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What If They Left You Their Children?

posted 6/28/2009 3:23:21 AM |
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If someone you loved dearly passed away, and left you guardianship of their children what would you do?
It can't be your own children ( not even stepchildren ) or grand children.

Maybe a very close relative or a best friend... and they have umm, let's say....3 children. What about 1?

Right now, at this point in your life, what would you do?
Would you take on the responsibility or would you pass it on to possibly another relative?

What if there was no one else?

Would it make a diference if this person left money and/or property to help with expenses?

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Jun 28 @ 3:31AM  
If someone left me their kids, I would keep them. No matter what it took for me to do so. That would mean that they loved and trusted me with their most precious gift, their children.

Right now it would be hard on me and on the children, but, that wouldn't matter, because they'd know that they were loved and would be taken care of.

It wouldn't matter if they left money or property. I'm sure it would make things easier, but it wouldn't be necessary.

Jun 28 @ 3:50AM  
Interesting blog.............If a good friend of mine left me their children it would depend on the circumstances in what I would do............I am 47 yrs old............if there was someone close to me that was younger than me, had a two parent home, and could offer them a better life than I would, yet still allowing me to stay in close contact with them, it would be hard but I would do what was in the best interest for the children.

I think most people would want to keep and raise the children but if there was someone better fit to take care of these children than I would be, than I would think I would be very selfish in trying to raise them when someone else could do a better job.

Now if there was no one else to care for them that could be a better parent than me, of course I would keep them. If their parent (s) died, they have already been through enough, I wouldn't want them to have to deal with anymore changes, and I would never send them to foster care................but taking children in is a very large responsibility and I would need to know that I was the best that could be done for their situation.

If they were small children and even if I was in good health, I am not sure that I could or would be the best solution. So i guess alot to would depend on their age. No matter tho, I would try to find the solution to what would be the best for the children, and I would want to be able to be close to them as they grow.

My daughter had papers drawn up that if anything happened to her, I was to get total custody of L, but in the health I am now, I am afraid that I would have to let my son and his wife take L. They are young, healthy, and could offer her a better life than I would. It would break my heart, but I would have to do what was best for L.

Money and property would never be taken into consideration. Any assets left for those children would be saved for those children for when they get older.


Jun 28 @ 9:47AM  
When my best friend was ill (she has a series of strokes) she put me down for custody of her then two children boy 12, girl 16. I was also put down as her caregiver. If anything had happened I would have sold my new home and went to hers to take care of the kids. Yes we had talked about it and I said of course. Ain't that what friendship is??

Jun 28 @ 10:18AM  
Age is a big factor both in how old you are as well as the kids.

Jun 28 @ 10:44AM  
Ok realistically, if there were money left for the children's care, I would have to make sure it was used to the best possible outcome. However, any property is the children's legacy and would be left to them.
Being who I am, I would take care of those kids as though they were my own. I know that I would, I take my responsibilities very seriously. A friend would never leave me their children if they didn't think that I was the best person for the task in the first place.

Jun 28 @ 12:03PM  
Being a mother to 5 children myself yes of course I would take them unless I was unable to health wise. I agree with Dayna on this, it is selfish if your unable to care for them and keep them. Children deserve a good home and someone who is able to take care of them. The money and property doesn't matter. Any money left would be used for those children if needed and stuck into a bank account for them. Property is thiers.

My one daughter doesn't live with me ( I know you said not our own kids ) but her adoptive parents are in bad health and a good bit older. If anything happened to them and I was allowed to have my daughter I would be up there getting her as fast as I could.

Jun 28 @ 1:03PM  
I have to agree with both Dayna and Sam...
If a friend left me the privledge of taking care of their most prized and loved possesion in the world, I would take it as such an honor and Yes I would want to abide by their wishes and do it.
IF I were still physically capable.

IE" I have a very good friend whose children are left to me in the event of the parents deaths. This decision was made quite a while ago.I was the best choice then.
I have always been more than willing and honored to follow their wishes. However, now that my knees have gotten so much worse and my health isn't what it used to be, I had to search my heart and decide if I was the best choice for this task anymore.
As much as I love the friend and the children, I have come to the conclusion that I'm not.
I believe they would be better off with another family member.
But if that is not possible, I will take them.

Jun 28 @ 1:04PM  

I am in no confition to raise kids under the age of 35.
Even then they'd have to be female.

Jun 28 @ 3:23PM  
That does worry me, but I only have one family member with kids. Hopefully they would leave them to my sister instead of me.

Jun 30 @ 9:48AM  
I have taken in a couple nieces ages 3 and 5 with no hesitation I volunteered. We took legal guardianship, but let the mother have them back when we thought she was stable. Big mistake ever giving them back up. They have since gone back to their father and his wife who didn't want them and they have been passed around like a ball. We also took in my ex's bosses brothers daughters kids, they were 2 and 7 the mother has bipolar very bad. The kids have since been separated and gone to their family members and the mother has had all parenting responsibilities taken away by the courts.
So the answer is yes I would welcome them in as part of the family. I have always lived paycheck to paycheck in the past so money would make no difference.

Jul 1 @ 5:12PM  
Yes i would. but in all fairness i know it's not a law or anything. But being a mom I asked permission from the people who i want to have my kids before I put it in my will. I think that's only right, it would change everyone's life. But i would still take them.

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What If They Left You Their Children?