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Speaking Of Typos and or Spelling Problems

posted 6/22/2009 2:09:07 PM |
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I Don't wish to make fun of anyone, but in looking around this site just now I saw something in the Forum that I just had to laugh after reading Luna's and WoW's Last blogs.

A 40 year old man wants to know "What it is that really makes a woman week in the needs and fall down on them?

Hmmm, Let me think about that. Maybe a rudimentary command of the language?

My apologies to the poster. I'm sure it was a typo. Right?

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Jun 22 @ 2:27PM  
That indicates to me that this poster is a foreigner and a scammer. Their interpretation of the English language is, well, like you said...laughable. It gives them away every time.

Jun 22 @ 2:38PM  
The other thing may involve being rusty, especially with men as many women work in positions that require them to write. Until the person began getting involved in a site like this, they may have not written anything more elaborate than a grocery list since high school.

Jun 22 @ 2:42PM  
That can't be real...

Jun 22 @ 2:44PM  
Actually, I've calculated precisely how to make a woman week in the needs.

Abstinence for 7 days.

Jun 22 @ 3:03PM  
Abstinence for 7 days.

Can you make that 9 months??

Sorry Laura, some people also just get confused when spelling. I had to remember alot of spelling and on occasion look it up in the dictonary! I mean seriously, weak, week. Right, write, to, two, too the english language has so many spelling for the same sounding words. OH and my favorite aisle, isle (I had to call someone cause i forgot how to spell aisle all i could think of was isle)

Jun 22 @ 3:10PM  
The one I like that is almost always misspelled is "pique". Unless you peak my interest, I won't reply. Another one is "vary". What is considered attractive will very from one person to another. They're, their, there, the list goes on and on.

Jun 22 @ 3:27PM  
Ya, don't put too much weight, wait, into the spellings on the 'net.

I for one, have little tiny brains/brians in the tips/tits of my fingers. They are the ones/one's who do most of the thunking.

Heres/here's a quiz for/four ya....

Which key on the keyboard gets used the most when typing?

I vote for the space bar, but it turns out the most used letter in the english language is the letter E.

Jun 22 @ 3:28PM  
A sad AND ironic fact is...two years ago, I attended a college in Chicago. The writing class I was compelled to attend that was supposed to be college level mainly consisted of a small paperback workbook which went over simple things such as the differences between...

To, too and two...
There, their and they're...
etc etc etc...

That's stuff I learned in grade school....

No wonder the USA is like 16th or so on the list of world education.

My main word peeves are the ones who either call someone a "looser" or state that the "breaks" on their car need replaced....I just wanna slap em.

Jun 22 @ 3:29PM  
How about "your" and "you're". That one happens A LOT.

Jun 22 @ 3:36PM  
Then there are the people who are online a lot and their spelling never improves. One individual comes to mind that consistently strings three one syllable words together and misspells two of them. It is laughable and people do laugh at them.

Jun 22 @ 4:40PM  

If I was that weekm, I'd need new needs!

Jun 22 @ 5:08PM  
I have always been a "language" person, so grammar and spelling errors really turn me off. I suppose I'm a snob, but I have, on more than several occasions, turned down guys who make mistakes in spelling on their profiles/emails.

Jun 22 @ 6:33PM  
We all have heard "i" before "e" except after "c" growing up. This isn't always true. I actually see some people on here spell the word "their" by spelling it "thier". Then I see people spelling "weird" as "wierd" too. Height and weight also doesn't apply to where "i" comes before the letter "e" when after "c".

Jun 22 @ 6:39PM  
you know ive seen everyone misspell on here! i know i do alot . isnt there anything else you can make fun of besides someones typos? alot of times i rush when im typing and misspell a word or if its a real hard word i try my hardest to type it right! i am not perfect soooo!

Jun 23 @ 2:04AM  
Yes there are really some spelling bee champs here. I'm no english major myself, however I can at least form a sentence and most of my words are spelled correctly. I love the emails I receive from obvious scammers, stating I want to make friendship and enjoy loves for a lifetime or something along those lines. Hey at least it's funny.

Jun 23 @ 4:14AM  
We all have heard "i" before "e" except after "c" growing up. This isn't always true.
That's actually not the whole saying. Here's a neat little exchange I found on the subject...
Just to beat a dead horse a little more!

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Speaking Of Typos and or Spelling Problems