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You're probably not gonna like this.....

posted 6/25/2009 10:21:58 PM |
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The Mattel toy corporation just announced it's plans to buy Michael Jackson's remains. They say they're gonna melt him down and make plastic toys so little kids can play with him now

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You're probably not gonna like this.....
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Jun 25 @ 10:31PM  


Jun 25 @ 10:34PM  

Jun 25 @ 10:36PM  
I'm sorry but that is freaking funny.........................

But i bet you're going to catch shit over it..........................

Jun 25 @ 10:49PM  
lmao... it's hillarious..wrong, but funny.

Jun 25 @ 11:05PM  
Keep in mind, that:

When Johnny Cash died, I was sad.

When Dimebag Daryl was killed (although I didnt know who he was) I didnt talk shit.

When Kurt Cobain was murdered (yeah- not suicide and yeah I remembered way back when),I was shocked and saddened.

When Sinatra died, not an ill-word.

And if I was around back then, I probably wouldn't of made fun of Elvis Presley either.

Of course,it isn't a race thing but I assume most of you found these artists to be your musical heroes. Well,mines despite bullshit that was his later years was mines. Whether you liked him or not- let those who enjoyed his music and the legacy grieve without shitty jokes? If those weren't artists you liked and when yours do pass, I still won't make tasteless jokes even still. Freak or not- the man was still human.

I like you Richie, but,no.

Also, do you think wool is flame-retardant or what? Doesn't stop sheep from making one,does it? Something to ponder...I'm out.

Jun 25 @ 11:16PM  

Jun 25 @ 11:27PM  
Well Luna...............if all of them that you mentioned were surrounded with the whirl of shit michael jackson was..............there would be jokes about them too...........there are jokes about everything and everyone if you look hard just posted a blog that ridiculed a very obese that ok because she isn't famous?

And you are going to have to be a little more clearer on the wool comments if you want me to take it as an insult.............I guess i am just not up to your par on sarcasm................

Jun 25 @ 11:57PM  
Sorry Luna. But Sinatra was linked to organized crime as well as the rest of the rat pack. Johnny Cash made mistakes in his time and he got his fair share of ridicule. My mom loved Johnny Cash and I remember his music well. Michael put out some good music. But is no where in the same class as Frank and Johnny. as for the cars. Sick but what an ironic end.

Jun 26 @ 1:41AM  

Jun 26 @ 3:51AM  
apparently his family have already been told cremation is out of the question.
no-one's allowed to burn that much plastic...

Jun 26 @ 8:00AM  
Might be in bad taste so soon but man you had to that was

Jun 26 @ 8:22AM  


Jun 26 @ 9:00AM  
You ain't right, dude!!

Jun 26 @ 9:52AM  
Only person I ever saw who started out as a cute little talented black kid and
ended up a child molesting pasty white woman!

Jun 26 @ 10:07AM  
Anna Nicole: heart failure
Michael J : heart failure

both drug abusers?

Jun 26 @ 10:21AM  
I will probably get a lot of hate mail, but Thank God the SOB is dead.

Jun 26 @ 11:32AM  
this wasnt a raceist joke!! it was a child molester joke!!! Duh

Jun 26 @ 11:45AM  
*scans comments*

I don't see where anyone said anything about it being a racist joke.

Jun 26 @ 11:49AM  
Well, I expect no less from people who think minority jokes are funny. So, *shrug*.

And Dayna...ewe wish or whatever, um- as you know I posted a blog mentioning what I posted wasn't exactly a joke. I just let the picture speak for itself. I figure if you people on here would read and ruminate instead of taking a few lines and getting reactionary- a lot of misunderstandings would be avoided.

Also, "my brand of sarcasm" mean jokes that have nothing to do with cats or kids?

Anyway, I'm sorry but Cash being a drug addict didn't affect his family and friends, but it was alright because he was a beloved icon? I see. And Sinatra dealing with the Mafia..organized crime- people who killed people for favors and to get ahead and racketeered but he was a beloved icon so its okay?

I am not exactly the most religious person (gasp,clutch the pearls) but my mother is, and she always says this: "Every man will have to bow and confess what they did.." All of, you and everyone else. But don't you think its tasteless to be assholes when this man can't defend himself now? I figure its not for us to say whether he did what he did or not..were all going by speculation here and have since 1993. Really, I think what MJ did is between him and The Man Upstairs at this point. I'm pretty sure that He gets the last word on everything.

Oh and for those who are raging against the child-molestation cant possibly know how many underage jailbait places like this and other sex sites harbor, as being a person who on many times had to report 15,16 and 17 year olds out of this place after seeing pointblank that they admit it on their profiles or have come to me thinking I want them and thinking I'm too stupid to tell they're still in HS. So, I say gentlemen- be careful who you get your dirty email attachments from and really ask if she's over 18 or not...just a thought.

Lastly, I respect your legends and although you can't possibly respect mines...let a fan grieve in peace for someone who had a stellar career that dazzled millions and now will be a sordid and sad footnote in entertainment history. Thanks.

Jun 26 @ 11:55AM  
Lastly, I respect your legends and although you can't possibly respect mines...let a fan grieve in peace for someone who had a stellar career that dazzled millions and now will be a sordid and sad footnote in entertainment history
Then grieve one was making fun of you or saying you couldn't......but we all don't have to feel that way................and some don't. I thought his music was great but it will alway be for some overshadowed by his personal life............and if you can't deal with it.............stay away from the blogs that make fun of him..............not that i am trying to tell you what blogs you can be on.........I really don't give a flying fuck............

and as for sarcasm............obviously you missed mine.....................

I figure if you people on here would read and ruminate instead of taking a few lines and getting reactionary- a lot of misunderstandings would be avoided.
Oh and like you haven't.............unmmmm yeah right............well as my daddy use to say...........its your lie you tell it anyway you want to.

Jun 26 @ 3:48PM  
RNJ-- I want to apologize to you...........I should have taken her comment to private email.............never intended to hi jack your apologies to you.

Jun 26 @ 5:38PM  
no apologies needed to me from anyone. I don't get pissy when someone hijacks a blog nor do I care who agrees or disagrees with anything I've said or put into print. Blogs are for whatever you want them to be for and I don't really care what they're for. I made a joke that i knew was in bad taste but it IS funny. Some liked it, some didn't. Oh fuckin well. My life will go on

Jun 28 @ 9:28PM  
Hey ewe wish.. when it rains do you shrink

Jun 28 @ 9:32PM  
Hey ewe wish.. when it rains do you shrink

Nah...but her sweater gets really, really tight...

Jun 28 @ 9:37PM  
Hey ewe wish.. when it rains do you shrink
Damn If that would work I would stand out in the rain.........I'm getting to fluffy now.........

Nah...but her sweater gets really, really tight..

I'm too sexy for my wool to sexy for my wool..............

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You're probably not gonna like this.....