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Just some thoughts

posted 6/10/2009 1:01:07 PM |
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These past couple of weeks, I've noticed that my favorite morning news show, Fox and Friends, has not been too friendly. They have been pretty "mean" towards the Obama administration. That is just the way I see it. And yes, before anyone points it out to me, I do realize that Fox is "Republican" friendly. I like the channel because it is informative. I also like CNN for the same reason.

Anyway, I hear comments against the "liberal media", and I can't help but wonder...if it's so wrong for the media to be liberal....then what makes it ok for the media to be conservative? Whatever happened to impartial reporting? I watch my local evening news here, and they are impartial...I honestly could not tell which way the anchors would vote.

I honestly feel the cable news media fuels the constant fighting between the two major parties, as do the likes of Bill Mahar and Rush Limbaugh. Whatever happened to thinking for oneself? Do we really need Mr. Mahar or Mr. Limbaugh doing our thinking for us? Do we really need Fox News or MSNBC telling us "how wrong the other side is"?

Ok, now I know some people are passionate about their views, so let's all respect each other here. I have friends here who are on both sides...and I respect their opinions equally. In other words...if you don't play nice....I'll delete. My rules.

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Jun 10 @ 1:47PM  
When I took journalism my professor told me you are there to report the news not make the news.
These radio or tv personalities know people will watch that crap and yes I called it crap on tv or listen to it on the radio. It gets the ratings, it gets people all stirred up so they can go write a book and go on tour and make money to keep up the overpriced lifestyle they have become accustomed to. The days of impartial reporting is delegated to the local news these days if even there. Personally I don't listen to any of those "news" stations. If I want to manure I will go out to the farm and clean out the horse stalls.

Jun 10 @ 1:51PM  
As far as what news program holds whatever political view point, I don't pay attention to that! I watch the media, like you, for the world events going on, we should know about!

Having said that, I generally hold whatever info I get from any news media, especially the cable news networks 'with a grain of salt.' IMO, the anchors giving the news is pretty much what is given to them to broadcast, when it comes to political issues, by their networks. I am neither Democrat or Republican and have said so several times. I don't like politics, especially politicians!

We're all being spoon-fed mis-information as to what is really going on from the present administration and have been spoon-fed information from previous administrations and will be in the future, unless politics itself, jumps in a river with lots of lava soap and cleans up their act!

So, actions counts for me and reserve to choose whether what I see and hear, is the truth or not, depending on the results of the actions I see!

Just my 2ยข worth!


Jun 10 @ 1:53PM  
I will read some of the comments but won't post an opinion is the latest Gallup-USA Today poll..

Thirty seven percent of republicans had no opinion on who led their party. Ten percent of republicans cited Rush Limbaugh and the same for Newt Gingrich but nobody selected George W. Bush.

Jun 10 @ 2:22PM  
I don't think they were necessarily saying liberal media is bad.... simply that they were identifying who they were talking about.

There are newpapers that have a most definite slant... one way or the other.

You say your local news is impartial...... and they may or may not be. There are 2 ways to show partiality.
One might be the slant they give to a broadcast story.
The other, more subtle one, is simply in what they choose to report on, or NOT report on.

There is an old story about a foot race between 2 men. An American and a Russian. For the purposes of the story, the American won the race, and the US paper reported that the American won, and the Russian came in second. While the Russian paper reported that "our glorious comrad came in second place, while the capitolist American came in next to last.

Both technically correct.


Jun 10 @ 2:53PM  
One thing people seem to misunderstand is the difference between reporting the news and an editorial. The news should be completely unbiased in a perfect world, but since this is not a perfect world the persons personal bias can and does creep ino his or her reporting. Where the problem arises is when on philosophical side controls most of the reporting as does the liberals now and for the last 30 years (longer, but not as blatant and one-sided) At this point reporting becomes a mixture of reporting and editorializing. That is wrong and easily becomes propaganda. CNN and the the New York Time have been caught lately in some big out right lies of the news and called it reporting. The have had to apologize in the case of CNN and no one other than socialists pay much attention to the NYTimes anymore so who cares.

When you look at Fox or any news channel an their are guests, they are stating their opinions, not reporting the news. Sometimes they make news in what they say, but they are not reporting.
Rush Limbaugh and other talk show personalities are editorializing, not reporting the news. Rush nor Newt Gingrich are telling anyone how to think about any thing. They are telling what they think, just like any editorial on either side.

