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posted 6/28/2009 11:04:47 AM |
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tagged: thoughts

As we grow up our parents always say Be on your best behavior when you meet "so and so". As adults we know it is because first impressions are lasting impressions. Well what about later and you find out you were wrong about a person whether its how nice, or how clean or if their morals and ethics are in the toilet. Do you now start questioning your intuition?

Have you ever had your "best" friend turn on you? So much for your 'gut" instinct. Then that person begs your forgiveness, Do you forgive and forget? I'm sorry I may forgive at some point but my trust for that person is no longer there. What about you?? Are you a good "christian" and let bygones be bygones? Or are you human and your feelings are bruised and you ain't gonna do it!.

As we mature to adulthood we are suppose to be examples for the younger generation. As CL asked earlier about being asked to care and love for anothers children. When my generation was growing up not one person would hesitate. The neighboorhood parents watched over everyone! Now people have to think about it or "whats in it for me".

Where has our morals gone. This has nothing to do with politics or the entertainment industry we are just regular folks working or looking for work. In our horrible times right now could, would you help another?? Or is all about "me"??

Food for thought on this beautiful Sunday morning. Be truthful with yourself when you answer my questions.

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Jun 28 @ 11:19AM  
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Jun 28 @ 11:35AM  
I don't know it's a moral thing anymore. I think it's turned into a legal thing & a trust issue.

More people willing to sure over their child getting hurt on someone else's property. And I don't trust my neighbors because I don't know who they are. No, it's not like it was when we were little, where everyone looked out for everyone. Sad it's become that way.

As for 1st impression, yeah.....I've made that mistake a few time, lol Not fun!

Jun 28 @ 11:46AM  
Wow a lot of questions here...............

as far as a friend turning on me do I forgive and forget? It would all depend on what it was over, I got mad at a really good friend one time over a misunderstanding and stopped speaking to her................but she was there when I needed her later. She forgave me........and although once in a while we bring it up, we laugh about it now. I wouldn't make that same mistake again, but I also wouldn't close the door just because there was a fight.

-And yep i have been wrong about my first impressions, people that I thought were nasty............turned out nice................and some I thought was nice..........turned out to be assholes..............but I still take my gut instinct into consideration with the thought I have been fooled before, so I am more careful who I trust.

Jun 28 @ 12:08PM  
I guess I am extremely lucky about where I live and my neighbors. We all take care of each other, adults and children.
We rely on each other, we are able to trust each other and we help each other............just because that's what we believe in.

Forgive and forget? Trust to me is such a major issue.
It honestly depends on how or why they broke my trust. I believe in forgiveness and I believe people do make honest or even stupid mistakes or choices not really meaning harm.

However, intentionally hurt a loved one and I am the worst bitch you will ever meet.

Good blog, Lisa... kudos

Jun 28 @ 1:04PM  
I blow up...I get over it. My gf holds grudges like a pitbull with a bone. I don't know how she does it....I don't have time to nurse grudges...wasted energy for sure.

Trust is also an issue with me. Once my trust is compromised it's rare that it can be fully restored. I can patch things up and be friendly but from then on, I tread lightly...I'm not so open and I will keep that person at arms length never to be in my inner circle of friends again. I don't think they're asshole or a bad person....we just simply clashed. It's done. It's over. I just move on.... cautiously.

Jun 28 @ 1:16PM  

I think everyone knows by now the way I think, and handle things.

Jun 28 @ 1:19PM  
Stab me in the back you are not my friend in the first place is the way I see it. A misunderstanding is different. Those can be worked out. As for someone else's children, there is always room for one more child in your life, or two, or three or more....

Jun 28 @ 7:50PM  
Yeah, I'll let most everything go the first time.. course .. the second time.. watch out!!!

Jun 28 @ 9:16PM  
Oh, I can't get started on thi or my head might explode...and there is no one but me to clean up the mess...

Jul 1 @ 5:37PM  
My sister in law & her family lived with us for 2 years til they got on there feet. Yes, i have judged people & I am sad for that today. I try to live by, how would i feel if someone did that to me? motto. Good blog Lisa. :o)

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