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Office Sex (On The Job)

posted 6/19/2009 4:51:19 PM |
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How many people here have had sex at their place of employment?

How many people think about having sex at their place of employment?

Is this a fantasy of yours?

I actually met a guy, while I was working. I talked with him on the phone daily, for work purposes only. Sometimes there was a little flirting. And one day, I was on lunch and I was in the breakroom. Odd, because a majority of the time, I'd leave for lunch. As I'm sitting there eating, this beautiful stranger appears in the doorway. I was fixated on his eyes, they were amazing!!!! Nothing I've ever seen on ANY guy. My heart melted right there! I blatently told him right then and there that he was absolutely the most gorgeous man I have EVER laid my eyes on. I introduced myself and so did he and then we realized who eachother was. He knew he talked to me every time he called my job. Well, we exchanged numbers. That weekend, we decided to chill together. And we did just that. It was late and we wanted to get frisky and had no where to go. He asked if I minded going to his job and I said no. So, we pull up to this dark building, surrounded by security gates. He opens it, pulls in and locks the gates behind us. He then parked where no one driving by would see his car. Once inside....we got right to it on top of one of the desks. After we were done, he looks at me and says.....We just fucked on my girlfriends desk!!
OMG, I about died......I almost couldn't wait for Monday to come. I talk to this girl daily too.....damn sure didn't know they were together, lol Wow......Gotta say, I didn't even feel bad. It was pretty hot!!! Wonder if he ever told her?

It's Friday, Anybody Wanna Fuck??

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Jun 19 @ 4:55PM  
i been wanting to i work in a place thats big and there so many places to do it. it would be great i sooooo want to do this over and over again

Jun 19 @ 5:00PM  
Quite a few times, Sunshine, but I was in a rather different type of employment.

Jun 19 @ 5:02PM  
I did a lot at one off my previous jobs. Have not at any of my other jobs though.
I think you can answer this one for me
How many people think about having sex at their place of employment?

Jun 19 @ 5:02PM  
If you didn't clean it off she'll be asking why she smells bedussy (bootie,dick, & pussy) come Monday morning

Jun 19 @ 5:04PM  
Met ladies at different companies I did service at and bedded down with them but never in a customer's building or my company's building! Willing to try though if there's a lady out there, that wants to 'break' me in on something like that!


Jun 19 @ 5:11PM  
If you didn't clean it off she'll be asking why she smells bedussy (bootie,dick, & pussy) come Monday morning

Bedussy??? LMAO!!!!

Jun 19 @ 6:06PM  
Not me.

Jun 19 @ 6:20PM  
So as I read this blog I am trying to think how many jobs I have had that I didn't have sex or two maybe

The funniest was my first job at KFC. The asst manger and I did it in the walk in cooler all the time.

Jun 19 @ 6:42PM  
How many people here have had sex at their place of employment?

How many people think about having sex at their place of employment?
Hell no to both of these questions. I know I know, I'm no fun according to you.

However, I remember a couple of years ago you had emailed me with liking the idea of getting underneath my desk at work and giving me a blow job.

Jun 19 @ 7:18PM  
I used to remodel supermarkets and department stores overnight and got caught fucking 1 of the girls who worked in 1 of the stores in the walk-in cooler. We also got caught fucking in the construction office trailer.

The place where I currently work, I am the sole reason we are no longer allowed to have XMAS parties . My first year there we threw a party and I got everybody completely drunk (they were trying to outdrink me). One of the girls bet me that I couldn't get my dick hard in 1 of the freezers there so I bet her if I could, she had to give me head. needless to say, when she was done sucking my dick, she got really drunk and threw up (not all alcohol) all over our plant manager at the time. It was decided then and there that there would be no more XMAS parties

Jun 19 @ 7:58PM  
It's quite possible that I may have.....

Jun 19 @ 8:03PM  
No..No TY!!! I have not met any woman worth my Job..."YET"!!!

WTF... I don't have a Job!!!

Jun 19 @ 8:44PM  

In these times having a place of employment is a fantasy.

Jun 19 @ 8:51PM  
mmmmmm.. flashback!

I used to work in a hospital and I dated a guy that worked there also... he was a physical therapy tech and took me to the very isolated traction room.......... That was reeeeeeeeeal fun!! We took turns!!

Gosh, I wonder what ever happened to him....

Jun 19 @ 9:27PM  
The place where I currently work, I am the sole reason we are no longer allowed to have XMAS parties

You.......are a bad boy Rich!!

bedussy! ... THAT'S a new one!!!

Jun 19 @ 10:38PM  
Used to be a stockbroker.......When I wasn't screwing people out of their money...I was screwing the was fucking awesome !!!

Jun 19 @ 10:49PM  
A. More than once, and different jobs.

B. See "A." However now...I work in a 210 unit apartment complex...

C. Wouldn't call it a fantasy, but yes, the danger thrill of possibly getting caught (Public Sex) has always been a turn on.

Jun 20 @ 2:09AM  
My oldest son's father was a translator at the UN and we did. He would get stuck there for several days sometimes and I would take him fresh clothes and lunch. Good thing those conference room doors had locks on them.

Jun 20 @ 10:26AM  
The ex & I were just meeting. I was his training supervisor & he bent me over the desk & slid it in me during shift change. The 2nd time was in another plant no one was there, we did it right on the desk while the phone was ringing.

What can i say i am an exhibitionist chuckle.

Jun 22 @ 8:55AM  
I did once. At another doctor's office I worked at, I was the only one in the office that day and my boyfriend (my husband now) came to my work, we went into an exam room, and fucked It was definitely hot....being somewhere taboo like that

Jun 22 @ 11:20AM  
A couple weeks ago I was in the office on a Sunday catching up on some paperwork. My gal showed up unexpectedly, dressed in a very cute business outfit. Which I quickly learned was covering a very sexy garter and stocking set. She was my "naught secretary" for a couple of hours. Damn, I didn't get any work done and had to clean my desk when we left. But it sure was fun!

Jul 21 @ 9:43PM  
Never had sex, but the manager I work for would always tease me, stopping me in the hallways, telling me how much he loved my fat ass, and that he wanted to have sex with me....One time tho I ended up giving him a blow job in the cooler where we worked...which just left him wanting more....(my bad) LOL

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Office Sex (On The Job)