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Things That Make You Go Hmmmm....

posted 6/8/2009 9:09:52 PM |
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tagged: politics

With all the political discussion today in the excellent blog by Ewe Wish, I tought I might layout a few things to think about for every American. There are so many misnomers and misinformation out in the general public that has just become accepted as fact, when it is about as factual as Bugs Bunny cartoon. I won’t go into everyone as this blog would take hours to read and AMD wouldn’t have the server space for it. Let’s look at some of these so called facts of the Socialist Democrats and the media

First let me define the term Socialist Democrats. I am taking about President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and all the liberals in our government. Elected and appointed. There are many in the general electorate, but I believe most in the public are just uninformed go along with the program because they have always been Democrats. The Socialist Democrat want power at any cost and could care less who or what is harmed or if the destroy the United States as we know it. In fact I do believe that is their specific goal. Anything else would mean they are half witted imbeciles and that I do not believe. Although in any group there will always be that one percent.

Let’s take President Obama’s oft repeated campaign slogan. “This is the greatest nation ever to be founded on this earth. Please help me to change it.” What!!! Think about that people. If it is the greatest, why change it? I am not saying that some thing need changing. But to change this democratic republic into a socialist/Marxist state is not change anyone I know truly wants. That is exactly what is happening at this time. Banks have been taken over, automakers, the news media was long ago put in their pocket. If they can take over corporations this large, why can’t they take over every mom and pop store and everything in between? They say they are not nationalizing these companies, but a easy reading of the definition of nationalizing will tell you that is what they are doing.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters when questioning the big 3 automakers actually said we are basically going to nationalize your companies and all others in this country. She then caught herself and tried to back away from the statement and hemed and hawed and finally just said well we will just run your companies. This is in the Congressional Record for the first quarter of this year as well as on tape of every news media company in the country.

You may think tearing apart these car companies are getting back at the rich for their greed. Ha! The jokes on you. Folks. Today Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, ultra leftist Supreme Court Justice. Placed a stay on the sale of Chrysler to Fiat. Why? Because Obama, in his caring for the little man and the teachers of the country, set up a plan for the Bankruptcy Court (he approved it) to give all the assets of the sale to the unions and unsecured lenders (government) and cut out all the secured investors, which happens to be the teachers retirement funds and police and fire retirement funds. The union have nothing invested, yet are second from the government in getting the money from the sale.
Things that make you go Hmmm. Even an ultra leftist judge couldn’t swallow this. If the sale does not go through by June 15, Fiat can back out and Chrysler will be liquidated by the Obama administration so say Tax cheat Timothy Geitner. Head of Treasury.

More tomorrow, loyal Americans. Are you really?

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Jun 8 @ 9:30PM  
You are fogetting that the car companies made this mess. if you or i filed bankruptcy. No one would care or bail us out. They shouldnt get anything from the American goverment, the american people or any of our taxes. My children and my grandchildren should not have ot pay for someone elses greed or mistakes. The ceo should have to pay the tax payers back for what they were given. Car companies disbanded and sold at auction. as for jobs lost. My job depends alot on cars. I have heard enough about what will happen to my job if they go under. Problem is. THEY HAVE GONE UNDER. They screwed up, they should pay. Sorry lady. i shouldnt take it out on you. I will go away quietly now.

online now!
Jun 8 @ 9:36PM  
Good to see you post a blog.

One person may see a democrat as a liberal, socialist, radical extremist.
Another person may see a republican as a conservative, fascist, radical extremist.

Most Americans of either, or no, political party affiliation tend to be moderates. That is why we have the changing of the guard every eight years or so.

Jun 8 @ 9:51PM  
I read an article not so very long ago which was titled, "For His Country He Wept, No One Would Listen". I wish I could have found a link to it somewhere on the 'net, but alas, it was not to be. It was in a CNY edition of Table Hopping...essentially a mini-mag in a newspaper with night life, dining out, community activities...etc. If you live around Syracuse, NY then you know what it is.

