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Things That Make You Go Hmmm...Part 3

posted 6/9/2009 5:09:21 PM |
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To illustrate some of this, I want to ask you what is the longest war this country has ever fought? Any guesses? Not Vietnam, not even close. Not Iraq. The answer is LBJ second vote getter, the War on Poverty. And guess what! We’re losing! The policies were said to be made to help the poor and instead it has insured that generations of people would always be poor. But these are the very people who because they depend on the government continue to vote for the very people who are keeping them in poverty.

The government pays you to have babies you cannot afford, but if you make more than what they say they cut off your welfare. So these families are damned if the do and damned if they don’t. They are promised the moon by their elected officials, they vote to keep them, and then nothing changes. And all the blame goes to the wicked Republicans, because the Republican wants them to work and learn how to do something for their own good. Not only financially, but self esteem, pride of ownership, education. None of this is happening in ghettos. Oh sure they make a few work as a showcase, but then let other remain on poverty. It is a vicious cycle. There have been people who saw this and wanted more and pulled themselves out of this quagmire and became successful. More and more are beginning to do the same, but far too many stay behind and blame others. Isn’t it interesting that these people who do pull themselves out of poverty and become successes are chastised and called names and traitors to their race for doing it. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and a few others have a great business going with their shakedown scams. Ever notice they aren’t in poverty? Hmmm? They are on every TV and microphone they can find if they think they can stir the racial pot if a Republican or conservative says anything they dislike. For instance a few years ago a Republican in either the house or Senate, I can’t recall which at this moment, but it is irrelevant, used the word “niggardly.” A firestorm erupted from Sharpton and Democrat politicians. They demanded and apology and a resignation or at least censure of the offender. Uh folks, that word has nothing to do with slang or race. He was talking about the amount of money given to something they were debating. Niggardly means cheap, as in giving some one a miserly or cheap tip for their work or service. Did anyone ever say anything to those who protested about their own stupidity? Not a word. Instead that word was banned from the floors of Congress. Now, Come on. Is that not just about as stupid as it gets? Banning a word did nothing.

This brings me to another tactic of the Socialists/liberals. Change the name and the problem goes away or is changed. Notice the word “terrorist” is not used by the administration except to call American veterans potential domestic terrorists. What Al Qaeda are our buddies now? What Did I miss something or was that just an oops when the cut the head off the American journalist in Pakistan a few weeks ago that they kidnapped.

Global Warming. Now that real scientist are coming out and saying it is a bunch of crap and phony science, they changed the name to Climate Change. It does not matter to them what is happening. Al Gore has a great idea to make millions with Carbon credits and it is you and me who will pay dearly for this. The Obama bill is called Cap and Trade. Think you electric bill is high now? How about gasoline? How about groceries and everything else you need or want? Well hang on to your skivvies it is about to multiply by a minimum of 4. What this means is you will have to buy carbon credits for the energy you use over a certain amount. Who owns the rights to the distribution of carbon credits? Al Gore and partners. The Catholic Church (I am Catholic) tried this hundreds of years ago. They were called “Indulgences.” What this meant, basically, is a person could commit any sin he wished, and if he bought and indulgence from a righteous man he could turn it over to the Church and he was forgiven for the sin with no consequences.
So what!? The sin was still committed. It is exactly the same thing with carbon credits. The energy is still used and gone, same pollution, if any is there and the only difference is you pay through the nose to the government and Al Gore. And it is all a phony scam and you Obama supporters are falling for it.

I know I am a conservative and we are out to destroy the planet for fun and profit. Are you people serious? Are you aware that conservatives breathe the same air as you? We eat the same foods; build our homes on the same planet, love animals and nature. Pleas just use some common sense for a moment on this. You really believe Reagan snuck out of the White House without the Secret Service to steal cans of beans from the homeless? If you really believe these things I have a smokin’ deal here in Arizona for some oceanfront property. Did you know there are more trees in North America (US) than there was when the Pilgrims landed? Did you know that along with us using 25% of the natural resources of the world (which is impossible in itself) we produce over 60% of the food and good in this word and distribute then to the rest of the world? Do you know we have never fought a war and won and kept the country we defeated? In fact in most case we rebuilt everyone and made them better off? Did you know that when Mt St. Helens erupted in Oregon it placed the same amount of CFC’s into the atmosphere as us making and using Freon at the highest rate we ever did for 25,000 years? These are scientific facts people. You can look them up. If you think we can change this earth by our living here and making life better you are sadly mistaken or an egotist in the extreme. If we can control the weather which is what they are really talking about, why can’t we change the course of a hurricane or predict where a tornado will come down, or make it rain in a drought stricken area. This stuff is really simple logic people. I am certainly no scientist, but I don’t have to be to think for myself after looking at the real facts and not listening to BS.

