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I work with an idiot *bang-head-desk*

posted 6/19/2009 9:34:16 AM |
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tagged: rant, work

It's only 9:30 a.m. and I'm ready to pull out my hair

The usual lady that works is on vacation, so the part-time girl is here covering. Oh my fucking God! I swear every 5 minutes she walks into my office asking a question! And it's common sense shit and shit she should already know....10 months ago! I have never worked with someone that is so unsure of's ridiculous!!! She has been working here since August of last year and you would think she started here 2 fucking weeks ago!!!! I'll admit...I have virtually no patience when it comes to "training" someone, but when you have worked somewhere for as long as she has and have told this person how to do something over and over and over and OVER makes me crazy

Anyone ever worked with someone like that? Good Lord!!!

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Jun 19 @ 9:59AM  
I have done that many times!!!!
Just go smoke a big ole Fatty...and It will.... All be good!!!

Jun 19 @ 10:00AM  

Know how you feel. Worked with one like that. I fired him.

Jun 19 @ 10:04AM  
Just go smoke a big ole Fatty...and It will.... All be good

I wish!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jun 19 @ 10:06AM  
Oh Gawd....

One of the surgeons is talking to her and she is like a deer in headlights. He had to repeat himself about 3 times..... I just heard him tell her to have her ask me!!!

Jun 19 @ 10:15AM  
Anyone ever worked with someone like that?

Yes, but fortunately not all that many. Some people forget, some just don't "get it" and never will, some can't deal with anything out or the ordinary that develops.

But mostly it is not paying attention and following instructions no matter how clear and simple they are. For example (and I deleted their comments to spare them embarrassment), I was amazed in the ugly actor and actresses contest how many people neglected to follow simple voting instructions submitted in a bold type face.

Jun 19 @ 10:21AM  
Isn't it normally the person above you. At least in my experience.

Jun 19 @ 10:42AM  
In the early 70s, I serviced what were then called terminals, not computers! The ladys inputted the data and it was sent to a processing center! This one lady, actually had a typed, strip of paper taped to her desk top of 26 steps- from turning on the terminal, to doing her work and then shutting it down for the day! And she followed each step with her finger, every day! She had been doing it that way, for months! Couldn't believe it! Nice person, but damn- c'mon!!


Jun 19 @ 10:43AM  
Yes, I have worked with people like that and yes I've gotten annoyed from time to time with them.
Now I'd just be glad to be able to work.
I'd probably still get annoyed with people like that, but at least I would be getting paid to do it...

Jun 19 @ 10:45AM  
I didn't mean for that ^^^ to sound bitchy... it was just a thought turned into a comment.

Jun 19 @ 12:12PM  
I was amazed in the ugly actor and actresses contest how many people neglected to follow simple voting instructions submitted in a bold type face.

That would be me!

How much attention I pay to something depends on how important it is to me...this wasn't wasn't high on my priority list but thought I'd participate anyway. Next time I'll stay

Yes I've worked with people like that and it make ya wanna

Jun 19 @ 12:21PM  
Um, on the bright side, you won't have to work with her much longer! Sorry, I couldn't resist. Well, yeah, I could have but I didn't really want to. Chalk it up to me being bitchy because it was too hot to sleep last night.

Jun 19 @ 12:22PM  
Isn't it normally the person above you.

I rarely recall seeing that be the case. In my experience, if there is one category of person, proportionally, that seems to be one, it is the relative of a colleague or the boss.

Jun 19 @ 12:24PM  
Yup, i have a lady i work with like that right now. Nice woman but dumber than a box of rocks. I feel your pain dmb.

Jun 19 @ 12:39PM  
I am with ya on that. I don't suffer fools well at all...

Jun 19 @ 12:51PM  
Um, on the bright side, you won't have to work with her much longer!

That is true!!!!!

Jun 19 @ 1:01PM  
Yes, I'm usually the annoying question asker......

Jun 19 @ 1:16PM  
There is nothing wrong with asking questions, as long as you don't keep asking the same question and the answer isn't sinking in.

The problem I have with this woman is that she has definitely been here long enough that she should already know what she is doing. She acts like she is still in boggles my mind A lot of the questions she asks have already been asked by her numerous times, but for some reason, it never sinks in...I don't get it?!?!? I have never worked with someone like this before...EVER! True, I've worked with my share of morons, but she definitely...TAKES THE CAKE

She just asked me a question about an order that was WRITTEN ON A PIECE OF PAPER. The instructions were right there, but I don't know....maybe she didn't know if she was reading it right?? I haven't the faintest clue. She is clueless and I think she is so unsure of herself she doesn't think she can do anything correctly....I don't know

Jun 19 @ 2:04PM  
There are some people like that!

Jun 19 @ 3:03PM  
I did work for an idiot who fired me after 12 years. Just realized that I have not had one single headache since I have been out of there for a week.

Jun 19 @ 5:25PM  
I worked with one of the smartest, intelligent people I had ever known who was like that. He NEVER wanted to made a mistake so he would check and double check things. He had some other qualities that made him a lot of fun to be around.

Jun 19 @ 5:43PM  
Actually there are a number of possibilities.

1) She truly is a moron.

2) She's just lazy. By running back and forth, she is killing time and avoiding work.

3) She could be an evil genus.... playing stupid.... all the while hoping that people will get frustrated and just say..... here, let me do that..... so she won't have to do anything.

Jun 19 @ 6:00PM  
yes I worked with someone like that, I still remember the date she got fired, March 14, 2008. I had a party that nite!

Jun 19 @ 7:54PM  
Hmmm, sounds like my manager, who knows virtually nothing about what goes on.... all he really does is write reports and hand out our problem tickets. Fortunately, he is in the building only 1 day a of the time he "works" from home...

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I work with an idiot *bang-head-desk*