Anyhow, the title struck me--and still does. Some of the statements made just resonated. It can be summarized by stating the article was about the collective ungoverned impact of self-designed rules that do not embrace the intent of this land, and guide our most able and well to do. It is about what happens when greed and thirst for power have free reign. It's about unpatriotic governance by those so trusted to lead.

You could write a book on corporate law that harms the people, that not a soul on earth knows how it became so. Our government has allowed the mighty to design their own course, thus blessing the rich with the laws and ability to take 90% of our bounty for 1% of the people. Not one of them will suffer as a result of this financial crisis.

I am rather apolitical, so for me to find impact in an article...utterly amazing. I could probably scan it and email it to anyone interested since my google skills are apparently lacking. LOL!


Jun 8 @ 10:18PM  
Let's face it, if any one's views are different from yours (mine), it's easy to find a negative slant. The beauty of our country is that we can hold our opinions and vote how we choose. Complain all you want about our ELECTED officials...but remember they are there because the majority of those voting put them there. Instead of whining and boo-hooing about the way things are, we should get out there and work for change.

Jun 8 @ 10:21PM  
Let’s take President Obama’s oft repeated campaign slogan. “This is the greatest nation ever to be founded on this earth. Please help me to change it.”
Yep, he wants to turn this great country upside down, inside and out to make this a government where people are totally dependant on big government.

We're seeing where Obama's policies are ruining this once great country we used to know. For the past 5 month he's managed to screw up so many things, and has deepend us in this resession with his spending bill, and yet, he still wants to throw more of our money into spending our way out of this mess.

I'm not sure how long it's going to take for Obama's supporters to wake up and see what this guy is all about.

Giving you a kudo for a great well written blog!

Jun 8 @ 10:46PM  
It is my hope that some of if not all of what I write will make people think a little from themselves. That is my point.
rdsingle, you are correct in several points and yet missing the point. Yes you can say the car companies screwed up and yes they did. First is the allowed the unions to push them around until they were paying more and giving more benefits than they could afford. So not only is it the car companies fault, it is the unions just as much. Yet the unions are benefiting and the car companies are not. There was a time for unions, but their time is long past for the most part. Government should not and is not legally authorized to bail anyone out. Starting with President Bush's TARP deal and President Obama continuing they bailouts are a big part of the problem we find ourselves in today. It is easy to point blame, but there are a lot of people to blame for all of this. So the car companies are paying, why are the unions profiting and the share holders taking the financial beating.Why is the federal government involved at all in anyway? Answer: Socialism. Sorry I did not rewrite the history of the US economy in my starting blog. I can only cover one thing at a time.

Words of Wit you are also partially correct about why we change ever so often. But why do the Socialist Democrats seem to drive costs up, with taxes? Taxing the rich is such a old and lame excuse. You know it and I know it. You can tax the wealthy out of every dime they have and give it to the poor and when there are no more rich (New York is approaching this now) who are they going to take the money from then? That is the fundamental flaw of Socialism and why it has failed every time it has been tried. Why do you think it will work now? The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.
This plan of Obama's is the same that Carter tried. He has even said that publicly. It was a colossal failure then and will be even moreso this time. As for conservatives being classed as facists. That was going to be one of the misnomers I planned to discuss. The Nazi's are called Facists, Wrong they were Social Democrats. Just look at their own full name. Mussolini was a facist. The Democrat politicians of today are far closer to this than any Conservative or Republican ever has been. Just because the media has promoted this idea does not make it so.

JuJubear I cannot address something I know nothing about in you comment. Sorry.

Looking4ever. I have no problem with you or anyone disagreeing with me. I am not placing a negative slant on something I disagree with I am stating fact and applying a little logic for people to think of. One of the hardest things for me to understand is why people will absolutely refuse to even look at facts without automatically attacking them as slanted or attacking the bearer of facts.

All I ask is for people to think about the facts and cause and effect, not just the "spin" and media talking points. Look up the facts for yourselves.

