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posted 6/18/2009 5:40:15 PM |
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tagged: cannibalism, eat, straddle, body

Let's say there is a plane crash on top of a cold and snowy mountain top (there was a movie done about this real life tragedy), and there was maybe like 30 people on this plane along with you. There are some survivors along with yourself, and you had some matches to make a fire. With the people who didn't survive and their bodies being frozen in the snow around the plane, would you eat them to stay alive until help arrived after days? Just curious to also know if you were to eat someone to stay alive, what body part would you go for first? Also, if you're a man or woman, what sex are you more incline to want to eat first? I know this is a little freaky, but think about what it would really be like IF YOU WERE in that plane crash. I don't think most people can ever prepare for something like that, and I hope no one has to ever experience this tragedy. But I feel like this is something that is a legit question to ponder with others.

Yes, this is another repost of one of my blog classics. The original blog was done in Jan. 2007. Enjoy!

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Jun 18 @ 5:51PM  
Okay, to answer my own question, I would go for a woman to eat.

I would start with her upper leg first.

Now, if I was one of those that didn't survive, I would leave instructions in my pocket or something that would state that I would have to be one of the last ones to be eaten. And I would prefer the women survivors if any do the honors of cutting me up, roasting me, and then enjoying my meat.

Okay, on more of a serious note, I would more than likely wait to where I couldn't wait anymore as far as eating someone to stay alive.

Jun 18 @ 6:12PM  
the movie was called ' Alive" i would have 2 say id eat a womans arm, cause woman are more cleaner :()

Jun 18 @ 6:20PM  
woman are more cleaner
Hey now, I'll have you know that there are some of us men that are metro sexuals.

I do shave my body parts every now and then when I feel the need to.

Jun 18 @ 6:28PM  
I would ask the women if they have ever inserted a popsicle in their vagina for sexual pleasure before & if one says yes, my pecker would be frozen like one anyway so I'd snatch her up & we'd fuck each other to death. No cannibalism

Jun 18 @ 6:47PM  
Geeee thanks, right before my steak and potato dinner too! Now I'm gonna have nightmares tonight!


Jun 18 @ 6:52PM  
If ever that should happen to me..............I hope I am one of them that dies........I realize those people had to do what they had to do to survive but I'm not sure I could do that.............and hell I have been eaten before and never complained..........

Jun 18 @ 7:22PM  
well like EWE said I have been eaten before and loved it. So if i had to be dead go for it, I gots plenty of meat to feed people

I can't answer this question in all honesty. I don't know

Jun 18 @ 7:27PM  
Nope, we never know until it actually happens. But I just can't imagine that I could do it. I hope I'll NEVER have to find out.

Jun 18 @ 7:28PM  
Oh wait, that would mean I'd have to be on a plane...... I'm safe.

Jun 18 @ 7:28PM  
I would probably do what ever it took to stay alive. Eating another person or whatever is available. Probably start with the thighs. Hungry enough to eat another persom it wouldnt matter what sex they were. They would just be meat to me.

Jun 18 @ 7:55PM  

I love eating women. Just not in that way.

Jun 18 @ 8:17PM  
How many reposts have you done of this particular one....?

My views remain unchanged...

If I am dead, I want others to live. Eat me, I am but a shell that remains anyway.

If you are dead and I must eat you to stay alive, I WILL eat you.

If two of us would happen to be stranded somewhere and we have exhausted ALL options and are at deaths door from hunger, I wouldn't go to sleep...

And a tidbit of trivia....real cannibals (that still exist, btw ) have been asked what they consider to be the choicest part of a human body. They say the upper arm of a white woman.

Jun 18 @ 8:26PM  
How many reposts have you done of this particular one....?

I believe I reposted it last year sometime as It was a popular topic. Also, it gives the newbies a chance to read and post their comments on this subject.

Jun 18 @ 8:44PM  
I just saw that movie last week on HBO. Alive. It's a true story about a rugby team that survived a plane crash in the Andes.

In all honesty, I can't say if I would eat another human being. And I only hope I'm never in a situation where I would have to make that choice.

Jun 18 @ 9:06PM  
It's been fun knowin ya... I hear you taste like pork.

Jun 18 @ 10:23PM  
I dunno, I guess if I had to, I would......

Jun 19 @ 3:00AM  
If I couldn't find a way to hunt or fish or find roots or something else to eat then I would do what I had to do to stay alive because staying alive any way possible would be the objective at that point.

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