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posted 6/26/2009 3:56:53 PM |
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This is not a blog for anyone to bash Michael Jackson. So, I am asking that no one do it on this blog.
This is just my thoughts... and reminiscing.
I grew up in the same era that he did....Yeah, so I'm old.

I remember the first time they played The Jackson 5 on the local radio station. A bunch of us were all on the front porch..... and the song got all of our attention. We all learned the words to ABC and loved the music. It wasn't our parents boring music that we always had to listen to.

Wow, at 10 we were listening to ABC and now days 10 year olds are listening to .. well things a whole lot different. Not their parents boring music....

I grew up listening to them and then Michael on his own. I really liked quite a bit of his music, and loved watching him perform.

Then changes started taking place in his appearance and the way he spoke. But I honestly didn't care, I still enjoyed his music and videos.

There started being jokes and comments about his looks and then the accusations that he was lying about all of it. It couldn't be any type of skin disorder that would cause a black man to appear white..
Well, there is.

But what did it really matter?

Then the accusations about him molesting the first little boy happened and after that things were never really the same with his music or him.
He got weird...... and did weird things.

I don't know if he was guilty or not. I honestly hope he wasn't. But if he was he will now have to face the true consequences.
From experience I know people can be accused and even sometimes found guilty when they aren't... But others can be guilty and get away with it.

If he was guilty he should have had to pay. But if he was innocent his career and life were ruined because he was different and possibly an easy mark to some.

Personally, regardless of how big of an icon he was, I felt sorry for him. No matter who or how many he was around, he always seemed to be lonely.
I wonder if that is why he started wearing the dark glasses and such. Maybe he felt if no one could see his eyes, they couldn't see through to the emptiness in his soul.

I think he just truly wanted to be loved more than anything in the world and other than his mother, he never truly found that. Fame and money was his way of trying to find it. Or perhaps even buy it.

He never got to be a child and inside he always missed that so he related better to children than adults.
No matter how much he grew up or aged, in his heart he seemed to stay a child. I don't think he wanted to grow up.

I wonder if things would have been different if he had had a typical childhood. I'd say normal.....but what is normal to one is not to others.
The truth is we'll never know and most won't even ever care.

I know quite a few will disagree with me on this.. and that's okay. It's your right.
And I have no proof of any of this, but as I said it's just my thoughts. And since it is my blog....... my thoughts count this time...

What I do know is that 50 is way to young to lose your life.
As is 62, like Farrrah was. She was beautiful til the end.

But I guess since I am a year younger than he was, it just hits a little closer to home.
We've lost some major icons in some of our lives recently. And that does some how make you stop and least it has me.

Regardless of any rumors about anyone.....
Rest in Complete Peace,
David Carradine - 72
Ed McMahon - 86
Farrah Fawcett - 62
Michael Jackson - 50

If I missed anyone it was by accident.

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Jun 26 @ 4:10PM  
Well this won't be the first time we agree to disagree.............although I thought the way you expressed your feelings was very nice.............and yes his music was great.............but ( I know how much you love the term but )

But if he was innocent his career and life were ruined
How was it ruined..........did he lose all him fame? did he lose all of his money? not really....................but then again we don't know if anything happened...........

It is this topic has spurred the nastinest in the blogs today and last night...............I personally liked a couple of his songs...........and nothing that surrounded his personall life would have stopped me liking his songs..........but most of them I just couldn't know personal choice and all...............

They are saying on the news now that it was a drug overdose..............I don't know and don't really care..........the man is dead..........and whatever he was or wasn't he was an Icon for music................but when its all said and done............I think it shuold be each persons choice whether they liked him or not.........and they shouldn't get attacked for it..............

As i told Lisa................I love you but this is one of those times we agree to disagree.............ain't like the first time either............

Jun 26 @ 4:14PM  
Very well said, Treas. My sentiments exactly! Kudo for the blog and message in it!

Jun 26 @ 4:15PM  
You said it beautifully! I am sorry I got just a tad pissy on mine. You have such a nicer way with words But this is what I meant to

Yep EWE we may agree to disagree

Jun 26 @ 4:26PM  
Well put. A nice blog

did he lose all of his money?
He lost most of it. He probably still had more than most of us on here put together but he didn't have anywhere near what he was used too. The way I understood it he was living off what he was making on his album sales that is why he was going back on tourer. Just what I had heard. Cannot back up any of it.

