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Age requirements

posted 6/19/2009 9:12:44 AM |
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All members of AMD indicate their preferences in their minimum and maximum age requirements in their Profiles! Soooo, I'm curious- how far are you willing to s-t-r-e-t-c-h it, if you're really interested in someone?? For me, I'm willing to go maybe 15/20 years less than my age, to maybe 5 years above my age! Just all depends!

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Jun 19 @ 9:25AM  
Dam! that counts me out i turn a100 today! age is just a number! but it do bother some people. just my opinion :)

Jun 19 @ 9:41AM  
I have 21 to 50. I would not go any younger than 21. Even that is a bit young for me. Really, I think anyone under 25 would be too young for me, but it would depend on the person and their maturity level. I may stretch it to 55...maybe, but I start having a problem when people get to be around my parent's age.

Jun 19 @ 10:01AM  

I want the one that turns 100 today.

Jun 19 @ 10:29AM  
awwwww night your a sweet heart

Jun 19 @ 10:29AM  

Anyone younger than me.



Jun 19 @ 10:41AM  
Generally I prefer women over 30 or 35 but I'd stretch that down to 19 or so or up to.....well depends on how wealthy and sick she may be.

Jun 19 @ 10:54AM  
I won't go under 40 and not sure about over guess it depends if I thought sex wouldn't kill him and he turns me on But if he's very wealthy?? We'll get married

Jun 19 @ 11:01AM  
guess it depends if I thought sex wouldn't kill him and he turns me on
Well... hell- I can't think of a more pleasant way to go, can you??


Jun 19 @ 11:10AM  
For me age won't be important as I am not looking for a dating relationship at this time, just a bud or friend as an occasional activity partner on a local basis. If they are coming to Dallas on business, meeting would be cool.

Jun 19 @ 11:20AM  
I think I would stretch the age limit higher if we clicked. As for younger I couldn't go under 21 because if they can't have a drink with me, forget it. The only thing about older men I notice is they try to be more of a father figure towards me and I don't need or want a father.

Jun 19 @ 1:03PM  
So, I gotta wait like 10 years to date you??

Jun 19 @ 1:09PM  
I'm willing to stretch it down to maybe 22. As for max age, maybe as high as 44.

Jun 19 @ 1:20PM  
I can only go 8 years younger than myself simply because I have absolutely nothing in common with women younger than that. And I'll go 15 years older. Any older than that and I'd be dating someone my parent's age, and that's just creepy.

Jun 19 @ 1:45PM  
In the past, I have been with one 10 yrs younger, and one 10 yrs older...

They got the song right....

Ronnie McDowell "Older Women"

Older women, are beautiful lovers
Older women, they understand
I've been around some, and I have discovered
That older women know just how to please a man.
Everybody seems to love those younger women
From eighteen on up to twenty-five
Well I love 'em too, but I'm tellin' you
Learnin' how to really love, takes a little time.
So baby don't you worry about growin' older
Those young girls ain't got nothin' on you
'Cause it takes some livin', to get good at givin'
And givin' love is just where you could teach them a thing or two.


Jun 19 @ 1:46PM  
So, I gotta wait like 10 years to date you??
If you're talk;n 'bout me- I can lower my age by ten years or lower! I can do this 'cause... it's my blog! If you mean someone else, well then...............................................


Jun 19 @ 1:50PM  
*Walks around with a trenchcoat*

Psssst....psssst....getchyer fake ID's here.....right here....

Jun 19 @ 2:35PM  
It would depend on the person in question. I do not look at age so much as what we have in common and the type of relationship we have with each other.

Jun 19 @ 3:08PM  
Age doesn't matter just as long there is no need for a lot of extra unnatural lube requirements

Jun 19 @ 3:19PM  
For me age won't be important as I am not looking for a dating relationship at this time,
I agree with WoW on this part!!!

But If I was Looking.......I would say...... 30-55...

Jun 19 @ 3:40PM  
My ex-husband is 10 years younger and though we obviously got along (for awhile anyway ), it did create some issues. I was involved with someone 12 years younger and it was fun...but for only a very short while. I want some sort of commonality with the other person....and in a man, I find that +/- 10 years is where it starts pushing it. Now, if we're just friends? Would depend on how we got along and very little to do with age.

Jun 19 @ 3:42PM  
I am like WoW on this one............I am not looking for anyone so age is irrelevant.......however I do have an older age group specified to keep the 20 something from writing me to tell me how much they could please me in bed............not that it stops them, but I think it must have slowed a few down, I don't get as many as i use to............

Jun 19 @ 3:49PM  
to keep the 20 something from writing me to tell me how much they could please me in bed............

I love the ones that write and tell me they could lick me/eat me out (their words) all night. Sweetie, if it takes all night, you aren't doing it right!

Jun 19 @ 5:26PM  
I try to stay within about 10 yrs either way. But age isn't the most important thing to me so I have been known to stretch that depending on the person. Right now my man is 3 yrs younger.

Jun 19 @ 6:41PM  
It would depend on the person... they have to be legal in all fifty states... that's my absolute minimum.. and they have to still be breathing cuz.. dead things don't excite me.. but the age.. not as important as the human behind it.

One of the best lovers I ever had was 70 to my 24.

Jun 20 @ 12:04AM  
I've dated all ages, to the point where it's been ridiculous, I suppose. But he has to be at least over the age of 21. Regarding over my age, well if he's healthy and with it, who cares? Since I really am looking for a LTR, however, it seems that someone a wee bit closer to my age seems to work a bit better (within 20 years or so anyway).

Jun 20 @ 10:43AM  
I have 21 to 99. I have never dated anyone older than me, so wouldn't want to eliminate any age over mine in case i find someone who isn't in there 30's. I guess as long as he/she is still a functioning member of society, not wearing depends yet, & still wants to have fun that's all i really want out of life right now.

If there is a specific age for that ok. :)

Jun 20 @ 12:02PM  
Thanx for posting those Ronnie McDowell "Older Women" lyrics. They sing to my heart.
Age is just a number. Especially when to comes to ages posted on profiles. Especially since not all 45 year olds are the same age, as can be said for any other age. All 60 year olds are definitely not the same age.

I am probably looking for an "attitude age" and "physical age" combination slightly younger than myself, say 45-50. I am involved with a 61 year old who meets that criteria. There are 35 year olds that do not. Most guys in their fifties do not meet that criteria either.

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Age requirements