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First Meeting

posted 6/19/2009 1:46:02 AM |
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tagged: threesome, affair, meeting, kissing, travel

Sup, dudes. We've been away for a while again, but we've been so busy doin' what we're doin' it's hard to make time for this sorta thing.


About 2 months ago I made an online friend. Victor and I were talking about having a threesome, I really liked the idea, so on and so forth. I met a few guys, got to talking, whatever, but none of them seemed quite right... (Found one that was close, but things.... got... weird.) But Mike found me one afternoon while I was sitting in a webcam chat room topless, smoking my exotic cigarettes. I don't usually talk to people that send me messages unless it is an INTERESTING message, but he knew what cigs I was actually smoking, and that is a rare occurance.

I gave him my yahoo address, we moved to talking primarily there. We BS'ed about general things, making our way through the awkward small talk. Out of nowhere, though, we totally clicked, and now he's like, my best friend. Haha.

The three of us have been making plans to get together for a little while now. It started three weeks ago, things fell through. The next week, same thing. THIS week, however.... JACKPOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTT!

He was going on a business trip and would be away from his wife, I didn't have to work, and Victor was able to get out of work, so we made our impromptu way down to the hotel he was staying at. (Just so you know, driving 4 hours in 85 degree, HUMID AS FUCK weather with no A/C? Don't do it.)

We get there, chill in our room for a little while. Mike said he'd be there at 4:30, so we had some time to kill before he got there. Victor and I took a shower, and I realized upon getting out that I left my panties in the car. (Don't ask. Hee hee.) Make our way down to the lobby, and we end up meeting him right at the door. We weren't supposed to meet until 5, at the hotel restaurant, but I totally told him right before we left that it was gonna happen. And it did. Ha.

His room is two away from ours, and we go up and chill, and in my case, regain composure (I have the huuuuugest crush on him ever, meeting him gave me butterflies in my tummy).. Victor was laughing at my nervousness, which wasn't funny. 5 rolls around, and we head down the hallway, and I don't have the balls to knock on his door. I'm pathetic. Really. I did it though, and didn't hear anything, so I assumed he was down there already. I turn to leave and of COURSE the door opens, making me feel retarded. I am such an awkward, nervous wreck sometimes.

We go on down to the restaurant, making idle conversation about the drive, weather, all that crappy platonic stuff you say when you don't know what else to talk about. Did I mention he's totally cuter in person than on webcam? It's true. It was making my condition worse. Fun. *eyeroll*

We sit in the bar, me in the corner next to Victor, Mike across from us. Things relaxed a bit, we ordered our drinks (Rock Star Martinis for Victor and I, Guiness for him), and get to drinking. Our conversation kicked off from there, Everything everybody said was just hilarious. Not even kidding, we were all in fine comedic form. Our waitress was a doll, Mike kept flirting with her and she came over to check on us quite a bit. A little more about her, after I set up this part of the story...

Victor and I are pretty lovey-dovey in public; hand holding, kisses, cuddles, you know. I don't remember WHAT he did, but some smart ass comment made me scoot across the table to sit with Mike. I wasn't really mad, just playing. I throw tantrums like nobody's business.

We're all rather comfortable with each other now, Mike and I were rubbing each other's thighs under the table, snuggling, a little kiss here and there. The waitress comes back to this. The look on her face could totally only be described as "WTF". Hee hee.

We've been at the bar for about 2 hours now, and as is only natural, one has to pee... I get up to go, and Mike says he has to go, too. I jokingly tell Victor that him and I were gonna go make out in the bathroom, and he gave me a "Whatever" face. I was kidding, but we get up to the bathrooms and play a silly little game... I get about to the door, and turn around and he's sneaking up on me. I hide in the bathroom, and he turns around, so I sneak up on him. He turns around again, making for the bathroom, but turns around and pushes me up against the wall, kissing me hard...

I haven't been kissed like that in ages. Maybe even ever. His tongue was long and hot, his kiss commanding but passionate... We broke it off, both of us panting. His eyes were staring deep into mine, blazing with lust and another emotion I am still not quite sure of..

We do what we were actually there to do, and I head back to our table... and sit next to Victor again. Hee hee. Mike comes back too, and the waitress comes back to give us the bill... I don't think I've ever made anyone wonder so much in my life. We get up to go back to our rooms, he had some business to attend to and I needed a cigarette... I tried again to calm down, but my cunt was getting the best of me....

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