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Straddling face...

posted 12/10/2006 4:22:06 PM |
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tagged: face humping, panties, straddle

This has got to me one of my all time favorites. When a woman straddles their lover's face and wants to make love to it, that is so personal. Some women won't do that for different reasons, but others love that so much that they sometimes hint around about doing that to their lover or flat out dominates them, and the thought of them makes some women so horny that their nipples are so hard and about to pop. I'm the type that loves to be dominated and to have her control me to a point. Just the thought of her having her way with me while both of us are enjoying this sends chills up my spine. There are many reasons I'm sure women love this position with straddling face, and I would love to hear some of the reasons why this is a turn on for women to do this. Some women may do this because the guy wants her to, but I would like to think she wants to without being asked to. Would you straddle his face while wearing your damp panties, or without the panties? I do have to admit, her wearing her somewhat damp panties appeals to me more. If she's wearing silk panties that seems to have more of a stronger scent than and other panty material for some reason. I do like her wearing silk for that reason, and because silk seems to hug her body very well. It's also like a filter, I like a little messy, but not so much where it's in your nose and everything. So women, would you want to straddle your lover's face, and with or without the panties on? Like I said, Ilike her to wear the panties at first, and then she can lose them after a bit before she continues. Also, would you totally sit on their face while riding them, or lay on your stomach while you straddled their face to relieve some pressure of the weight? I know there are some really attractive women on here that I wouldn't mind them straddling my face, and I'm sure a few of them know who they are. If any guys would like to share any opinion on this feel free to.

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Dec 10 @ 4:27PM  
can be very sexy

Dec 10 @ 4:28PM  
I'm with you all the way on this 1 SMN ! Not alot more arousing than her pleasures in this fashion.

Dec 10 @ 4:43PM  
It's all about positioning...


Dec 10 @ 4:53PM  
I LIKE IT WHEN A WOMAN RIDES MY MOUTH LIKE A MECHANICAL know the motion.....MMMMMM...If she doesnt have good balance...she could hold on to the HEADBOARD !!!!!

Dec 10 @ 5:07PM  

Dec 10 @ 5:59PM  
may i just say..........its a lovely place to be.....with our without panties.............

Dec 10 @ 6:03PM  
There is your kudo, cutie

Dec 10 @ 6:09PM  
Thanks, Sexy!

Dec 10 @ 6:11PM  

Dec 10 @ 6:34PM  
I agree with Katy

Dec 10 @ 6:48PM  
I still have this insane urge to know which women you're talking about!! Yes I love this, with or without panties. Not only does it feel incredible, but then i can slide down and ride his cock too. Give me goosebumps thinking about it!

Dec 10 @ 6:52PM  
Okay, is anyone else freaking out on what Belle just said? And I thought you were such a good girl!!!

Dec 10 @ 8:02PM  
Hmmm Sxze... I think her boyfriend would tell you Belle is a GOOD girl!!!!!

Dec 10 @ 10:15PM  
oh yea, agree with belle....2 rides for a quarter......

Dec 10 @ 11:43PM  
Oh she is a GOOD girl. But now she just trying real hard to tarnish her good girl image now.

Dec 11 @ 12:19AM  
I'm with SMN and Belle. Both are my favorites.

Dec 11 @ 12:22AM  
OMFGZ Did Belle say cock? What have we done?

Dec 11 @ 12:24AM  
Belle is makin me HOT!!

Dec 11 @ 12:47AM  
I love when a woman staddles my face, I like to be teased where she will put it on for a quick second and then pull back, I like to kiss her thighs while she is teasing me.....and then make her so hot she smothers me . I really like to see the panties get really wet before I suck it up. Got us thinking Straddle

Dec 11 @ 12:57AM  
well sunny she makes me hot too.

Canu what did you people do to my sweet angel well whaatever it is that you did please please keep it up

Dec 11 @ 1:02AM  
Dayum who woulda thunk one little comment would cause all this

Dec 11 @ 1:03AM  
It seems like she loves my sex blogs. But then so does everyone else.

Dec 11 @ 1:04AM  
I still wanna know who your picks would be from here!!!!!

Dec 11 @ 1:10AM  
Okay, you want to know? Here we go, the women who I would love to straddle my face gently riding back and forth while their nipples are hard and are about ready to pop until they cum all over my face is........

are you kidding me, I'm not saying who they are.

Dec 11 @ 1:16AM  

Dec 11 @ 1:25AM  
awww cmon straddle dont be teasing belle like that and besides i really like to know myself

Dec 11 @ 1:30AM  
....... >drools over mental images caused by the blog< Oh, er... I unfortunately have not gotten to experience riding someone's face. My sexual partners for the most part have been rather unexperimental. Sounds fun though

Dec 11 @ 1:34AM  
Oh Raven, I'm sure you would enjoy a good ole fashion straddling of a face.

Dec 11 @ 3:50AM  
are you kidding me, I'm not saying who they are

Chicken!!! cluck cluck cluck.................

Dec 11 @ 3:53AM  
Yep, now come eat me, 2passionate4u!

Dec 11 @ 7:38AM  
Oh no Straddle.....*pointing to title of Blog* ... that's YOUR job!!!

Dec 11 @ 1:21PM  
Okay, bring yourself over here and gently straddle my face then...

Dec 11 @ 4:19PM  
Rockstar, that's not too bad to have that part done, but I love when a woman starts to straddle your face and goes down and stops about an inch or two from your nose so you can just just smell her scent for close to 15 seconds before she goes down slowly and gently, and wiggles a bit and snuggles your nose firmly in place so it's positioned where she won't let go of your nose and it's locked into place. I had one woman on here who wanted to straddle my nose and spin around like a top on it while she cam, and that was about a month ago. Did that email turn me on you ask, hell yeah it did.

Dec 11 @ 7:22PM  
just a thought! But have you ever thought of one day maybe being smothered to death, LOL. Just a thought Sorry couldn't pass it up there Straddle!!!

Dec 11 @ 7:30PM  
It's almost happened one time before back in Nov. 2001 when my ex gf came in from Virginia. I wanted her to straddle my face and she did, but the problem was she was sitting totally on my face without her panties and the pressure was a little too much and every 10 seconds I would have to push her up with my hands to get some air. She would then quickly go back down on me and she enjoyed more that I did....It would have been better if I could breathe and would have also been better if she was laying on her stomach while doing it to me without all the pressure on my face.

Dec 12 @ 8:00AM  
I love it ! I love ladies that are squirters, it much more fun !

Dec 12 @ 8:16PM  
I can think of about 8 women that I have chatted with on here that I wouldn't mind straddling my face right now. The thought of having any of them lay me down on my back and straddle my face gently and about to ride me.......mmmm, nevermind, I won't go into details.

Dec 15 @ 11:13AM  
I've never straddled.... am I missing something crucial???

Dec 16 @ 4:21PM  
You got it right, baby! Get the word out and teach the other men! There is no more powerful of an orgasm than fucking someone's whole face! I love to bury thir face and wiggle and grind my sweet pussy juices all over their face. It's SUCH a turn on to know they love it! It makes me cum so hard and throb so long, it sends me into multiples when I am fucked hard afterward. I just don't know how to approach this method to people who haven't experienced it. I usually try to coax them when in the 69 position by teasing their nose, and hope they get the hint. I hate resistant lovers who are afraid to get their face messy. Have you ever considered inventing a bicycle seat shaped like a face? I would ride pantiless all day!

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Straddling face...