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Jun 9 @ 5:31PM  
these are the very people who because they depend on the government continue to vote for the very people who are keeping them in poverty.
I have seen this for so long. Blacks seem to vote roughly 90% for dems, and yet it's the dems that keep most blacks and a lot of whites a slave to welfare, and dependant on government. How ironic, isn't it?

Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton
These two clowns thrive on dividing blacks and whites.

Jun 9 @ 5:39PM  
the War on Poverty. And guess what! We’re losing!
How can this be? I was just reading in the Star Tribune today at my doctor's appt that the Obama administration says they will be creating or savng 600,000 jobs in the next hundred days. Shouldn't that give us hope that we are finally going to see the light of day?

Some of these jobs created are necessary too, more teachers, more law enforcement, maintenance at Veteran's medical centers (Lord knows I could testify that is really needed) and other projects..........what concerns me is 125,000 of those jobs will go to the YOUTH summer programs. Now I am all for summer programs and I realize that some pf these teens are helping out with everyday bills, but wouldn't that same 125,000 jobs be more helpful to the American people if it was jobs that any adult could get. Whether they had higher education or not. Even if it was a temp job, wouldn't that help the adults who have families they need to keep the lights on for, food on the table, heat in the homes?

I do realize that the jobs are going to boost our economy. People make money, they spend money, they spend money..businesses stay in business and jobs are saved...........and with all that is within me I really pray this 600,000 jobs comes to be and helps us out of the recession, I just don't seem to understand why it's more important to hire the teenagers than our average work force who is out of a job right now?

Sorry didn't mean to ramble on in your blog Laura.

Jun 9 @ 6:12PM  
Or "Shell Shock" to "Battle Fatigue" to "Post Traumatic Delayed Stress Syndrome"

Or "Illegal Alien" to "Undocumented Immigrant/Worker"


Jun 9 @ 6:13PM  
They are debating whether or not to include livestock farmers in this cap and trade swindle. One article by the Christian Science Monitor
suggests.... no, claims... that livestock are responsibile for 18 percent of green house gas emissions. Because of that:
American meat eaters are responsible for 1.5 more tons of carbon dioxide per person than vegetarians every year.
Wow....... I eat steak, so I guess that makes me an eco-terrorist.

There are a lot of cattle in the US, I will admit. 500 years ago there were no cattle here, to be sure. There WERE, however, MILLIONS of buffalo, deer, elk, moose, game birds, etc........ eatting, breathing out Co2, and pooping all over the place. And poop, as we should know, is the source of methane, which is far worse than Co2. But, is cow poop worse than buffalo poop? It must be, after all, would the Christian Science Monitor print it if it wasn't?

They do NOT dare print how much Co2 human beings breath out and poop out per year because IF they did, people would realize what a bunch of BULL SHIT (methane incluced) this topic is.

Jun 9 @ 6:15PM  

Obama administration says they will be creating or savng 600,000 jobs in the next hundred days.

They are just not tell'n ya those will be Govement Jobs and most of those will be with the IRS!


Jun 9 @ 6:51PM  
Actually, I think 'our' Government is making a War FOR Poverty.
How many times did Ross Perot talk about that 'Giant Sucking Sound'?
He was saying that both parties were ready and willing to sell out the
American Middle class. Offshore, anyone?

As for 600,00 jobs....yeah, I've seen it here. Most of the road construction and other state projects, are being done by Mexican Nationals. It's getting to where many of the supervisors aren't even U.S. Citizens. (In this part of Texas)

Our elected officials only have the power to destroy, they cannot make business more efficient or provide better products.
Remember when Biden wrote a bill, that Bill took to heart, that would put 100,000 more police on the streets? Factually, it took 100,000 OFF the streets, and made criminals out of people that had 'bar fights' in WWII, or anyone that had 'domestic violence' records. SSOOooooo, IF you believe Obama, you get what you deserve. ( I just don't think I should get what you deserve )

Speaking of better products, and U. S. car companies. GM made Saturn, to show the U.S. public they could build a car just as reliable, efficient, cost effective as anything imported. They defiantly are, as my SL 1 has over 267,000 and going strong.....with no real problems....or maintenance.
Unfortunately, most ignorant Amerikans turn their nose up at inexpensive quality. So don't blame GM for the tastes of the U.S. Consumer.
Rubbing salt in that wound, would be like Obama asking the crooks on Wall Street 'how to loot GM?'

