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Did David Letterman cross the line?

posted 6/12/2009 3:28:38 PM |
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tagged: tv, politics, entertainment, straddle

Okay, I know most if not all of us have heard this in the entertainment/politics world already, and I'm sure most of us are tired of hearing about this all week, but I'm still going to blog about it anyway. Did David Letterman go too far when he attacked Palin's 14 year old daughter in a joke on his tv show? I suspect peoples opinions will likely be split among party lines.

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Jun 12 @ 3:32PM  
The only party I really belong to is the birthday party.. but eh.. hey if she didn't want her family to be public joke fodder? She shoulda kept em out of the limelight no?


Jun 12 @ 3:33PM  
he jokes about everyone! so do it real matter? i didnt hear was said but knowing him wasnt good like always lol

Jun 12 @ 3:37PM  
Does anyone really put any stock into what Letterman or Leno say? they are good for a laugh but i wouldn't take anything either one of them said seriously.

Jun 12 @ 3:38PM  
Yup i agree with the room.

Jun 12 @ 3:42PM  
hey if she didn't want her family to be public joke fodder? She shoulda kept em out of the limelight no?
No, I disagree. Palin herself was in New York with her family, and her and her daughter went to a New York Yankees baseball game together. I guess anyone who takes in a baseball game is in the limelight just asking to be attacked.

he jokes about everyone! so do it real matter?
No, He used to joke about everyone in both parties when he first started out in the talk show circut. He now comes off as a very bitter man attacking Republicans anymore. You leave peoples kids out of it! I used to like him and thought that he was pretty cool 20 years ago. I no longer feel that way about the guy. His cheap shots have gotten worse through the years.

Jun 12 @ 3:44PM  
I don't watch Letterman and so I cannot comment one way or the other.

Jun 12 @ 3:58PM  
I didn't see it, so I just heard about it. President Obama wrote an excuse note for his daughter missing school. How do you think the Press would react if someone in a "joking manner" said the note said his daughter had to go to the Mideast to screw Arab rulers.

Jun 12 @ 4:01PM  
Never have liked Letterman, and DAMN sure don't like now. I am not a Democrat nor a Republican, I consider myself as GDI.

Jun 12 @ 4:06PM  
WOW! Part of me is amazed at some of these answers! The other part of me says, libs could care less about the double standard used by them unless it hits their side. Obama's girls are off limits and so is his family he even order no critizism of his wife even though she was making public political speeches. Chelsea Clinton was of limits, so was Amy Carter. They still are. Why are Socialist families off limits but not conservatives. Never has woman beein attacked personally more than Sarah Palin who stand head and shoulders above Obama and Biden put together on common sense and what is best for America.

Skwirl, Featherone, even Cootiesprayer, I am surprised at all of your answers. If you were in Palins shoes how would you like being joked about as dressing like a cheap airline stewardess slut and joking about your daughters being raped? You think that is funny and okay? You disappoint me.

Jun 12 @ 4:12PM  
Letterman's remark was "The Epitome of Bad Taste "

Jun 12 @ 4:15PM  
You're damned right he went to far!!!!

Your facts are a bit wrong, it is actually worse than what you imply. First he made a uncalled for, rude, tasteless joke referring to Palin's daughter involving the New York Yankees. He didn't say which daughter and appears to have been referring to 18 YO Bristol. Regardless, it was in discustingly poor taste. However, Bristol, was not at the game with her mother, 14 YO Willow was. I always viewed Letterman as an ass.

Here is a link to it on CNN.

(CNN) – Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said Friday it was a "weak, convenient excuse" for talk show host David Lettermen to claim his controversial joke made earlier this week targeted Palin's older daughter, and not 14-year-old Willow.

"My 14-year-old was there with me at the game. She was the only one there with me," Palin said Friday in an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer.

Letterman joked Tuesday that Palin's "daughter was knocked up by Alex Rodriguez" at a recent Yankees game. He admitted the following night that the joke was in "poor taste," but he insisted the line was in reference to 18-year-old Bristol, who gave birth to a boy in December.