Jun 8 @ 10:50PM  
You are fogetting that the car companies made this mess.

I'll give you that, to a point! If you mean that the auto companies did this on a singular basis, then no- I disagree with you. If you mean that part of the "mess" they got themselves into is partially a result of a systemic failure, then yes- I agree with you, with the emphasis on systemic. The mess we're in now, began years and several administrations ago, on both sides of the coin! The cause and effect the auto companies are now experiencing, isn't any different than the housing bubble that burst, beginning the degradation of the housing industry, followed by the auto industry, will be followed by the insurance industry and commercial properties- a commercial property loses a business(s), it sits empty, generating no mortgage payments or tax base! Who's going to pay for the mortgage and taxes? No one- it sits there, taking up space and the owner loses as well! Oh and lets not talk about manufacturing complexes, that I have been in personally, that are empty blocks long buildings to de-install a laser system that was sold! This company manufactured auto components!

GM, wants to take their headquarters out of the Ren Center and move it somewhere else! Now there's a potential white elephant, if I ever saw one! Who's going to pay for the Ren Center and support its tax base? Beginning the acceleration of the demise of Detroit! Not to mention its 'grab and run' tactics, by its very own administrations!

I share you're frustration about your dependency on the auto industry to put food on the table, as I do, in what I do but the problem isn't just the CEOs of whatever company you care to mention these days! You're forgetting the government's over all policy of 'looking the other way' while the practice of greed was going on throughout our businesses! Not to mention the government encouraging mortgage lenders to severly reduce their requirements so that "everyone can purchase a house"- not afford but purchase- you know, to "stimulate the economy." Where have I heard that before?

I could go on ad nauseam but I'm getting tired! As our state Governor, Jennifer Granholm once said "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet"- She's right, we haven't!


Jun 8 @ 11:05PM  
i agree the union and the government are part of the problem. As far as Im concerned the unions should not get anything including share sof the car companies and the government should not own any part of them. The stockholders should get their share. they bought in good faith. The retirees should get their retirement and not lose benifits. This has already happened. The general workforce should get all that acn be given. But the people in control that seen this coming and did nothing but get what they could should not get anything but should have to repay what they cost the american people. Not just in the car companies but the banking system, insurance, mortgage and the financial district that rode the wave of greed and corruption. Look back to the depression. Look back to the American worker. Not to the government. Not to corporate. Just plain ol Americans raising families and raising american standards.

Jun 8 @ 11:36PM  
Awesome blog. You gave quite a bit to think about. Kudos to you.

online now!
Jun 8 @ 11:43PM  
Since 1992 all I have heard was bitching about liberals and socialists despite the first six years of seeing republicans controlling both houses of congress and the presidency.

What did that get us? Look around...I am sure there will be some rationalized way of blaming those who weren't in power. God forbid the obvious track record be brought into it.

Respectfully, the only only thing I see in the ideas submitted on this blog and the ideas submitted by Rush Limbaugh is a an extremely attractive woman and a fat guy.

online now!
Jun 8 @ 11:45PM  
You gave quite a bit to think about.
Old w(h)ine in a new bottle.

Jun 8 @ 11:54PM  
Awesome blog. You gave quite a bit to think about. Kudos to you.
I'm with Ewe on this one!

Jun 9 @ 12:26AM  
Old w(h)ine in a new bottle.

It's what you learn after you know it all that counts. ~Attributed to Harry S. Truman

I am learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma. ~Eartha Kitt

Man's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions. ~Oliver Wendell Holmes

Some people will never learn anything, for this reason, because they understand everything too soon. ~Alexander Pope

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. ~Henry Ford

Every act of conscious learning requires the willingness to suffer an injury to one's self-esteem. That is why young children, before they are aware of their own self-importance, learn so easily. ~Thomas Szasz

Jun 9 @ 4:14AM  
"I did NOT have sexual relations with that woman." William Jefferson Clinton

"If you take out the killings, Washington (DC) actually has a very very low crime rate." -- M. Barry, Mayor of Washington, DC
Also, one of my favorites, after getting arrested.....
"Bitch set me up"

(Equal time)

" I am NOT a crook!" Richard M Nixon.

