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posted 6/20/2009 4:34:24 PM |
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I want no comments, though I am sure I will get plenty, but I just received this a minute ago from a blog I posted two days ago. This is one of the nicer emails I received and shows the level of intelligence I was dealing with from most of the left.. This came from a nude who thinks he is a man and calls himself by the male hormone.

Whatever you think..........the republican party is over and I mean over. The midterm elections will be another landslide victory for the democratic party. Your a minority for a reason.........The republican party cannot run on the same religious crap and tough guy name calling bullshit anymore! The uneducated white trash are not falling for it anymore. Your base is limited to the jesus freak hypocrit queers and the filthy corrupt rich. Good luck

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Jun 20 @ 5:02PM  
Almost not worth commenting on, except to say that he mentions "the filthy corrupt rich." Wonder how many 'jobs' he's had [growing up- more/less] because of "the filthy corrupt rich?" Lastly- everything is cyclic in this Universe- the Republican Party will be back [and I can't stand politics]- nothing is forever! As a so-called adult, he should understand that but obviously doesn't!!

Oh... btw, both political parties also have those "filthy corrupt rich." too!

Talk about being corrupt!!!

'Nuff said!!


Jun 20 @ 5:03PM  
I want to go on record as saying that the republican party is alive and well and is essential to the process of American politics. It is by no means over. The republican party remains the voice of a large segment of the American people.

Jun 20 @ 5:41PM  
Awwww, just another asshole that can't take the truth from a woman. Doesn't like debate, because it isn't a debate he/she wants. They want you to agree with them.
Sad someone can't respect another's words or opinion.

He's entitled to disagree with you, but damn sure didn't have to be a cocksucker while doing it. As you said, shows real intelligence.

Jun 20 @ 5:52PM  
I was going to go into a long spiel here and discuss why the Republicans are alive and strong..............but instead I am going to quote the immortal words of Ynot7769

Fuk em n feed em puppy shit on a sesamee seed bun n hope they r alergic to bread

Yep I left it misspelled just like he would have done.................

Jun 20 @ 5:54PM  
As soon as someone steps up and articulates conservative pricipals the conservatives will start taking control and winning elections. Colin Powell is NOT a conservative and neither is John McCain.

Jun 20 @ 6:01PM  
This person sounds like a real "Einstein" to me...

Jun 20 @ 6:25PM  
Yep and he told me he was a "wealthy (corrupt maybe ) and very successful business owner" and "all his employees were Republicans with half a brain between them all." I asked why he hired them if they are so stupid. His answer was to call me a Stupid c--t". A real genius. Wouldn't you love to work for this guy?

Jun 20 @ 6:27PM  
Wouldn't you love to work for this guy?
Sadly I think I have.........a few times........

Jun 20 @ 6:56PM  
That's the problems with discussions about Sex, Religion and or Politics.. most people are not mature enough to keep it civil or to understand that a differing point of view doesn't make you stupid.

You and I don't see eye to eye on everything Laura.. but I respect your right to believe as you do. Since I am indeed a Socialist. Yeah.. I am.. for real.. not a Democrat.. not a Republican.. I am part of the Socialist Green party. However, even that party doesn't want half the lunatics you see in politics today.

Jun 20 @ 8:16PM  
However, even that party doesn't want half the lunatics you see in politics today.

Which explains why the Pravda said for the U.S. not to travel towards Socialism- sounds like they don't want to 'inherit' our politicians into their camp! Sure can't say as I blame them!!


Jun 20 @ 9:43PM  
Oh yes, I know the guy. I had to block him because of the immaturity level this guy has. Seems as though he enjoys throwing insults around, and then whines and cries about people deleting his comments and blocking him because of it. Watchout, he may eventully target you in a blog once you delete a personal comment attack by him.

Just block his ass!

Jun 21 @ 3:35AM  
pfft whatever. Parties don't die, they evolve with the times. Even if the politicians they sometimes nominate aren't very pragmatic, the party's architects are. 150 years ago, the republicans were the progressive, "liberal" party and the dems were quite the opposite. And for the first half of the 20th century (before "godlessness" became synonymous with communism), they had no religious agenda.

If this guy needs proof that the republicans will still exist 50 years from now, just tell him to pick up "What's The Matter With Kansas" by Thomas Frank. Or just send him the link to this video.

Jun 21 @ 11:21PM  
he must be talking about me ....lmao
dude if I gave you a hundred bucks then you can blow me


Jun 21 @ 11:33PM  

its my party and Ill cry if i want too.cry if i want too
you would cry too if it happened to youuuu

Jun 30 @ 11:52PM  
The republican party trying to move with the times is what killed them in the end. If they stick with what they are suppose to stand for, and not try to look moderately liberal, then more conservatives voters would have hit the voting booths. They need to get a reel conservative in the running.

Though, in my opinion, I think in the Republican primaries the conservative candidates divided the conservative votes amongst each other and the neoconservative got all the other votes.

This is so late in this conversation nobody's going to see it. Oh well, I had to say my piece.

PS.. hey "visualone" I miss your incredible pictures PLEASE! put them back up I'll kiss your feet.

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