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To fuck or NOT to fuck

posted 6/28/2009 4:31:48 PM |
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tagged: fucking, making love

To fuck or Not to fuck. That is the real question.

How many of you ladies love a good hard fuck, or all nite long fuckathon , compared to just enjoying slow and soft hours on end love making, Yess there is a difference... and u dont have to be married to enjoy love making like some thing u do ?? So What do u enjoy the most ,and cant be depends on my mood. which one do u prefer ? and why??

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Jun 28 @ 4:38PM  
well, I was just going to say, depends on the mood im in! I like it all There are times i don't want it at all!

Jun 28 @ 4:58PM  
I have to agree with would depend on my mood, who i was with , what has been going on, what the foreplay was like..............

sorry but asking which one i liked better than the kinda like asking the you walk to work or carry your lunch.....................

Jun 28 @ 8:40PM  
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Jun 28 @ 8:52PM  
Oh, gawd! It's like mildew in the's everywhere!

Jun 29 @ 1:08AM  
Oh, gawd! It's like mildew in the's everywhere!

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Jun 29 @ 1:46AM  
Both, we usually go for a few hour fuckathon then finish with a couple hours of slow passionate love making

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