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How Many Times...

posted 6/11/2009 8:51:02 AM |
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tagged: fuck, dating, life, sunshine

Has this happened to you??

This isn't something pertaining to me right now, but it has happened & I've watched many others go through this.......

Here's the scenario:

You finally find someone you click with online & you talk every chance you get, on the phone, online, texting. You have lot's in common & it seems like the perfect match. And right when things are going well & you start to have feelings for this person, their ex pops back into the situation. And then end up going back to them.

Now, I've heard this as an excuse to get out of a situation and I've actually seen it done before.

I've watched my friend go back to a girl 7x's while she was playing him & another guy because she couldn't make her mind up. Now, I'm watching another friend go thru with it.

I nicely told him what the outcome would be. I told him she is going to continue seeing the other guy & whenever they get mad at eachother, she's gonna come running back to you again. Don't let her do that to you.

Some guys are thickheaded......what can I say?

Anybody wanna fuck?

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Jun 11 @ 9:15AM  
I have seen that happen Many times!!! Men are just Stoopid..sometimes!!
But it does happen the other way around also....

Jun 11 @ 9:31AM  
i been lucky. This hasnt happened to me. I have seen it though. Its like women going back to abusive mates. I dont know why. Bit it can drive you crazy trying to be there when they do this.

OH YES I WANNA and suck, nibble, bite and spank. You up for it.

Jun 11 @ 9:31AM  
She must give good head or something

Jun 11 @ 9:40AM  
Nope, too much shared psychosis for me. I don't even like those kind of people around as friends, too high maintenance. They always drift in and out of unhealthy relationships. Same story with different people.

Jun 11 @ 9:46AM  
^^I agree with what Bruce said. I was being sarcastic with my other comment...meaning it doesn't sound like the girl has a whole hell of a lot to offer other than...well you know....

I never put up with that shit with a guy. It would only take 1 time for me and then it would be SEE YA

Jun 11 @ 9:56AM  
If a girl I liked was playing me like that I would get a girl that I'm just friends with go up to the other guy & explain the situation of what the girl is doing. Arrange a trap to where the other guy brings her to a neutral place where I was at that she doesn't suspect. Then when she is surprised to see me I would say Gotcha Bitch !!!!

Jun 11 @ 10:18AM  
Yup absolutely. Actually i need to be part of that bone head convention had a lady doing that to me for a while. But as we all know I don't have that issue anymore chuckle.

Jun 11 @ 11:04AM  
What I have seen more is guys lying about not being with their ex anymore. Dating someone for a time and then the woman starts getting serious about the relationship suddenly they tell them I am going back to my ex-wife because of the kids or I have unresolved issues with my ex. Sometimes that is a lie too for the most part and they use that line just to get out of taking the next step in a relationship. Have seen it enough with the women I work with coming in all upset because a man pulled that crap. So it seems it is not just women who can't make up their mind on relationships. I think part of it with women is that there is probably things about both guys they are attracted to and if you could combine these two guys you would have the perfect guy for them. Then again you also just have jerks in both sexes who are players and will never really settle down with anyone.

Jun 11 @ 11:10AM  
I've experienced maybe 4 or 5 'relationships' that didn't work out over the years! But in my case and this might be 'stretching it a little, I know- but it works for me! Usually after a while of communicating with each other, it suddenly takes a 'U' turn (over night I might add) 'WTF'??? and then follows, what I call the: 'Gen. Douglas MacArthur' syndrome, which is a snippet, taken out of his famous speech he made to Congress in April of 1951 and I quote:

"old soldiers never die; they just fade away!"

So there you have it- that seems fitting for my online 'relationship' experiences so far!


Jun 11 @ 11:17AM  
It's not that guys are stupid (well not all of them ) but men are the protectors. So if someone they have cared about in the past is hurting of course they are going to take her back.........she needs protecting. and he will protect her. And every time she leaves him, he gets hurt but he will wait until she needs protecting again. He doesn't feel he is being used, he's just taking care of someone he loves. Sadly this can go on for a long time and even if he gets involved with someone else, he will still answer her calls, fix her flat tire, pick her up after she has had a fight with her latest boyfriend, ect.. Until either he loses the relationship he has or she threatens to leave him if he continues being at beck and call to this other woman. JMO

Jun 11 @ 11:45AM  
It's all a matter of perspective. Since my divorce back in 96, I've been out and about, online, and I've talked, dated, (ahem) a number of women and I've encountered a lot of them who bounce back and forth with their ex,or MORE likely.... the BF who came along after their ex.

I know a gal who put up with that back and forth shit for 7 YEARS. It recently ended when he called her and told her he was engaged and he wouldn't bother her anymore.

The reasons vary and are too numerous to list here... but suffice to say, women are just as... how did you put it.... thickheaded..... as men when it comes to hanging on to an old BF who, as the book says.... is just not that into her.

Jun 11 @ 3:20PM  
Been there and seen it a million times. Its sucks cause ya wanna help but sometimes you have to remember it takes longer for certain people to learn lessons in life.

Jun 11 @ 10:45PM  
I gotta agree with you. Seen this enough times of other people.

Jun 11 @ 11:42PM  
I am "separated" as opposed to "divorced". I have had a couple of guys drop me like a hot potato as soon as they realized I was not available on paper. Sometimes it even seemed like the conversation ended mid-sentence . Near as I can figure some woman has played each of them before an gone back to their ex and hurt them bad. So they have learned to make no exceptions.

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How Many Times...