(Aren't quotes fun?) Now for some serious ones by Thomas Jefferson.

I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.
(Sorry Tom, not happening today)

If the present Congress errs in too much talking, how can it be otherwise in a body to which the people send one hundred and fifty lawyers, whose trade it is to question everything, yield nothing, and talk by the hour?
(wow, lawyers were useless even 200 years ago)

Never spend your money before you have earned it.
(I guess they didn't have VISA in the 1700's)

And finally... the epitaph for the USA?

The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.


Jun 9 @ 7:57AM  
Does one really expect to change 8 years of Bush follies/fuck-ups in four months??? Duh!

Jun 9 @ 7:57AM  
Though all of your points are sound and very important, to myself at least. There is a far greater cause, a seed if you will, to all this mess.

Complacency. People by and large have grown to a place where they simply accept statements and ideas as facts. Lacking the ability or desire to learn for themselves.

Take health care for example. Socialist argue that we need Nationalised health care. Isn't that what we have today. Isn't that the very reason the health care system is broken?

Don't believe me??

Health Insurance...a semi-private system built on the idea that the cost of coverage can be spread over the whole of the policy holders. Everyone paying roughly the same amount for the same services. One person will need or use more than another. The sum of the cost will be lower because of those who don't use the Insurance. The network can hold costs down thru the power of many.

What went wrong? Its a perfect idea right? People figured out that you can abuse the system by taking from it and spreading the burden to those that don't. That is socialised health care. Add into that, the fact that most ER's are funding thru taxpayer dollars and you have the Un-Holy trinity of corruption.

Nationalised Health care does not work. Will not work and can not work.

But, everyone is "on board" with the idea because it sounds good hearted. The truth is Nationalised health care is whats wrong with our health care system.

Socialist have lived by the idea that they can make people do good things. When in truth they are only interested in making themselves feel good about it. Not really caring who they hurt with their "good deeds". Blinded to the fact that someone will be hurt by their ideas. Someone will pay for thier wants.

It is one thing to want to help others. Its another thing to demand that I must help others based on your feelings. That denies me of my right to not help anyone.

Jun 9 @ 8:01AM  
Nice set of quotes, SloHand. TJ is one of my faves whenever I sit down to mull things over, along with Churchill and Chesterton.

Jun 9 @ 8:14AM  
For the record, ever since I was a kid (read "19 and in the military") I've had to pay attention to politics to some degree. Life working in Military Intelligence just won't allow otherwise, although my focus was Russia.

Thing is NO President, until recently, has had the power to simply step in and shake things up to this degree. It's always been my estimation that nearly the entire first two years of any Presidency can be attributed to actions, bills, etc., set in motion prior by the prior President's administration and any balance or imbalance of Congress and the House at large.

Yet it's inevitable that the moment anyone takes office people begin the blame game. Hell, it's why elections and the campaign process in our country last for about two years.

That second two, well -- they tend to belong to the administration in power at the time.

With the advent of 9/11 all that changed. The Bush administration had a great deal of power thrust into its hands very quickly, very early in that administration's term.

By the end of the Bush years people were so disenchanted with everything political that Obama practically strolled into power. There was greater contention between the Democratic candidates than there ever was fear the Democrats would lose to the Republicans for the 2008 elections. It was merely a question of WHOM would be the Messiah.

(NOT my view; I wanted Ron Paul.)

Frankly, during Clinton's terms things were nearly balanced politically; the President was Democrat, the Republican's had control of the senate. A lot of bad came out of that time, but so did a lot of good.

No situation involving people will ever be perfect; that's just not in our nature. Human's have three basic emotions:

1. Greed
2. Lust
3. Greed

WoW is correct inasmuch as expressing the semi-futility of finger-pointing and name-calling.