Jun 26 @ 4:28PM  
I was never into his music as I tended to like a lot heavier rock at the time. I say the man is gone and people should just let him RIP. He knew what he did or did not do and is the one who had to carry that around with him for the rest of his life. It is not for me to judge, not for any religious convictions I might or might not have but because I did not know him personally and just do not care to talk about things I don't really know.

Jun 26 @ 4:29PM  
Just what I had heard. Cannot back up any of it.
Thank you Surv..........I stand corrected.

Jun 26 @ 5:05PM  
but this is one of those times we agree to disagree.............ain't like the first time either....
And I doubt it'll be the last either..... lol

How was it ruined..........did he lose all him fame? did he lose all of his money? .
If he was innocent, a part of his life was ruined by the accusations of such a thing. And the new found fame of being labeled by many as a child molestor.
All of his fame, no. But quite a bit of it in this country.
His money? They said last night that he died completely in debt.

Yes, I heard that they think it may have been prescription drug related. Or something that the drugs did to his heart. But it'll take 4-6 weeks for the autopsy results to come back.

If we can put people on the moon, why does an autopsy take so long.....

Jun 26 @ 5:06PM  
I was rewatching several of his talk show performances yesterday, and watching the change.. not only in his appearance from human to some form of bat I think.. but also the fact that his eyes no longer sparkled and danced.. he no longer had that spark of divinity that shone so strongly through his voice.

It's a tragedy... not that he passed, but that he never really got to live.

Jun 26 @ 5:15PM  
Beautiful blog Trease, I also grew up listening to his music and watching his videos. I loved most of his songs until he had all the legal troubles. You're right, he did get weird after that, but I suppose I would've too. The man had to be under great stresses all his life. I wouldn't have wanted to be him. He was an Icon, and should be respected for that.

I feel sorry for Farrah, all her glory was taken away from her the minute that it was mentioned that he was ill and probably dying. She deserved to shine in her glory and I wish that she had gotten her hour.

Kudo for your blog, I thought it was a great one.

Jun 26 @ 5:25PM  

If we can put people on the moon, why does an autopsy take so long..
Do you think an autopsy on the moon would be quicker...... sorry I couldn't resist...................and I did want to add............that if he died in debt........that is totally tragic............he certainly worked hard enough for it............and i won't finish what I was going to say because I simply don't want to start an argument in your blog.........

Jun 26 @ 6:28PM  
I have always liked Michael Jackson's music. He had talent, in his songwriting, singing, and dancing.

I was stunned yesterday by his death. 50 is just too young. We have lost a really talented person, and I'm so glad we were able to enjoy the music he put out there for us. He will be missed.

R.I.P Michael

Jun 26 @ 7:59PM  
Earlier I commented that I dont think Michael Jackson is an icon of music. He has some real good music out there, but nothing that really moved me. As for the jokes. I have read a whole bunch of them and read all about their lives from greatness to tragedy. This includes all that have died recently. Even Farrah with her fight with cancer hasnt escaped the jokes about her being blonde. I grew up with these people and will try to remember the best that they gave to the world. RIP. Farrah, Michael, Ed and David. Please excuse the spelling.

Jun 26 @ 8:31PM  
As always your thoughts on things are always put down in a sweet and kind way. I have the same memories as you about Michael. I fear he died a very lonely person as many do that are scaredby their lifes woes. Being an individual is a lonely plyte. Thanks for sharing. I also have fond memories of farrah, David and Ed. May they all rest in peace. Kudos to you for being diplomatic!

Jun 27 @ 7:34AM  
I agree with ya for the most part!!!

When MJ..first came out...In the J-5.... Most of us that was his age.....enjoyed their Music...just as well as we did the Osmond Family and the Partridge Family....and so on.......(remember those days? )
It was a timing i see it!!! ( Those that were even a few years younger than US...prolly wont know wtf i am talking about!! lol )

After he Split from his Family... I Lost Interest, completely!!!

But He Will always be a Part of my childhood Memories, and so will..Kung-Fu.....and Charlies Angels..(Farrah was Big... in my Puberty years.. )
Tosses the sweet Lady a Greenie!!!

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