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Living in the city sux

posted 6/15/2009 9:22:14 PM |
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tagged: rant

Ok, as most know, I've got 5 dogs. I've mentioned them a time or two on here. Anyway, living in the city, I know that there are ordinances regarding constant barking, and I also know that when my dogs go outside, they're going to leave piles..and like a responsible dog owner, I'm out in my backyard every day, or, every other day, cleaning up their piles. Also, when my dogs are outside, I'm keeping an eye on them. And the second they start to bark, I bring them in the house. The absolute latest they are ever outside is a little after 11pm, and the first bark I hear, they are in the house, for the night.

This morning, I get up at 7am for work, it's about 7:45am when I hear a knock on the door. It's a cop. I'm wondering what in the hell a cop is doing knocking on my door...I answer the door, and he's there to tell me there has been complaints about my dogs "constant barking keeping people awake all night". WTF????? Yeah, he said one of the complaints is that my dogs are outside barking at 1am, 2am, 3am....and I told him that there is no possible way they are outside that late at night because I'm sound asleep at that time! And then he proceeds to tell me that neighbors are complaining about the "odor"...again....WTF????????? I told that cop I keep my backyard clean as I also happen to like having my windows open and don't want to smell their shit either! I also informed him I'm not the only house on the street with which he says he knows that, but the complaints are about my 5 dogs. As soon as he said that...I knew exactly who the asshole was that complained. And how dare this jerk (neighbor...not the cop) complain!!!!!! That hypocrite was running his garden tiller at 6:30am last week, and my bedroom window was open, and it woke me up out of a sound sleep...on my day off!

I've been living here 5 years, I've had the dogs for about 2 years, and this is the first time anyone has said anything. Like I said, I don't leave them outside barking, as soon as they bark, I bring them in. I clean up behind them. And now this? And no, I've done nothing to piss anyone off. I try to be considerate of others.

Maybe I should enter the Publishers Clearing House flyer I got and win the $10 million?

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Jun 15 @ 9:41PM  
Some people just have nothing better to do than make things up to complain about.

I have one neighbor the same way. For some reason she thinks she needs to tell me how to raise my dogs. Till the day I went over an told her how to take care of hers. Saw her small dog chained up with no water and it was about 90 out. That seemed to shut her mouth for awhile

Jun 15 @ 9:49PM  
I've lived in residential ares most of the time and so don't like it for reasons you just blogged about! Neighbors can be a real pain in the ass! They'll lie just because they can or they're just assholes! If you get a complaint again like your dogs being out late at night or so early in the morning, They are the accusers, I would think the cop would have asked for some kind of proof (pixs or the neighbor on the other side of you, saying the same thing!)

I know you shouldn't have to but maybe you can find a place with distance between neighbors, assuming you're renting! Maybe calling the police station and asking them what you can do to have your neighbors show proof for a valid claim, would get you some ideas on how to deal with them! At least you're showing the cops your making an effort to show what your neighbors is saying, isn't true!

Maybe talking with the other neighbor about this problem, might put them on your side!



Jun 15 @ 9:53PM  
There are some people who are not happy unless they are being a you can be an ass yourself and when he starts the tiller at 6:30a call the police or the next time the officer comes to your house ask him why they didn't call when the dogs were supposedly bothering them, and the answer would be cause it never happened. and than show him your back he can see for himself there is no doggie doo doo out there smelling.

Jun 15 @ 10:00PM  
This why I have one cat and no other animals. To many people complain about the stupidest shit! Sorry they or he did this to you. Nothing you did wrong in my eyes , maybe he is crabby or has PMS?

Jun 15 @ 10:34PM  

Is it any wonder that I love living on my 5 wooded acres in the coountry.

Jun 15 @ 10:49PM  
Some people have no lives......

Jun 16 @ 12:19AM  
Living in the city sux

I believe that you have five dogs, correct me if I am wrong. If that be the case, living in the city would stink much of the time. I have two at the moment. In our city, excluding puppies, you are allowed a total of three.

The cops understand asshole neighbors, they also understand a dog pack. The tie breaker may be to have the police ask the other neighbors if there is a problem with dog doo and barking. As it stands, it is the proverbial " he said/she said" thing. The investigation and consultations with the neighbors, if the police will do it (unlikely), is your tie breaker. In my city who rents and who owns plays in also. Good luck.

Jun 16 @ 7:08AM  
I love the Country!!!! I Pray I will never have to Live in a City/Town Again!!!!!!!

But who knows....I have been trying to get a Job...all over the USA..!!!! If my Luck holds up...the way it has been....I will end up in a Big City!!!

Good luck with that!!!

Jun 16 @ 8:49AM  
Sorry you have an asshole for a neighbor! I know that situation all to well! Like Bruce said, it's a he said/she said thing. The cops have to respond to calls like that.....and I'm sure they get tired of it. If you aren't doing anything wrong, I wouldn't worry about it! Just make sure you have licenses for all your dogs because that would be the only way they could really do anything, I think, was if your dogs weren't licensed.

My neighbor that used to live next door to me had at least 10 dogs...and they were mangy mutts. He would find them and bring them home and they all lived outside. I'm talking dirty ass, mangy looking dogs. They barked all the time and it did stink...especially in the summer time. He was a dirty neighbor and didn't give a shit. Those dogs used to get into dog fights...they looked like a pack of wolves. It was crazy!!! People complained all the time about him and those dogs, but nobody could do a damn thing because they were all licensed dogs and he wasn't breaking any laws.

Jun 16 @ 9:08AM  
I believe the real problem is the jerk with to much time on his hands who complained.
This happens everywhere

We had a case, that all here may soon hear about as it is being appealed. What happened is a small non denominational church rand it's bell three times on Sunday to signal it's services. It rang once during the week for a mid week service. This church was located in this spot for years, in an area that used to be horse propertities and semi rural. Now these properties are coveted, because they are on a minimum of 1 acre per house.

A recent move in complained about the church bells and call the city of Phoenix. The complaintant pushed the city and the church was cited and lawsuits were begun against the pastor. Honeywell (a huge nearby facility) ran some audio tests as did an independent company. The sound level of the traffic on any day at anytime was louder than the church bell. The case still went to court and the complaintant keep pushing and raising hell." Film Strip" Phil, the Phoenix mayor was asked and he said to keep prosecuting. The city attorney's did. The pastor was convicted! And sentenced to 10 days in county jail, the church has to remove the bell (it is a real bell not a tape) and three years of supervised probation. Almost everyone in this metro are is pissed off about this deal and sides with the church, but a zealous city attorney and one jerk are getting their way. Interesting thing is the County Attorney (DA) said he would have fired this attorney if he worked for the County office for bringing and pushing this ridiculous charge. As I said it is being appealed to a higher court. It will most likely break this little church.

Jun 16 @ 11:10AM  
make sure you have licenses for all your dogs

Be certain that you also have complete records to show that all required vaccinations are current for every dog.

It will most likely break this little church.

I can't believe in a major city that there is not an attorney or special interest group that would take on the case without charge. Something like this could go to the U. S> Supreme Court potentially.

Jun 16 @ 2:26PM  
Sounds like you're a responsible pet owner. There are neighbors out there that seem to cause trouble no matter what.

Jun 16 @ 8:19PM  
sorry this is happening to you sugar. All you can do is what everyone on here has suggested. good luck dear.

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Living in the city sux