Who started all this? Who caused all this?

Hell, you'd have to go back to the end of WWII, continue through to the days of Hoffa while NOT excluding hippies and 'Nam or the Moral Majority or Gangsta Rap.

Take a look around; we're here because we allowed ourselves to get stupid in our greed and push for a life of unbelievable luxury without effort. "Unbelievable" means it can't be believed; and if it can't, there's probably a good reason for it.

Jun 9 @ 9:04AM  


They are all crooks in my opinion. I voted for Obama because I felt he was the better man for the job. I highly doubt McCain would be doing any better if he were in office. Things take time and aren't going to happen overnight.

If what Obama is doing isn't the solution then what is? He came into one hell of a mess. There will never be a president voted into office where people aren't going to be complaining about what he's doing.


Jun 9 @ 9:24AM  
i understand your view. Not all ceos are bad. but during this bailout from the government a lot of people walked away with a good size chunk of money and the worker got the shaft. Unfortunatly GM is getting the bad publicity. More so than the rest. This is only my opinion. I am NOT saying anyone else is wrong. thanks again lady for your time and blog.

Jun 9 @ 9:39AM  
If what Obama is doing isn't the solution then what is?

I have difficulty imagining anyone who looked at corporate bailout and didn't see misappropriation coming. What I wonder is why none of the rules set for the funds didn't cover precisely that contingency?

It's a tough call, no doubt. On one hand we hope to save jobs by keeping corporations in business; on the other, we have to figure out a way to force them to act responsibly, and worse still, we have to do it in such a way as to NOT turn them over to the government.

But what happened is that essentially the government has purchased what I'll refer to as "a controlling share" in the automotive industry. I won't deny that the auto industries caused this to get out of hand through misappropriation, but what LED to an atmosphere where that could happen? What LED to nonsense even farther back along the line such as Enron? How did such things become possible?

Everything has a pro and a con to it, be it Union or Corporate leadership. Throw government into the mix and you've just released the hounds into what was already a cockfight melee in an effort to "clear matters up".

Without a Union, workers would still be exploited horribly; yet once any Union gains adequate power they seem to lose all reason, want to act like the Corporate money-barrel doesn't have a bottom.

I'm considering a move to Canada. Any hot babes wish to join me?

Jun 9 @ 10:02AM  
If what Obama is doing isn't the solution then what is? He came into one hell of a mess[QUOTE]

Obama, came into a mess. What he could have done is what Ronald Reagan did. Get government out of the way and allow the American Capitalists and entrepeneurs do what they do best. We would not have the massive unemployment now, nor would we have a debt no one alive today will ever see paid off. Instead he did what even the Communists and Socialist in other failed countries told him and warned him NOT to do. Like all he says, he does the exact opposite. He is predictable. The media elected him and the media keeps feeding you the Pablum. Some wish to eat it up and some of us grew out of that and moved to real food long ago.

Jun 9 @ 10:13AM  
Socialist argue that we need Nationalized health care. Isn't that what we have today. Isn't that the very reason the health care system is broken?

Folks, scroll up and read..... and re-read Nativeamr35 comments on Insurance again. That has to be the best way of explaining insurance that I've ever read. I've contended for years that insurance was the cause of high prices, not the solution, but I was never able to explain it as clear as that.

Too many people do not want to be responsible for their own lives & future. They want someone else to take their money, manage it for them, and dole it out in small amounts as needed.
Insured risk for property & medical care..... retirement (social security and business pensions) Even the stock market. How many people, as a percentage, manage their own account? Probably pretty small. They take their check (or have it payroll deducted) to a "money manager" who invests it for them because it's too complicated and confusing for them.

And THEN they scream and complain because the "managers" did a POOR job of managing it all.

Oh....... I don't follow Rush Limbaugh so I can't attest as to whether your ideas mimic his or not. Surely, people can hold similar, independent views.
I WILL attest that yes, you are certainly MUCH more attractive.


