm just not a big thinker in my lil corner of the world..just goes over my head.


Jul 4 @ 7:16PM  
The following is in response to the majority of your comments. I do not post information without doing my own research, so I'm squared away with my blog gods. The information is for educational purposes and links are provided for additinal reading if you are interested.

We can't discuss anything based on emotional knee-jerk reactions because they are usually not based in fact or knowledge. When armed with facts and knowledge only then can logical decisions be made by intelligent people.

Definition of industrial HEMP: Industrial hemp, although a relative of marijuana, is quite a different plant. The hemp plant contains less than 1 percent THC, the psychoactive ingredient that produces a "high" in marijuana. It is used for fiber, fuel, food and medications.

The following excepts and links provide additional information to help understand how hemp was used before it was criminalized in the U.S.; why it was criminalized; and why it remains criminalized today. There are endless sources that can be sited to support what I have written and many of them were used as references to verify the information I used.

Learn more about the legal history of cannabis in the United States:

Hemp's demise and plant's criminalization is a story understood today by few Americans. For those interested in the details, I recommend either of two books: "The Great Book of Hemp" by Rowan Robinson (Park Street Press) or "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" by Jack Herer (Hemp Publishing, Van Nuys, CA).

In brief, the campaign to destroy hemp as a commercial crop began in the early 1930s when DuPont chemists developed their first petrochemical fiber, nylon, and patented the sulfate and sulfite processes for making paper from wood pulp. About that time William Randolph Hearst, newspaper giant, was investing widely in lumber holdings as pulp for newsprint. Since hemp was cheaper and better source for paper than wood pulp, and hemp's superior fiber length, strength and low cost competed with nylon, the two commercial giants connived to destroy the hemp industry. (Cotton with a fiber length of 1 1/2 inches compared to hemp's 15 feet plus cotton's extensive water and pesticide requirements offered no threat to DuPont.) About this time other industrial chemists were developing plastics from such biomass products as hemp. Henry Ford, at his secret biomass conversion plant, had already built a model automobile of plastics derived largely from hemp with only the frame of metal. The car's fuel was also derived from hemp. For the complete article go to:

Native American Indian stance on industrial hemp:

The name marijuana (Mexican Spanish marihuana, mariguana) is associated almost exclusively with the plant's psychoactive use. The term is now well known in English largely due to the efforts of American drug prohibitionists during the 1920s and 1930s. The prohibitionists deliberately used a Mexican name for cannabis in order to turn the populace against the idea that it should be legal by playing to negative attitudes towards that nationality. (See 1937 Marihuana Tax Act). Those who demonized the drug by calling it marihuana omitted the fact that the "deadly marihuana" was identical to cannabis indica, which had at the time a reputation for pharmaceutical safety. It must be noted, however, that cannabis indica in the 1930s had lost most of its former popularity as a medical drug.

Some advocate legalization of marijuana, believing that it will reduce illegal trade & associated crime and yield a valuable tax-source. Marijuana is now available as a palliative agent, in Canada, with a medical prescription. Yet 86% of Canadian marijuana users with HIV/AIDS, eligible for a prescription, continue to obtain marijuana illegally. (AIDS Care. 2007 Apr;19(4):500-6.)

Legaiity of cannabis:

Additional sources:

Hopkins, James F. A History of the Hemp Industry in Kentucky. Lexington: University of Kentucky Press, 1951.

Nader, Ralph. "Farm Aid: The DEA Should Get Out of Regulating Hemp Agriculture." San Francisco Bay Guardian, April 3, 2000. Available at

Jul 4 @ 7:19PM  
Everyone: Thanks for all of your participation. I've learned a few more things today as well as appreciate your comments.

i continue to believe we should re-legalize hemp, but the way it will be done has to be monitored very closely or only those with financial gain at stake will win - again!

Jul 4 @ 9:00PM  
I gleaned the most from somnium's comment "Myths and facts" thanks som...

You're welcome Softie!

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Re-Legalize Hemp, Tax It & Save the U.S. Economy