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Question for the Ladies....Men jump on in there also...

posted 6/11/2009 8:51:16 AM |
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Last week...I had a Minnesota Man from here contact me.(that I didn't know!!!)
He said he was talking to a lady from VA.( not from AMD though....) but she wanted someone closer to her than he was. So I figure WTH.
He gave me her Addy....and I sent her a Message...after I had sent the message..he tells me that she is horny as Hell!!! If I hadda known that i wouldn't have sent her the Email...because..that's not what I am really looking for!
It took her all week to respond...but she finally did yesterday.....
She started Giving me a Description of herself (which was NOT Good!!!).......and told me all about her Health issues, and All about.. her Money Troubles.....No Job...trying to get Disability ...bla bla bla....Plus she said No sex..unless it was a Relationship thingy!!!!!! She lives 3 hours away..which is too far for me right now..since I am Unemployed!!
Ladies...Do Yall Sometimes Paint an "Ugly Picture" on see how the Guy will react?
Also....I received an Email from that "Fishy Place" this AM....From a Lady That is Close to me..and is Awesome!!! (Shes an Outdoor Lover..and she has a BOAT!!! )
Now I am wondering if she and that other lady are the Same person?
What do yall think?

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Jun 11 @ 9:09AM  
I'd stay away fro those wemans if I were you..........Ain't nuttin' but trouble, trouble I say!

Jun 11 @ 9:43AM  
Maybe she just wanted to lay it all out there, so there were no surprises. I would run very fast in the other direction though...who wants all that baggage? I'd ignore the other one and contact the lady with the boat who likes the outdoors...sounds perfect for you

Jun 11 @ 9:48AM  
You frequently say, "It's all good." It ain't all good, just some of it. If you don't have a job and you don't have a woman, there is no point in spending time on the second problem until you've solved the first one.

I have never encountered a woman painting an "Ugly Picture", putting lipstick on a pig is another matter. However, I have seen woman that had a lot going for them down play themselves. They may not post a picture or go into their career. More than once it has turned out that the lady was very attractive and quite affluent with a good career. Some of it was to create mystery to assess male suitors, and sometimes it was to keep her identity from being known to professional colleagues.

Jun 11 @ 10:03AM  
You frequently say, "It's all good." It ain't all good, just some of it
Damnit WoW... don't Pop my Bubble!!!!

I will agree that I do need to Fix the #1 problem..1st!!!! thx Man!!!!

Jun 11 @ 10:11AM  
What everyone else said pretty much cuts the mustard

Jun 11 @ 10:23AM  
well, i did that for a while. I posted a pic of my big a@@ naked stomach as my profile pic. But i do agree with the group, run far away & try for the lady w/ the boat chuckle.

Jun 11 @ 10:32AM  
try for the lady w/ the boat chuckle.

If she has a job and a boat and a guy doesn't have a job or even a rubber ducky in the bath tub, it is all kind of dead in the water currently. I would go after friendship and then when better occupational circumstances come to be, look into moving forward.

Jun 11 @ 11:07AM  
Now why would anyone write to someone else and try to fix them up with someone else? This isn't a bar where someone conned you into stopping to "meet" their sister.. This is the internet if she wanted to contact you she could of, even if she didn't belong to the site she could have started an acct.

Maybe they has a thng going and the man was just playing games and decided to get you interested so he could drop her a little easier, which could explain why she described herself so negatively, because she doesn't want you interested.

Maybe it was all a hoax, and they thought they could get sympathy money out of you

Personally, i would never write to anyone that someone I didn't know recommended.....the whole scenerio stinks...........

As for putting myself down to get rid of someone.......HELLYES!! If they haven't taken a no thank you I am not intereested in getting to know you I tell them that I would be happy to get to know them as soon as the green drainage stops. But not to worry the doctor said the antibiotic should take care of it.

Jun 11 @ 11:44AM  
Maybe they're one and the same using different emails and having some kind of twisted fun! Maybe he/she is actually a 'she male'. Now what ya gonna do? I'd run like hell- ya just never know! Go with the lady with the boat and pray the both of you don't get lost in the Bermuda Triangle!


Jun 11 @ 11:49AM  
What is the "fishy place" ?

More important, how big is the motor on that boat???

Jun 11 @ 5:09PM  
Tell her to send a pic of the boat!

Jun 11 @ 10:15PM  
Yep, going to have to agree with Megan about what she said in her comment

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Question for the Ladies....Men jump on in there also...