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posted 7/2/2009 8:23:44 PM |
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tagged: question, dating

Lose a Guy or Gal....!!!

After watching "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" A few times....
It made me wonder... a lil!
What is it...that sends Up a Red Flag...While dating someone?
What really turns You OFF.... In Real life..or even "Chatting" with someone online ...... ?
Can yall Please give me the "Top 10" Things..that Turn you OFF..... While Dating or Talking with someone!!!? If not many as you can... Please!!

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Jul 2 @ 8:27PM  
Talking with a mouthful of food

Using a cell in a restaurant/loud talker

Those are just a few.....

Jul 2 @ 8:35PM  
I don't have the answer...I've been married 6 times and dozens of shack ups
and still haven't learned
I reckon that not much turns me completely off

Jul 2 @ 8:50PM  
Only ten?

Actually jealousy is one of them. I think a small amount of jealousy can be good for a relationship but I think large amounts of jealousy and possessiveness kinda sets the tone of what the relationship will be. I am turned off by a control freak.

Drinking is another thing. I have no problem with someone who has a few drinks here and there, but since I don't drink, I am not interested in being with someone who feels he has to drink everyday. Or likes to go get drunk and disappears for a few days and than gives a bullshit story of where they have been.

I don't want to be with anyone who thinks lying is OK. Honesty is the best policy and I find it hard to trust someone who likes to lie.............especially those that do it for no reason.............You know the type would rather climb a tree to tell a lie than stand on the ground and tell the truth?

I don't want to be around anyone who gets abusive whether verbally or physically.

I am not interested in anyone who had a past relationship break up because he cheated on her...........once a cheater always a cheater........

Wow most of those I feel the same way about with someone I just am friends with..........picky bitch ain't I? Nope don't answer that........ ..

Jul 2 @ 8:52PM  
Someone who....

is arrogant
doesn't look me in the eye while talking to me
uses a 4 letter word every other word
has no thought of courtesy to another
treats me as a "non-person"
makes it obvious that my opinions don't matter

That's just a few that I can think of.....

BTW...where ya been, dude????

Jul 2 @ 9:50PM  
Someone who talks just to hear himself talk...wouldn't even know if the person he was with was dead.
Someone who is high maintanence, can't think for himself, in need of constant attention, it is all about him.
Someone who has to be right, especially when there is no right or wrong and he loves to bring up topics that could be debated, but pouts when he can't be the winner.
Real men don't pout! If ya can't get away from being a titty baby then don't come poking at me with a cock that can't stand on it's own 2 feet!
Over indulges with anything, no room for compromise or able to improvise.
Someone who cant takes a joke.
Anyone who dwells on the negative.
Anyone who is viscious and is inspired by being vengeful.
Anyone who is angered easily.
Anyone who can't make up their mind.
Life is short...Have a nice day!

Jul 2 @ 10:29PM  
Used to be before electronic door locks came onto the scene, I had a clue on how a date might go, by unlocking her door when I picked her up [yes, I locked them on purpose] and watched what she did, as I came around to my side! If she liked me, she would most likely reach over and unlock my door! Needless to say, that idea got trashed!

You can usually tell how things are going with the little things that woman do- or not, if they're interested in you or not!

The final clue may be when the date ends and she says: "call me" or........ "FUCK OFF!" Does that help any??


Jul 2 @ 10:30PM  
I'm not going to comment other than the fact that I just LOVE that movie!!!! I think it is too funny!!!

So what made you watch that one?

Jul 2 @ 10:38PM  
Hey Pink! I love that movie too! I hope OHT isn't taking it is just a movie. Matthew is sex on a stick! I wouldn't have a problem licking him like a lolli pop...woo hooooooooooooo! Oh and for all those guys who open the car door...I do reach over and unlock the drivers side for you so ya don't have to key it to get in.

Jul 2 @ 11:16PM  
I cant really judge, but things I cant stand..

If hes slovenly and his dwelling is too. Once knew a dude who had cockroaches something fierce. I was afraid to set my plate of pizza down for fear they would tote it off....and the mice..lets not go there.

Negative generalizations of women based on one hurting him in the past.

Extreme arrogance; I love a confident man but don't ever think you're doing me a favor by going out with me.

Being "something you always wanted to try". You "try" skydiving or a new hobby..I'm a human being.

A guy who is waaaaaay too dependent on his parents. I love a man who is family-based, but when they start to run your life? Um,no...

A guy whose life just revolves around partying, getting wasted, drugs and fucking. Nothing against those who do, but please balance that with something of substance.

A guy who keeps me on the "down low" because of my race, weight or income bracket.

A guy who has no discretion. Ex: one guy I was seeing thought it was pretty cool to call his friends and tell them about me and what we did in detail.

Jul 3 @ 12:25AM  
i hate when a guy talks about his ex girlfriends ! or just talks about himself! thats a turn off i think! JMO :)

Jul 3 @ 12:34AM  
Ex: one guy I was seeing thought it was pretty cool to call his friends and tell them about me and what we did in detail.

Hell... I thought women did that with their lady friends all the time!


Jul 3 @ 12:56AM  
Oh...HA! more little picky thing...scented deodorant! Ewwwwwwwwwwwww...I really dn't care for it. Then an over dose of cologne on top of it and I am out of there! I also am not fond of white chunks in the arm pit area from those deoderants that aren't clear......I think the basketball players finally got a clue on this one. Wonder who told them?!

Jul 3 @ 1:29AM  
Turn offs?
Lack of respect
Talking down to me just because I am a woman
Overly possesive
Dishonest like forgetting to tell me he is married
Late for everything
Not calling after a date for a week then calling at the last minute and expect me to drop everything to go out
abusive in any form
Sloppy or dirty. Hippies are fine dirty hippies are not. LOL
Expects me to pick up after him like I am his Mama.

Jul 3 @ 2:47AM  
Ex: one guy I was seeing thought it was pretty cool to call his friends and tell them about me and what we did in detail.

Hell... I thought women did that with their lady friends all the time

lol,you got me man...but see, I was right in the bed when he was doing it though :-\

Jul 3 @ 4:47AM  

Damn; Sounds like all these women are discribing me.

Jul 3 @ 11:46AM  
but see, I was right in the bed when he was doing it though :-\

Ohh yeah... in that case, that's so un-kewl!!

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