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30 Year Old Virgin

posted 6/21/2009 8:41:09 PM |
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tagged: fuck, sex, virgin, sunshine

I've happened to see an influx of profiles/ads on here and 2 other places, of guys claiming they are STILL virgins.

Now, these guys range in age from 25-45.

My question is, is this believable to you?? Or do you think it's a ploy to get sex because they claim they are a virgin (no diseases & you can teach them!).

What's your take on this, do you think it's possible or not? Do you think they are foolin' people for sex?

Anybody wanna fuck?

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Jun 21 @ 8:52PM  
is this believable to you??
do you think it's possible or not?
Maybe but doubt it
Do you think they are foolin' people for sex?
Not fooling anyone, I said this on another blog .... These guys just can't get any .. They are just tit fucking a pair of water balloons hanging on a door knob

Jun 21 @ 8:56PM  
I believe it- I took the virginity of someone who was 27 or 28; so for a man to be in his upper 30s and early 40s without poon is possible. I could've been one of those women who waited until now to fuck,but I couldn't..I had these urges.

Jun 21 @ 9:04PM  
I think it is possible, but not very likely after say 30.

Jun 21 @ 9:12PM  
Or do you think it's a ploy to get sex because they claim they are a virgin
We have a winner here!!!!

I imagine there are a small percentage that is still virgins.............its almost as believable that they are all on AMD

Jun 21 @ 9:14PM  
some may be lying.... but others might just be pathetic if they haven't gotten some by now!! So I would have to be............ NOT interested!!!!

oooops... that was mean huh?!?!??!

Jun 21 @ 9:28PM  
Hard to tell these days, Megan...

Jun 21 @ 9:34PM  
Well I guess anything is possible.... however, if they are that old and still a virgin I would think that they are either saving themself for marriage OR there is a reason they are a virgin and not by their own choice.. I'm just sayin"

Jun 21 @ 9:37PM  

I'm over 60 and still a Virgin.


Jun 21 @ 9:50PM  
Yes Megan would you deflower me? I've waited for so long........

Jun 21 @ 10:18PM  
I would doubt the person myself. Was hard enough to beleive my ex when he was 21 and still a virgin.

Jun 21 @ 10:46PM  
I'm sure there are plenty of older virgins, more men than women. But,I don't think many men would want to admit that they never got laid. Observe some men, do you think any woman is desperate enough to get fucked by some of them? I'm sure some men are also incapable of fucking anything except their own hand. Any woman can get laid, most men don't discriminate but women are picky.

Jun 22 @ 8:19AM  
I'm a Sunshine virgin.

Jun 22 @ 9:07AM  
I don't know Anything is possible.

Jun 22 @ 7:40PM  
Maybe it is like Surv says...I am a virgin to whomever I haven't fucked. It doesn't suprise me if it is a ploy to get sex. Nothing surprises me anymore. BUT...maybe if you go meet one of these guys face to face it will be obvious why they are virgins. I don't want to be mean, but they could look so icky that no one would have them.

Jun 22 @ 10:33PM  
and i thought you was a friend, just cos i turn 42 in a cple days, and can't remember when you ever asked me did i wanna fuck....
whatchya really trying to tell me here ?
wanna ancient fuck ?
how about i bribe you with a chocolate Tim Tam

Jun 22 @ 10:36PM  
I would never, never want to have sex with a virgin any longer.

If it is a ploy, it's a bad one, I think.

Jun 23 @ 3:43AM  
I think most of it is a ploy and a very bad one. Once you get to a certain age experience is a plus.

On a scarey note I do have a cousin that is a 34 yr old virgin the fact he is a disgusting troll and a waste of a human being probaly has alot to do with that

Jun 30 @ 4:19PM  
I dont know why people say that but in some cases some are fakes. But you will know that when you have your encounter with them. In my case, I truly am a virgin. Reason being a) I'm Indian and sex before marriage is planted in our minds as a bad thing. I am pretty attractive so people don't believe me but I am. I signed up on this site because I think now it's come to the point where my curiousity is just driving me insane. Im waiting for the admin to upload my pics but in the mean time i posted my pics on flickr. here is the link

but yeah i do agree that some people are probably making the bs up about being a virgin/

Jul 24 @ 7:18AM  
"My question is, is this believable to you?? Or do you think it's a ploy to get sex because they claim they are a virgin (no diseases & you can teach them!).

What's your take on this, do you think it's possible or not? Do you think they are foolin' people for sex?"

I know it seems like ploy, but for me... it's totally true... I throw it up to
a) I'm a real turbo-nerd, and in that, no one just plan don't look at me (I want the women to look at me).
b) I'm also on the shy side irl

"Anybody wanna fuck?"
As long as you don't mind fucking a virgin....sure

Jul 24 @ 7:36AM  
I think it is a ploy in some cases, a form of a game.

But I have seen instances where it was also true, especially if the guy had been deeply religious and very pious.

The other factor is that perhaps the guy has a combination of attributes that don't add up to attract the opposite sex: dorky, shy, no sense of humor, not very bright, overweight, homely.

I have known some people that fit into that group. A good friend of mine going back decades is an example. Nice guy, but he is 5'3", 250 pounds, and ugly. His name is Tom, but everyone calls him Penguin.

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30 Year Old Virgin