Jun 12 @ 4:28PM  
visualone~~~~ like i said i didnt see what he said about her! but this man is a comedian a rotton 1 at that he talks about alot of people like trash this is why i dont watch him! i dont like his humor. but i think alot of these comdians do this for shock value, and look it here its made itself to adultmatchdoctors blogs!

Jun 12 @ 4:32PM  
However, Bristol, was not at the game with her mother, 14 YO Willow was.
Yes, I know this. That's why I didn't bring up 18 year old Bristol, but rather her 14 year old who was the only one at the game with her mom.

Your facts are a bit wrong
Ummm, no, I wasn't wrong on any of what I stated in my blog.
He didn't say which daughter and appears to have been referring to 18 YO Bristol
So then that would make him an ignorant fucktard. I believe he had to know which daughter was at the game. In my opinion, he's backpeddling trying to get out of the mess he got himself into.

Jun 12 @ 4:36PM  
this man is a comedian
Heaven forbid that they have any responsibility in what they say. Doesn't excuse someone's poor behavior only because they happen to be a comedian.

Jun 12 @ 4:55PM  
Do I think it's ok.. no .. it's not ok. What I am saying is, if you are in the public eye, you better grow a thick damned skin and fast. Rather than worry about what comes out of the mouths of assholes like Letterman, I'd rather be having sex or sleeping. Anyone who takes any of this crap personally? I'm sorry, but how can you take it personally? I hear Obama jokes, I've heard slick willy jokes, I've heard every GWB joke ever made and a few he told himself. All it is is words.. if you know you are better than that? Why do you care what people think? Or what people say.

There was no joke about the girl being raped. The joke was not supposed to be about the 14 year old.. nor was there any mention of her being forced. This is far more about Letterman than I ever wanted to know.

Jun 12 @ 4:56PM  
I think he's a complete ass! I never liked him and in all this time he's had his show, I may have watched him maybe ummmmm 3 times? And then not the entire shows!

His jokes are dry, not funny and I wouldn't give him 2¢ for his material and then, I'd have change coming back!

It's irrelevant which daughter he was referring to- it was tasteless, rude and wrong to try and get laughs at the expense of her daughter! Now I think he's an even bigger ass!


Jun 12 @ 5:00PM  
What line? Is there some imaginary "line" that someone drew that the constitution says we're not allowed to cross? Palin said some pretty nasty things about Obama during the election and did not mean them as jokes. Granted, she didn't really understand what she was talking about, but she still said them. People are going to say what they're going to say. None of these people on mainstream TV are saying things even half as fucked up as the jokes I hear behind closed doors about subjects like Obama being a terrorist or Palin's kids getting knocked up. (note to Visual- Letterman never said raped)

Jun 12 @ 5:04PM  
There was no joke about the girl being raped.
I agree with you on this one.

Palin said some pretty nasty things about Obama
I don't recall her saying anything nasty about anyones children.

Jun 12 @ 5:19PM  
From what I understand, Letterman made a joke about Palins daughter that was at the game. That would be the 14 year old, Willow, getting knocked up by A-Rod.
I just wonder what his attorneys would have to say, about Letterman calling
him a child rapist.

Bad taste? Yes, very. Funny joke? Not in the least....anyone that thinks a 14 year old girl getting raped, 'being funny' has more issues than my local news stand. No wonder his show is usually at last place in the Nielsen's.

Most of the people here, would only say he crossed the line, if he was to make a similar 'joke' about Obama's daughters. Double standards only work one way.

I feel sorry for anyone that rationalizes that this type of behavior is acceptable.