Contrary to popular belief of liberals and ranters, who really know little, just make noise and parrot what they hear, Rush Limbaugh has the highest accuracy rating of any personality on the air, radio or TV. That is a fact by independent fact checkers (yes there is such a thing),and the media itself . Now they won't admit it. But think a moment. Rush Limbaugh could not afford to tell a lie. He would be crucified publicly and destroy the most successful radio career in history. Nobody would risk that if in his position. I don't listen to Rush, but I have similar beliefs does that make me a mind numbed robot following his instructions? No, of course not. Educate yourselves people learn the difference and you will understand what you are seeing and hearing and how to make up your own mind. Funny how Liberals follow exactly the days talking points nearly verbatim and it is called independent thought and honest reporting.

Jun 10 @ 3:03PM  
Ditto to Laura....I am with you

Jun 10 @ 4:57PM  
Good comment there Laura! As usual, you get very few, if any rebuttals because your facts can't be disputed!


Jun 10 @ 5:42PM  
Fox has the most fair and balanced shows on the air! At least thats what they advertise. Keep up the good work Fox! The Socialist Liberal Ranter Baby killer Racist AntiChrist Antitorture AntiAmerican Proscience Democrat Party (did i leave any out?) praises your fine unbias journalist work.........Gotta Go.....Glenn Beck is on!

Jun 10 @ 5:59PM  
It would be nice if the news programs just reported the news instead of taking sides. We have enough people taking sides based on what the media portrays. I read an article today while waiting at yet another doctor's appointment that was talking about Obams's treatment to the Brits. I figured this was just another one of those columns that either was going to bash him completely or figure out 10 ways to sunday what he did was OK. It actually just said what happened and how it was being percieved and how it could affect us in the long run. I wish I could remember what the magazine was because i would actually subscribe to that one. It was refreshing not to hear something that went so far one way or another, the other side couldn't be seen.

Of course it was a doctors office so it probably was a couple months old.....

Jun 10 @ 6:21PM  
Well...ummmm...Yeah, Laura said it better than I EVER could.

It's not been to long ago that most of the other news on the air
would bash G.W. Bush without even a hint of journalistic integrity.
Not like people that leaned to the right called one talkinghead, "Rather Biased"

Although, I've seen some online western European writers wonder.....
"What the ELL is wrong with those Americans that voted in Obama?"
'cept for the devout socialists....they also love him.

If you think the news media, Government, and Politicians are honest and here to help you.......sad-sad-sad...

Jun 10 @ 7:01PM  
Whatever happened to thinking for oneself? Do we really need Mr. Mahar or Mr. Limbaugh doing our thinking for us?
I'm going to have to disagree with this statement for the most part. I tend to enjoy Rush Limbaugh and a couple of other conservative talk show personalities because I can relate to what they're saying, and it's great knowing that there are people out there like these people that think on the same level as you do. Glenn Beck is another conservative tv and radio personality, but he gets on my nerves on the radio. So even though he's on the conservative side, I'm not too much of a fan of his. Now, his tv show on Fox is a lot better than his radio show in my opinion, and I'm able to relate with him a little more over there.

I have watched all three news networks, and I have found that Fox News tells everything there is that's in the news, fair and balance. No wonder Fox News is in first place. Most people know where to go for the news if they want every detail in the news story.

Jun 10 @ 7:33PM  
We all know a Rupert Murdoch owned media outlet isn't biased...
Don't we???

Jun 10 @ 7:39PM  
We all know a Rupert Murdoch owned media outlet isn't biased...
Don't we???
They got the ratings don't they? They're first in cable news ratings. Most people know where to get the real deal. Enough said!

Jun 10 @ 8:09PM  
I would give my right testical to see a bare knuckle street fight between Shawn Hannity (Fox) and Keith Oberman (MSNBC). And my left nut to see Rush Limbaugh playing the role of Ned Beatty in the classic movie Deliverance.

Jun 10 @ 9:53PM  
Thank you everyone for your opinions.

In all fairness, former President Bush was also criticized on Fox and Friends, maybe not quite as much as President Obama, but yes, they went after former President Bush also.

All in all, I will continue to watch Fox and Friends, and America's Newsroom (also on Fox) as I feel I do get more news from there. Besides...ladies...Bill Hemmer is a cutie!!!!!!

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