Jun 9 @ 10:28AM  
If the price of gas is going up and you make gas guzzling cars that no one wants to buy, then don't cry when you go under. I work in a business where there is supply and demand. And if you do not supply the public what they demand then you are going under.
when I see people complaining about change I think of a quote I have heard all my life :You either change with the times or you die with the times" That much is true. Our country now is not the same as it was when it was founded. What worked then would not work now. There were fewer people, the racial make-up was different, the religious make-up was different. If you fear change and change nothing then the country cannot grow and change the way it needs to to survive changing times.
What would you suggest that the government do when a company falls victim to a greedy few? There needs to be some kind of regulations on these companies because apparently they cannot do it themselves. they had that chance and failed now look at the mess we are in.
This country has always been seeking a balance in its political make-up. First the political position of the majority will swing way to the right, then it will swing way back to the left and then it will head to the right again. You might disagree with where it is right now but it is what the majority of the people in the country wanted. For years the conservatives have been saying if you don't like the way things are then leave, that goes both ways you know. This is not the Conservative States of America or the Liberal States of America that I can remember, it is the United States of America and if people spent half the time they spend complaining, trying to make things better, then we would all be in a better place. Just my 2 cents worth.

Jun 9 @ 10:53AM  
Republican...... Democrat.........

The balance of power keeps swinging back and forth, not because people become enamored with either party, it's because they are basically disgusted with both and continually leave the current occupants..... hoping for something better to come along.

online now!
Jun 9 @ 11:31AM  
allow the American Capitalists and entrepeneurs do what they do best

There are many reasons why that approach didn't work out over the last several years:
More than a dozen airlines
Mortgage companies
Insurance companies
Financial services/investment firms
Auto manufacturers

ya dee yada, blah blah blah, stating the obvious, etc.

Jun 10 @ 7:44AM  
You either change with the times or you die with the times

This statement works great, when you talk about technology. But, when speaking of morality it has no place. i.e. changing from honest, fair, moral and goodness to theft, corruption, lies and hatred, is not a change we need. What is politics if not a measure of social moral content?

What would you suggest that the government do when a company falls victim to a greedy few?
Well, you do what anyone would do when theft occurs, you take from them what they stole and put them in jail. That doesn't happen today, because Politics has become immoral. (read previous)

This country has always been seeking a balance in its political make-up. First the political position of the majority will swing way to the right, then it will swing way back to the left and then it will head to the right again. You might disagree with where it is right now but it is what the majority of the people in the country wanted. For years the conservatives have been saying if you don't like the way things are then leave, that goes both ways you know. This is not the Conservative States of America or the Liberal States of America that I can remember, it is the United States of America and if people spent half the time they spend complaining, trying to make things better, then we would all be in a better place.

This is not entirely true. Balance as you stated in the beginning has been distorted. What we see and hear today is not the traditional powers that made this country great. There was a time when socialism did not have a place in our Politics, in our social demographics. Today it makes up more than 40% of our social structure. So, what appears today as a radical swinging isn't really a swinging. Its a battle to restore what made this country great.

On a world level, which so many Obama supporters like to speak about, We have many nations that already have socialism. Many more that are no longer here, because of socialism. The United States, was an experiment. The only nation or political body that implemented what we know as a Democratic Republic. Just like our states, you have a choice. You can live in a nation that lives by capitalism or you can move to a nation that lives by socialism. The question I am left with at the end of the day is, "Why is it so important to destroy the only Nation built on freedom?". People like to argue that they were born here. Well, there are many people here in Florida that were born somewhere else. Didn't hear any arguments from them about moving to a place that suited their wants and needs.

So, if you really need socialism to make you feel good about yourself. Try Cuba or Venezuela. They have all the programs that Obama wants. All the things Obama supporters are demanding. What??? You don't want to live in a third world Nation?. What do you think will happen to America?

When you see someone drive off a cliff are you really going to do the same things they did? Just because you think your better then they were?

Common Sense, its not so common anymore.

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Things That Make You Go Hmmmm....