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You get what you ask for.

posted 6/8/2009 12:42:47 PM |
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comes from a blog by a "Soft" lady who really ain't soft when she's riled up But anyway do you really get what you ask for in life? Blogs? Sex? Romance?
Seriously think about it you say Oh god I need a life! hey you got one don't like it quit try to find a new one in this world today! You wanna write? Go for it its your right to do so Sex? Hell all the men/women seem to live on the other side of the U.S. And the ones who you'd consider are either gay/bi-sexual or so damn dumb who'd want to see what they got Romance I don't think it exists anymore. You hear of people saying this and the other but when it comes down to it, they don't know their head from a hole in the ground.

So what do you want? Hell I don't even know anymore the harder I try to improve my status in life the damn toliet lid flips up and i go down the drain But you know what?? I am going to keep on trying in everything I do because I'll be damned if anyone or anything is going to keep me down. Sure get in a bad mood, have a hissy fit go for it. Hell if it helps I'll loan you my shoulder and you can cry But I will not blame anyone for my lot in life, even if I had help flushing the toliet. So cheer up my friends in Pervia We have each other

Oh yeah forgot the fuckin disclaimer: If you don't like this move along little doggie I can care less

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Jun 8 @ 1:00PM  
Hey anyone want a life? I have one for sale cheap It comes complete with kids with problems, and elderly woman who has to be waited on hand and foot. And complete with a dead end job and a second home based job to help pay the bills on a house that is falling apart. This life only slightly used snd in somewhat good running condition except early mornings. It runs much better after noon. Present owner of this life will use the money to go find a real life somewhere outside of the south where is is hot and humid today. There are some side effects that comes with this life though. The impulse to wear tie-dye, zoning out when your boss goes into long winded pointless lectures and listening to heave metal music. This life has to be sold as is. Cannot break up the lot and sell for parts.

Jun 8 @ 1:03PM  
Oops just noticed I can't type worth a damn today or spell. Guess I stayed up working on things too late last night.

Jun 8 @ 1:04PM  
What's a Life? I'll sell mine.....get ready to live paycheck to paycheck and barely have 2 nickels to rub together On top of already being broke, you get to worry about whether you are going to be employed within the next 2 months while you frantically search for a job every day and can't find one even though you've got 13 years experience and a college education

Okay....done bitchin...I feel better now..... Thanks

Jun 8 @ 1:04PM  
The only thing I can think of to respond to your blog sweetie is:

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Life is what it is.......if you don't like it, change the parts that you can and accept the stuff that you can't.

Remember never worry about the small stuff.........and its all small stuff.

Love ya sweets.......

Jun 8 @ 1:15PM  
Don't worry, be happy

Jun 8 @ 1:16PM  
All in all it's just words on a page .. until you take it personally and make it your problem.

Well done Lisa Lady!

Jun 8 @ 1:54PM  
All in all it's just words on a page
Still having chest pains Lisa?

Jun 8 @ 2:35PM  
Sometimes degrees are not worth the paper they are written on if you can't find a job in your career field. I stopped thinking about if a job was in my career field a long time ago. I learned to dumb down applications and leave things off that would make me seem over-qualified. Do I like doing this? No Am I stuck in a job that goes nowhere? Probably but at least I am kind of working, although we are down to between three to four days a week now. That is where job #2 comes in. I got creative and found something to help out a little each month that I could do from home. My grandfather used to tell me when times get tough, get creative. And if job #1 ansd #2 so not pay the bills, then things go up for sale on ebay. I buy hard to find sizes like plus size women's clothes on the $2.97 clearance rack at the store then sell them for a profit on online auction sites. Whatever makes the bills for that month. Yeah it is living month to month and hoping that there is enough to cover things but I learned that first you have to learn to survive and then worry about the rest. Would I prefer to working in a job that uses one of my degrees, of course and maybe some day I will again, but if I don't survive in the meantime then that chance won't matter much in the future. Just my take on life.

Jun 8 @ 3:08PM  
been so long since i got any wool...................right now i would settle 4 sum polyester

Jun 8 @ 3:39PM  
even if I had help flushing the toliet.

Well... I do try to remember to put the toilet seat down, after I'm done practicing my aiming skills so things like that don't happen!


Jun 8 @ 3:52PM  
I got a life? Oh yeah! I do! God only knows my dogs don't let me get bored! (they are cute buggers though)

Sex? What's that?

Romance? Did it ever exist?

What do I want? hmmmmmmm....I know!
I want to win that 10 million dollars that Publishers Clearing House tells me I may have won blah blah blah. But, if I can't have that...I already have most of what I health, my family, my job, my dogs, my cat, my bird, and my friends...both here in Pervia and my friends in the "real world".

but that 10 million bucks sure would be nice!

Jun 8 @ 3:58PM  
I want to win that 10 million dollars that Publishers Clearing House tells me I may have won blah blah blah

So right I just told my b/f I wish I was working so I could buy my lottery tickets again and dream about wishing lol

Thank you everybody for commenting on my ramblings today I sure do feel better

Jun 9 @ 9:37PM  
yeah you are correct my dear lisa. :)

Jun 9 @ 10:37PM  
Awesome!! I couldn't have put it any better my dear.

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