Just where is the Reverend Jesse Jackson's Church located at, anyway?
Seems to me, just another way to 'go-round' the IRS rules.

Global Warming is a big joke...and it's on us. Just another way to claim their agenda will 'Save the Earth'. I kinda like how South Park views Al Gore. (Nuttier than Grandma's Fruit Cake)

Google the Socialist Party candidate in 1944....see what he had to say about the modern American Democrat. Sad part, most blue collar Dems would be in shock if they REALLY knew who they were voting for. Not counting Pelosi's........They probably love it when she lies, points blame, and dances and sings......

Oh, and a green thingy for Laura......Woman, you ROCK.


Jun 9 @ 8:49PM  
Ok you took off and lost me. ranting and raving about a group in general isnt doing any good. Socialists liberals. Cmon. No fan of jackson or sharpton. My view they are 2 of the biggest racists ever. As for changing names thats just a shell game to keep the public for the rest. i will bow out now. Just dont hang yourself lady. you might look good in rope but not around your neck. heres a kudo for guts.

Jun 9 @ 9:16PM  
An excellent blog!!!!
Time for me to weigh in on this. Visual has hit the nail on the head and I apprecaite all those like her who have posted and feel like she does. I too am in the frame of mind that nothing is for free and the government is now making the choices that will plunge this country into turmoil unless the people take a stand. Those of us that choose to know the truth, educate ourselves, look at both sides of an issue and most of all look back to the most intelligent men of all time, the founding fathers of this country.
Kids today have little if no work ethic, want everything given to them and expect a job with benefits and a high salary rather than working their asses off to get to the top.
I am a veteren and pround to have served my country and know that nothing is fre or given no matter what the govenment tells you. We are in for higher taxes and more of our feedoms being taken away unless we all who care and know history.

My advice, think, educate yourself of American history, be true to yourself, vote and let let your concerns be known.

Obama will give you all a house and a job you have to get that on your own. So far since Janurary 20th, 1.8 million jobs have been lost and there are more to follow. The capitalist system works to sort out market problems. The Europena Union is now voting and leaning more to the right and a type of Reganism while the US under Obama is leaning more to the liberal left and falling under a socialist type government. Think about it what does that tell you..........trouble ahead unless you stand for the Constituition, Bill of Rights and American freedom.

As far as I am concerned, if you were born in this countrey you are an American, not a Chinese American, not an African American, not a Mexican American. You are one of those if you actually immigrated to this country the legal way like my grandparents did from Czechloslavikia in 1901, I was born her I am an American not a Czech-American.

There is my 5 cents worth agree or not that is fine we are all entitled to our opinions but if you think about it, it makes more sense than the hope and change we are being fed!!!

Jun 9 @ 10:59PM  
As far as I am concerned, if you were born in this countrey you are an American, not a Chinese American, not an African American, not a Mexican American.

AMEN!!!!! I wish iI could give you a kudo too!!

Jun 10 @ 12:40PM  
In an ideal world, both parties would actually sit down and discuss, maturely, ideas and solutions, toss out what BOTH agree are bad ideas, and work and what BOTH agree are good ideas, and then work TOGETHER, to make this a better place.

In the real world, both sides are so busy sniping and doing whatever it takes to make the other look "evil", that we, the "little people", get left behind in the dust.

I don't like the welfare system, it encourages laziness and dependence, but, I don't think people should get cut off cold either. I've always said it should be used to supplement income...if someone is hardworking, but having a difficult time making ends meet until their situation improves.

Republicans and Democrats need to learn to get along, act like responsible adults, and stop with the petty bickering. That's just my .02


Jul 1 @ 12:30AM  
How can this be? I was just reading in the Star Tribune today

STOP right there. the "Star and sickle" is on of the most liberal newspapers I have ever seen. you should read "visualones" first blog about the liberal media before using that same media in the Democratic pockets for facts that defend the Democrats.

Jul 1 @ 12:34AM  
Republicans and Democrats need to learn to get along, act like responsible adults, and stop with the petty bickering. That's just my .02

I agree. unfortunately it's all about getting reelected.

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Things That Make You Go Hmmm...Part 3