Jun 12 @ 5:22PM  
Rather than worry about what comes out of the mouths of assholes like Letterman,
Amen to that......this is not a debate as to whether palin insulted Obama or Obama insulted Palin......this is about some asshole that couldn't make a living being a comedienne so he turned to being a talk show host that made his reputation of being a prick.....he absolutely excels at that!!! It definitely was in bad taste.....but who the hell with any brains pays attention to him? JMO

Jun 12 @ 5:29PM  
Evild614 You didn't hear what the socialists said about Palin and every member of her family during the campaign before she made a first speech after the convention? Good Lord! No other woman in political life has ever been insulted and attacked personally as she was. What if the same was said by the media and the politicians about Michelle Obama (God! her name was not even allowed to be mentioned according to Barack Hussein Obama). Or what about Hillary? Yes jokes were made about these people, but not by celebrities Media and politicians. The media eve admitted there were more personal attacks on Palin than any other candidate other the GW Bush. Your memory is typical of liberals, very selective.
Note to Evild614, he doesn't have to say the word for me or any honest woman to know what rape is.

Jun 12 @ 6:21PM  
Oh....and a green thingy to mentioning this.

Jun 12 @ 6:25PM  
Pardon me and feel free to delete this comment if it is inappropriate. The vast majority of commentators (once they discovered what Letterman said) make it clear that Letterman is an ass with many expressing disgust including myself. I have read and heard many people in the press comment on his crude tasteless joke and nobody is defending him.

Yet some how, some way, there is a need to drop Obama's name into it and continue insulting people like myself with the term "socialist". It is merely one man's opinion, but I am fucking sick and tired of it. Freedom of speech sure, and in that vein I find it damned offensive, totally uncalled for, and rude.

Jun 12 @ 6:50PM  
Straddle, I've gotta ask ya..dude...... Is "visualone209"...your Mother or one of your "Other" Screen names?????

Jun 12 @ 6:51PM  
Well I had taped the show cause I like Julia Roberts. So I did hear the joke and that was how it was intended. Everyone in the public eye gets a bad joke, maybe he didn't realize which kid she had with her?? Personally I can care less what is said a person's actions are what I pay attention to. And Letterman ain't done a thing to me, nor has Palin So I guess I have more important things to worry about

Jun 12 @ 7:14PM  
Ok, here's the way I see it.

Sarah Palin herself, I say is "open game" as far as the late night jokes, etc...she put herself in the limelight, so...she's on her own. And from what I've seen of her, she's a big girl and can handle the b.s. pretty well on her own. for extending the jokes, especially crude ones such as the "daughter getting knocked up by A Rod at the game"...even if he meant Bristol, the 18 yr. old, that is still not cool. I've always felt the kids shouldn't be the punchline for jokes when it comes to things like this. Comedians want to make fun of the adults..fine..go for it...but leave the kids out of it.

btw...for the record...I tend to vote BOTH Democrat and Republican. And once in a while, I've voted Independent too.

Jun 12 @ 7:43PM  
Does anyone here understand that he has writers who feed him material??
I personally thought it was extremely bad taste..
That happens occasionally when a show star just skims the material written for him!!!

Jun 12 @ 7:57PM  

I think he crossed the line when he got on TV.

Jun 12 @ 10:01PM  
As a general rule, a show host will just read what comes on the teleprompter..
Especially if he hasn't proofed the writer's content..
Easy to mess up when you read, speak and say before you think!

Just my 2 cents from experience..

Jun 12 @ 11:36PM  
I considered watching it because I wanted to watch Julia Roberts, but I couldn't stomach David Letterman that long.
From what I have heard, Yes he took a cheap shot at a 14 year old and A Rod. A 14 year old should never have been brought into a joke regardless of whose daughter she is.

However.. Yes, I have heard jokes about Chelsea Clinton from so called comedians on late night shows quite a few times.
But part of this blog sure got off topic and into more into bashing, didn't it?


Jun 13 @ 12:18AM  
Remember all the jokes about Chelsea Clinton on late night television? And on talk radio? It is just the same old same old. If you don't want the jokes at your expense and your family's expense then stay out of politics.

Jun 13 @ 7:06AM  
Unfortunately, there are alot of things we shouldn't be laughing at, whatever justification is used. I'm guilty, too.

