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I'm a Hillbilly.. i guess...

posted 6/7/2009 8:21:04 PM |
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tagged: blogging, help

..(So I'm stupid right?... ) but.. really.. Can i have a lil help figuring this out please?
While reading Ewe's Blog..she mentioned "Rules"..... I have not read the Blog Rules in a while...So I went Reread them.
This is what I read from the"Help" Tab!!!


A. What are blogs?

Blog is short for "web log". It's an on-line diary or a frequently updated personal web page. Postings on a blog are almost always arranged in chronological order. The act of posting to a blog is reffered to as "blogging".

B. How can I post to my blog?

You can post to your blog by clicking the post to blog link in the drop down menu under 'my account' in the toolbar.

C. How can I edit my blog?

You can edit your blog by viewing your blog and noticing that at the upper right hand corner of each post, there is a small pencil and a trash can icon. Click on the pencil to edit the post and the trash can to delete it.

D. Is blogging free?

Yes! You may post to your blog free of charge. [QUOTE]

Plus this is on the Top of this Page!!!
[QUOTE]Blog Posting Guidelines
Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! It's is a great way for others to get to know you. We've put together some guidelines to help you get started in the right direction.

What your blog should contain

Informative Title - The title is important. You want to spark reader interest in your blog.

Subject Matter - You may blog about any subject you like, perhaps a current event or an epiphany you had today. Keep it interesting. Don't just describe what you did today. Talk about ideas, thoughts, or things you might have learned for example.

Tag Your Blogs - Enter keywords related to your blog. If your blog is about how much you love pizza, you should enter "pizza" in the tag field. This will help others find you and other blogs related to "pizza".

A blog can be a statement, an essay or simply thoughts. If one wants discussion, they are invited to post in the discussion forums. Allowing comments or not is a personal choice, but it's not necessarily "censorship".

Should we be Doing Our "Blogging" in the "Forms"? Just Asking? I'm confused!!

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Jun 7 @ 8:35PM  
Should we be Doing Our "Blogging" in the "Forms"?
Technically speaking....probably yes..........but it has always been allowed here to have blogs that incite discussion or answer questions. If you come right down to it, most of us are violating the TOS with the way we blog, but we are allowed to do is as its does get people involved and let's face it AMD wants all the involvement that it can get.

However these are the rules I was referring too.......

Blog Rules (Yes, there are some rules.)

1. Do not "broadcast" messages to readers. Example: webcam requests, sex requests, etc.
2. Blogs that are "simply" of what you're seeking - this is what your profile is for.
3. You may not post any copyrighted material, unless you are the copyright holder.
4. If you post a joke you must tag it with "joke" and poems with "poem".
5. You may not post any private emails in whole or in partial.
6. You may not include user names in your subject.
7. Your blog can not "target" a specific user.
8. Do not post any personal contact infomation such as private email, phone numbers or addresses. These may be exchanged privately by email.

Some of these are also broken by the old timers as well as the newbies. Lets face it I have probably broken just about everyone of those rules, the difference is with me and many others is that we do it to make people laugh or have a good time without hurting anyone.....

As for you just keep doing what you have been doing..blogging the way you have always blogged the song goes............don't go changing to try to please me, I love you just the way you are............


Jun 7 @ 8:56PM  
7. Your blog can not "target" a specific user

There's been a number of newbies that's broken this rule from time to time on here.

Jun 7 @ 10:41PM  
don't go changing to try to please me, I love you just the way you are............

Actually, a smart lady just told me that (well... she didn't have the word 'love' in her statement ) a-n-y-w-a-y, what she said made a lot of sense! I change my essays from-time-to-time trying get closer to who I am, I guess- thinking that using words like "male slut" or "wanna fuck?" or "what color panties are you wearing today" or "I chase after anything with a skirt or slacks on with no back pockets", are probably not good lead-ins, trying to introducing myself! Essay's are like sales ads, you keep re-writng them until hopefully, you start getting results! Butt... that's just me!


Jun 8 @ 1:07PM  
Ju make me giggle!! That there is all that matters aaight?

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I'm a Hillbilly.. i guess...