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Lawyer and Pharmaceutical Ads...

posted 6/15/2009 7:16:09 PM |
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I certainly realize that anyone has the right to advertise wherever and whenever they wish, to promote their products/business!

But I have two commercial areas that kind of bug me- both because they advertise over and over again and they're like what's known as ambulance chasers- especially the lawyers! Oh, and let's not forget that some are scary, in their presentations!

However, I do get so tired of having to listen to lawyers advertising their wares regarding being hurt in an accident, harmed in anyway in a medical mishap, such as an operation gone wrong or medications that people have an adverse reaction to or can in some cases, even be deadly if not taken according to directions or the medicine is defective in some way!

I not a prude by any means as some of you know, from my blogs/blog comments! But, I think I could get by without hearing about male enhancement products in the form of a pill! The idea of possibly walking around with a perpetual hard-on for hours even after sex apparently or some chick in an advertisement, explaining that "no matter what age a guy is, he can get and maintain a hard-on, may be harmful in some cases! Next they'll be pushing cock rings and penile implants!

What do you think about both kinds of commercials and the way they are pushed in that IMO, they use scare tactics? Do you think they're going overboard in a lot of these commercials/misleading?

With the Yellow Pages and the internet, you can find most anyone or anything for whatever purpose!

Any opinion about the subject(s) is 'legal' here- LOL

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Lawyer and Pharmaceutical Ads...
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Jun 15 @ 7:28PM  
I hate the ads on the radio the most.......Uggghhhhh......

Jun 15 @ 7:29PM  
I'm with you on the Viagra and such. I also hate that one about exzyte or whatever it is. I don't believe that works. But then, what do I know, I don't have a penis to try it out on.

The lawyers I could do without also, most of the law suits they are harping on was over years ago anyway. What are they trying to do .........start up another class action suit?

What about feminine products. I hate those with a passion. Never-ending!!!!

I think I just plain don't like commercials. Remember in the old days when you had time to get to the bathroom and back before your tv show would be back on? Now you can cook dinner before it comes back on.

Jun 15 @ 7:41PM  
What about feminine products

You're right- forgot about feminine product ads- make that three areas of commercials!


Jun 15 @ 8:09PM  
A few years ago, my son was a passenger in a vehicle that was rear-ended by a teen-aged driver talking to her boyfriend on her cell phone. The accident happened on a Saturday evening, and was investigated by the local police. In the mail on Tuesday, he received letters from 7 different attorney wanting to represent him. The mail on Wednesday brought still more letters from attorneys (3 more) plus a check from the girl's insurance company to "settle" any claim that he might have.

The check was returned uncashed. The attorney letters promptly went into the trash.

Jun 15 @ 8:17PM  
if my doctor thought it was the best medication for my condition, wouldn't he prescribe it!!!!

My point exactly! No need to advertise all this garbage!


Jun 15 @ 8:55PM  
Can't stand tampon comercials, Bob for Enzyte needs to die and what exactly is wrong with a hard on that lasts longer than 4 hours???

Jun 15 @ 9:13PM  
what exactly is wrong with a hard on that lasts longer than 4 hours???

I guess much longer than that, it can cause cock damage tissue wise- so I understand- dunno, never had that experience!


Jun 15 @ 9:14PM  
Pharmaceutical Ads..

Those hang in my craw. The Viagra, and male enhancement not so much. But the damned stuff that is used to treat a legitimate medical condition like depression, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. They cost an arm and leg as it is but why the fuck advertise it and spend money to do so as to further drive up the cost. I mean, if my doctor thought it was the best medication for my condition, wouldn't he prescribe it!!!!

Jun 15 @ 10:03PM  
Bob for Enzyte
I find Bob a funny little fellow..........

I do think these kind of ads belong on late night TV. Kids grow up too fast now, I think it needs to be saved for after they go to bed..........

As for ambulance chasers, I have seen them come right into an emergency room trying to get to talk to the family after they witnessed the accident. I think there should be some controls on how they can get new customers and I have seen them at times try to pressure the families into signing an agreement while the family is still waiting to see if their love one was going to die or not.

