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In a Land long, long ago and a time far, far away....

posted 6/17/2009 7:19:59 PM |
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tagged: sex, beach

Iwas asked by someone very special to me, to write a story. Here is that story...

In my younger days, I was a bit of a hippy. I enjoyed the love and friendship that lived within a commune of people. There were eight of us, three women and five men, that were seemingly, bound to one another. We drank and played merry most of the day and every day of the week. We lived for the fun of it. In search of good hippy vibes. What ever, when ever was out motto. We'd spend our days drinking and lounging around and our evenings playing up the town. Always looking for that next great lay.

I must admit, that I was a bit of a farce compared to the others. I was married at the time and held down a full time job. Though, they knew all this it was rarely a consideration for our selfish deeds. These hippies from time to time had their boyfriends or girlfriends. I being the only married one in the bunch.

There was this beauty of a young woman, whom had been dating one of the commune. I met her one afternoon at the communal apartment. I knew of her and that she was dating Jay. I had no idea of the events that would make this a cherished memory.

As was normal for us all. We decided to pack a cooler full of beer and liquor and head out to the beach. Although, in our own style it was 3am after the bars had closed. Off we launch to the north to just be. Drunken by our selves and the booze. I remember the tide being quite strong that evening. I also remember that I don't swim very well while drunk. Someone in the group had suggested that we all go skinny-dipping. Now, mind you, I have never been ashamed of what the good lord gave me. Even though, he was running short of supplies that day. (no pun intended) As it turns out, most people are embarrassed to be naked in front of people they aren’t going to have sex with. (Perhaps that was a clue) There were nine of us there that night. Only two were fully naked. I and my new friend, whom was dating Jay. Claire.

Diving into a turning sea being one with god, is a daunting experience. I did not give pause to the idea that sharks live in that water, until I was fully in that water. Nothing like a bait worm dangling to attract hungry fish. It wasn't very long when those thoughts left my mind. As it turns out, a four foot sea produces some very strong rip currents. I was barely 30 feet from shore when I realized that I was heading out to sea, FAST!

Being one who was born near a beach and lived there all of my life. I knew many ways to get back to shore. First swim parallel to the beach until your out of the current. Second, wave to the lifeguards and tread water till they arrive. Third, wait for a good wave and body surf back in. Well, one of those three was not an option at this hour and the first would not have worked. The rip currents went for miles.

So I wait, and time the lurch to make the wave. Too late, damn. Again, watching and waiting, SWIM! This time it worked. But only for a few feet. Again, SWIM! Ahhh, now I'm moving. All the way to shore. Whew, that’s enough of that.

Back at the cooler, we all gather. Laughing at our escapades. Just then a young couple come into view. Immediately someone offers the dare to harass this young couple for daring to invade our fun. Who else but the naked people should embark on this display. Without a whence, Claire and I are on our way. Walking hand in hand naked on a beach where people should not be naked. Giggling all the while.

Into the distance they go, not paying much mind to the drunken heathens on the beach. There we sat, aglow in our drunken stupidity. Claire and I, revolting to the dressing of the others. When behind us, we are startled by flashing lights. Amongst the keystone cops routine, Claire and I clamber for some clothing. I would later find out that I was wearing her bathing suit and she mine. Off we run for the cars. I can't for the life of me understand how I missed seeing those sticker bushes on the way down. Twenty feet of nothing but painful stickers, jabbing into my feet. Here I stand right in the middle of them, no short path out. I am the last one to make it to the car. The officer was already there by this time. He questioned us. Gave us the, "better get home now" speech. Off we went.

Later on, we find ourselves at the commune. Covered in salt and sand. No hot water and no towels. Somehow, Jay was missing. He and Jeff had left to continue their adventure. It was late and everyone was tire. Claire wanted a bath no matter how cold. I too need to get cleaner than I was. We agreed that she would go first. When she was done, she asked me to get the sheets from her boyfriends bed so she could dry off. I did just as she asked. I walked into the bathroom and held the sheets for her to use. We were both naked. We had been most of the night. As she thanked me, I took over her place in the shower. Keeping the curtain open so I could talk to her and see her naked body. She turned to leave the room and began to walk away. I stopped her and said. You don't have to leave, we've seen everything of each other. She turned to face me. It was then that she noticed that I was now fully erect and smiling at her. She blushed just a little. The joined me in the shower.

We looked upon each other with new eyes. Having seen these new persons before us, that we had not yet met. These lusting animals. We clung to each other and kissed for mere moments. Breaking the embrace with a washing of each other. Caressing every inch of one another, we knew nothing of the outside world. Only this tiny cell framed by a few walls and a curtain. Waking from this dream, we left our tiny cell to find a softer place to lie with one another. Draped in her sheet, she lead me to the only empty bedroom. I gladly followed.

That was our only night together. Our only fall from grace. Though we did talk and see each other often. Only as friends from then on. Though I always noticed that she had a peculiar habit. Only when it was only her and I. She would play with her nipples even in public. Never happened when anyone else was around. I asked her about it one day. She said she always did that when she was home alone. I asked, "So you feel comfortable around me?". She replied, "Yes". I asked her why we never became more than friends. She said, "because your married". I agreed and left it alone.

Like Kat, I never saw her again. A faded memory. Just one more of the nearly 300 women whom I've danced with. Some people only find love once or twice in their lives. I feel that I've found it several hundred times. Each a glorious memory.

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Jun 17 @ 8:00PM  
Loved it.....I too could write a freakin' book. I've had some very outstanding experiences!!!!

Jun 17 @ 8:00PM  
I would have been number 301, right?

Jun 17 @ 8:08PM  
that was so sensual, beautiful, & erotic. thank you for that.

Jun 18 @ 2:58AM  

Thank you, native. You are one very special person to me too. Loved the story. As always you excell with the telling of them.


Kudo for you


Jun 18 @ 7:06AM  
Whats in a number Sunshine.....

and who said you not going to be????

Jun 18 @ 8:42AM  
Whats in a number Sunshine.....

and who said you not going to be????

I still have a chance!!!

Jun 18 @ 2:22PM  
I had meant to comment on this last night when I lost my web connection.

This is a lovely story! I am like you.. I don't think I've ever hooked up with anyone I could not love in some fashion. Well ok, that's not true, I did a couple of fuck runs once upon a time... but that was to fulfill a lover's fantasy.

Jun 18 @ 2:30PM  
Well done.

*Thunderous Applause*

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In a Land long, long ago and a time far, far away....