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Cell phones...

posted 6/23/2009 12:48:07 AM |
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Cell phones freak me out...
All the different plans...
types of phones...

In truth, I have never cared for phones. Just a few years back, I finally gave in and got a cell when my mom was diagnosed terminal. Since then, various jobs have dictated I have one. Otherwise, I rarely use it or get calls. This current one I have had about a year or so, and it probably has less than 2000 minutes of use. It would have had a LOT less, except that when my beloved had her accident it was the main line for everyone to get her status and info updates.

I have been looking around and am ASTOUNDED at the total greed and hype involved with them nowadays. I am a maintenance tech, so it gets banged around fairly regularly and sometimes can get wet. So I look around and find this Motorola Tundra rugged phone. Supposed to be made to Military specs and all, watch a video of a guy doing his damndest to trash it. he throws it over 20 feet several times, kicks it, stands full weight on it, buries it in snow, freezes it in a freezer and drowns it under a faucet. Still works. Looks good to me for my line of work.

So....I go shopping, only to find to buy it outright is around four hundred. I have ATT, so I go there...300 with a 50 dollar rebate for a 2yr contract. Now here's the capper: I go to amazon, they have them for 99 dollars with a 2 yr contract...cheaper than ATT themselves, WTF...???
Then I read the customer reviews on amazon, one customer is pissed because he had put one on his wish list or cart a short while back, when they had them for 99 CENTS...and they changed it before he could buy.

Is ATT getting these made in China for a nickel or what? 99 cents to a four hundred dollar markup...? JEEBUS!!!! Boggles my mind at that level of greed...

But anyway, I am in the market for a new phone. I use ATT. My main needs are that it has a LOUD ringer and strong vibrate so I can hear or feel calls while working with power tools, decent battery life, somewhat sturdy and that's about it. If I had to pick anything luxury, it would only be that I do like to mess around with call and ringtones. Simple needs.

Anyone wanna suggest some phones or maybe some they like that arent the cost of your firstborn or signatures in blood?

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Jun 23 @ 1:08AM  

Necer had a cell phone, never will.

Jun 23 @ 6:38AM  
I'm no help here Bro!!!
I had one of those phones that you were talking about..a few years ago..but it was thru "nextel"( they are at&t now I think?)....Gosh I loved that Phone!!!
But when I moved..., where I moved to..didn't have "Nextel" service...! So I changed to another cell co. and couldn't use that phone!

I could hear that phone ringing..while it was in my pocket...with the TV on.... (and I have Nerve Deafness )
Try Ebay....

Jun 23 @ 8:52AM  
Short Leash.... That's what they are to me.
Mine is provided by my brother, each year it's my birthday gift from him.

For my personal use, it's best as a pocket watch and calender.

But...Ya gotta admit, it does come in handy. From what I've seen and heard,
it's best to find out what the local High School Seniors use, as they are usually
ahead of the curve on 'Hot'.

Jun 23 @ 9:09AM  
I owned a cell phone I take that back...twice. The first time was with Sprint. Had it for a little over a month and racked up the minutes and had an outrageous bill, so I quit using it. I still owe Sprint money for it

Second time my mom got me a cell because I had no phone...not even a house phone at the time and she wanted to be able to get a hold of me. Same thing happened again...I racked up the minutes, ended up getting a house phone, and she shut it off because it was costing her too much.

I've come to the conclusion that they are just too damn expensive and I don't feel like keeping track of "minutes". Fuck all that. Plus, I like not having a phone on me an excuse if I don't want to be bothered

So....short story long... ....I'm no help

Jun 23 @ 9:36AM  
When I was with AT&T they has a Sony Ericsson Z500 that was known as the tank of all cells. I had it for 4 years and i loved it cause I had dropped it so many times, one time on cement that the back flew off and and battery flew out in the snow and i picked it up and put it back together and it still worked. They are now obsolete, but that's how they usually go.

I can't give you any good phones, I know the LG Chocolats are a piece of crap, my daughter has went through 3 of them in the last year..........thank god they were under warranty

One suggestion tho, go with a motorolla phone..........because they are the only ones that have the same adapter even if you change phones as long as you stay with that brand the adapter should work.............

Jun 23 @ 9:55AM  
I don't like cell phones much but I have one for emergancy use which thank goodness it has come in handy when needed. Have to admit I use mine more for emails with my husband and friends than anything else. I have Verizon and I like them. No service problems what so ever and always have a pretty good signal. Husband has Sprint and he has issues with signals all the time. Your probally not looking for a blackberry but I would say check out Verizon. They were even pretty good with me the one month when I was over due and didn't have the money. They let me pay half and half which was cool.

Jun 23 @ 12:40PM  
Try Ebay

Here is a a used Tundra for you:|66%3A2|39%3A1|72%3A1205|240%3A1318|301%3A0|293%3A1|294%3A50

Only bidding at $10 ,,,oops.. it is broken, but maybe you can fix it??

Seriously, you might want to search eBay Cellphones with : "ATT" and "rugged" (titles and descriptions). There seem to be some options under $100 worth researching.

Jun 23 @ 1:49PM  
I don't even have a house phone anymore. With all the nuisance calls and AT&T sticking unauthorized long distance plans on me I finally had enough. Verizon is perfect for me since I added both my sons on the plan for $10.00 each monthly. With most of the company on Verizon I doubt I use 200 of the 700 minutes a month. No Blackberry yet (fat thumbs ).

Jun 23 @ 2:53PM  
Don't get anything made by Samsung and controlled by Sprint unless you live next to the tower. My bedroom is on the lower level of a tri-level house and the phone cuts out every time I use it in there. My son got a two phone plan and gave me one after I got stranded at work one night at 10pm. I do use the internet on it when I am away from the house and the camera is pretty good on it, but as for phone calls it sucks.

Jun 23 @ 4:27PM  
Wow, thanks for all the comments.
Good to know I am not alone in feeling cells are just an accessory, not a vital breathing instrument.

Yeah, I have went around and around with cingulair, sprint and verizon on their billing and coverages. Ironic fact around here is that I briefly worked in a call center here in town that represented t mobile. Kicker is...t mobile doesn't have service here in THIS town...

I lived on the very very edge of cingulairs coverage once...half the time it kicked the service to have to use a rivals tower, and then charged me quadruple the minute costs and no warning when that would happen... Verizon had awesome service, but right after I signed up, they went to unlimited after 7...well, I ASS-umed my plan would shift to include that...till I got a 600 bill for the minutes and they would NOT work out any type of payments with me in any form, so I told them to stick the bill in their ass...

I have that broken tundra bookmarked and am waiting to see how high the bids go. I am pretty good at fixing stuff, so I might buy it if it goes cheap. So either that or it's looking like I call ATT and see how much they wanna kiss an existing cutomers ass....or else amazon for $99...

Still open for suggestions, though.

Appreciate all the input.

Jun 23 @ 5:17PM  
The .99 cent sale was a typo blunder. I remember that one quite clearly. They had pretty much the same issue on an MP4 video player as well.

Jun 23 @ 5:54PM  
That could be understandable, yes. But still...a three hundred dollar difference....someone's making some major markup someplace...

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Cell phones...