I do think that people should know when there are class action lawsuits for different things. Sometimes the person isn't even aware that they have a reason to see an attorney. I got a letter in the mail one day from an attorney who was filing a class action lawsuit against the company that made the Copper 7 IUD. (birth control for those who don't know.... ) apparently the Copper 7 had been taken off the market 3 years before because it had caused fatalities. I was quit shocked considering i still had the copper 7 IUD and still had 2 more years before it needed to be removed. Now I think the doctor's should be a little responsible but when you figure how many patients they easy would it be for them to figure out how many patients of theirs had that IUD.

Jun 15 @ 10:18PM  
I think the doctor's should be a little responsible
Well, yeah! If it was me, "You're fired!"

Jun 15 @ 10:25PM  
I find Bob a funny little fellow..........
I think Bob received some bad Botox injections and his face froze... forever!


Jun 16 @ 8:45AM  
I pretty much agree on everything stated here. One thing many don't realize is how advertisinig agencies book time on TV and where. Having some experience with commercials. My husband bought out a company a some years ago that is a sub-contractor for agencies. He (we) are sort of "silent partners" in a way My husband watches over the business end while others do the actual production. It's an investment, really

Commercials are sold in "blocks" with locals mixed in to "break up" these blocks. And agency will group a bunch of their clients into a block. Then according to demographics of areas of the country, programs playing at specific times. That is where the blocks are run. One other thing is what is "prime time" On both the east and west coasts it is an hour later than in the central and rocky mountain time zones. So many of the commercials are playing later in those time zones and since the network are releasing the "feed" (programming) at one time this causes the Viagra and Tampon commercials to hit at an early time in the middle of the country.

Some of you may have satellite, like the big dish type. You could get the east coast feed as it was broadcast same with the west coast feed which is sent out even earlier, because of time zones. You could watch your favorite program one to two hours earlier. On the west coast some programs were on three hours earlier. That would be on one channel. Your local channels would have them at the normal times for your area. Long answer for the timing of some ads.

Most attorney ads are local with the exception of a few class action and certain diseases. Mesothelioma is one. This is for people with a for of cancer caused by asbestos and more often than not deals with the government as defendant. There are only a few specialist in this type of law suit.

The doctors usually have zero to do with these ads for medications. The pharmaceautical companies hire agencies to advertise to you to get you to pester your doctor to use their particular brand of med. Really no different than a detergent ad or car ad for manufacturers. Yes I know they are aggravating, but they are making up lost monies when a product goes public and is being sold in countries where they are forced to undersell the product for less than it costs to make. I know that will start a firestorm, but it is a fact. Millions of out of pocket money is spent on a promising medication research and development. Some make it, some don't, but the money is spent, gone. Then it costs millions working it's way through the FDA (good and bad at times) The drug maker only has an exclusive contract for a certain amount of years and the it goes on the market as a generic. Meaning they can continue making it under their brand, but others can start making it to and the market becomes diluted. More often than not they have not recouped their original costs. So the advertise to get you the consumer to ask your doctor. Often a doctor will go with the brand of the same medication because more of his patients ask for it, and all because of an ad to the consumer. It is not a responsibility of the doctor. Doctors are going to prescribe what is needed for you specifically. Drug reps also put incentives out to the doctors also, but they have found that advertising does a better job for them.

What I want t know is where are all these his and hers outside bathtubs located, and all facinf west to the setting sun?


Jun 16 @ 9:03AM  
I agree with you! I actually think the pharmaceutical ads are worse than the lawyer ads! Most of the lawyer ads are pretty damn cheesy too. There is one they advertise around here and the guy is bald and he says, "call the legal Eagle" or some stupid shit like that

Jun 16 @ 10:01AM  
I would like to interview that man who has that 4 hour erection and ask him how is he doing

Jun 16 @ 2:29PM  
I agree with what Megan stated about hating to hear all that shit on the radio to were they have to constanly repeat the phone number 4-5 times non stop.

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Lawyer and Pharmaceutical Ads...