Jun 13 @ 8:55AM  
Here are some Letterman Jokes about Palin including the most famous one:

David Letterman's Top Ten Highlights of Sarah Palin's Trip to New York

10. Visited New York landmarks she normally only sees from Alaska.
9. Laughed at all the crazy-looking foreigners entering the U.N.
8. Made moose jerky on Rachael Ray.
7. Keyed Tina Fey's car.
6. After a wink and a nod, ended up with a kilo of crack.
5. Made coat out of New York City rat pelts.
4. Sat in for Kelly Ripa. Regis couldn't tell the difference.
3. Finally met one of those Jewish people Mel Gibson's always talking about.
2. Bought makeup from Bloomingdale's to update her "slutty flight attendant" look.
1. Especially enjoyed not appearing on Letterman

"You know who was in town this weekend, went to a Yankee game? Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska. And she was up there with Rudy Giuliani. They were sitting together. And their seats were, well, let me tell you where their seats were. They were way, way in far right field. They were so far right. Crazy." --David Letterman

"Sarah Palin got there early and she was taken to her seat, shown to her seat, by Joe the Usher." --David Letterman

"While she was at the Yankee game, Sarah Palin managed to spend $150,000 on hats and t-shirts." --David Letterman

"One awkward moment, though, during the game. Maybe you heard about it, maybe you saw it on one of the highlight reels, one awkward moment for Sarah Palin at the Yankee game. During the seventh inning, her daughter was knocked up by Alex Rodriguez." --David Letterman

"But Sarah Palin -- it was exciting, because everybody loves New York City and she spent the entire weekend here in New York City. And late yesterday afternoon, as a matter of fact, she actually pulled out her rifle, and she shot that thing on Donald Trump's head.." --David Letterman

"Ladies and gentlemen, I am in so much trouble, because ? I'll tell you why - the governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, is angry with me. Fuming, angry, seeing red, and has called me 'pathetic.' Yup, that's right. Honestly, I haven't been called pathetic - well, since the honeymoon, actually." --David Letterman

"But, I won't kid you. I was feeling a little depressed when I heard that the Governor was mad at me and called me 'pathetic.' To cheer myself up, I went out and spent $150,000 on clothes, and I feel better now." --David Letterman

"Well, it's been a busy week here on the late show. Earlier in the week, I made some jokes that upset Sarah Palin. And I was telling jokes about her family and stuff. She got really upset. And I think everything's fine now. I think everything's going to be great because she called today and offered to take me hunting." --David Letterman


Jun 13 @ 12:42PM  
Hey I never liked when George Carlin joked about religion & despite of that I still thought he was a funny mother fucker. As far as Letterman, I didn't see it nor do I want to after reading the flak about it in here. I never considered him as a comedian, just an every day talk show host.

Jun 23 @ 8:08AM  
I did a YouTube search for "Letterman Palin". I only found ONE CLIP that actually had the joke, and that was part of a video made in reaction to the joke. I think it is hilarious that people care more about the reaction than the joke itself. The joke isn't even the story any more, it's just the reactions and how people are using it to show how their side is better (left has a better sense of humor, right has a more moral sense of humor).

He clearly stated that he was talking about Bristol Palin. The joke is that Bristol and A-Rod will both fuck anything that moves.

And as for the comment about staying out of public view if you can't take public ridicule (first post, I think...), I absolutely agree. Obama's family wasn't off-limits when the Republicans wanted to slam Michelle, why should Palin's family be treated differently?

Jun 24 @ 2:07AM  
If he was talking about a 14 year old girl, that's sick. But I don't think he was.
I think Sarah Palin is just trying to support her earlier claim that the media was being unfair to her, which is smart on her advisors part. Not on her part because she doesn't have the mental capacity to think like that. She makes Bush like a member of Mensa. I'm a libertarian, so I don't think anything someone says should be censored. We should get rid of the FCC.
If people don't like what people say, they don't have to listen to it.
"I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." — Voltaire

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Did David Letterman cross the line?