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Should we throw out affirmative action, or keep it?

posted 6/7/2009 8:19:38 PM |
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How many of you feel that affirmative action and quotas should to be thrown out of our society today? Should the best person regardless of their race and sex get the job position they are seeking because of their ability and on their own merits instead of the government dictating to private businesses on who and how many to hire based on race and sex?

How many of you support affirmative action, and why?

I don't believe in affirmative action for several reasons.

1. It's still racism

2. So many people are victims of this policy

3. I have a personal experience with having this happen to me back in 1991.

4. Better qualified people for job positions are overlooked

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Jun 7 @ 8:31PM  
If affirmative action is indeed needed then we have to presume that it will eventually be effective at eliminating the need for itself. If not then it is flawed and should be eliminated in favor of a program that will correct the underlying problems.
In either case we have to ask, what is the affirmative action exit strategy? By what criterion do we know we won't need it and who decides that these conditions have been met?
If these basic questions can't be answered then it is fair to assume this will be and was always intended to be a permanent entitlement program, a buy-off of voters for the benefit of certain politicians, parties and agendas.

Jun 7 @ 8:40PM  
I am against affirmative action.

Our country was founded on freedom. I believe in it more than anything else. Since we have given up many of our freedoms in the name of equality business owners can no longer make the decisions they need to make in order to stay competitive.

There's more to address on this subject, but this is the essence of my thinking on AA. Good post.

Jun 7 @ 8:41PM  
OK Straddle, let me find a place to hide when the rocks started getting tossed............. I think that affirmative action had at one time its usefulness, but like unions I think they are a thing of a past and no longer needed.

1. It's still racism
No its reverse racism. Any job should be given to the highest qualified person. Sadly, I don't see this ever changing. I managed a restaurant in an Indian owned casino here in MN for almost 5 years. After 5 years they decided that they would rather have a Native American run the restaurant and offered me a hostess position. I told them to shove the job up their racist ass. I have never regretted that decision.

Jun 7 @ 10:14PM  
Affirmative action doesn't help those who might possibly need it the most. There is nothing saying that a company has to hire someone based on looks or weight. Probably why Hooters can get away with not hiring a woman simply because she is overweight or ugly.

Jun 7 @ 10:18PM  
I dunno... We all know the government is quite proficient at showing how not to manage any program they create, to resolve a problem and how it always back fires on them- wasting billions more and pissing people off!

I need to stretch the 'merit' system somewhat:

Bring the 'merit' system back- that's the only fair way to do it! The 'merit' system is color blind, non-corrupt, doesn't waste billions of our taxes, is non-discriminatory between the sexes, could care less about political pollution.

As a matter of fact, our entire present system of electing our president, on down to local officials, should be scrapped and replaced solely with a 'merit' system of election! It'll save billions, stop the corruption in elections that are generally preordained to begin with, save months, if not years in election dirty campaign BS we have to listen to- the list goes on! And 'oh by the way'- who the hell is running our country, while everyone is running around trying to get elected/re-elected, anyway?

This can work with a system of simply having everyone interested in running for an office, laying their cards on the table for the previous two tems, showing what they've actually accomplished, during their term(s) mo matter who is running- have the media show their accomplished 'merits' and have the people vote 'yay or nay' to whom they feel is the right person for whatever office! I'm tired of hearing the same 'ole crap over and over again and nothing get's accomplished! I mean scrap the whole system, electoral votes- every thing!

Lastly, the entire government body, needs to be forced , by law, to be responsible for their actions... period! Do these two things and there will be a profound improvement in efficiency, the government can have but refuse to do so!

Just my 2¢ worth... well maybe 4¢ now!


Jun 7 @ 10:28PM  
Being hired or promoted should be done based on qualifications and experience. Unfortunately, there are still those out there who would refuse a person a job or promotion based on prejudices. Unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world, and people's rights should be protected.

Jun 8 @ 12:31AM  
We're getting close to not needing it anymore. I think the last remaining frontier we need to conquer is parity in our public education system. Granted, this is more directly related to location and income than it does race. But race is still, unfortunately, a large statistical determinant for one's location and income level.

Ironically, it was cross-district school busing, one of the more well-intended but infamous programs stemming from affirmative action, that gave birth to the suburban power structures that are currently holding us back from reaching said parity.

When affirmative action is gone, I'll be celebrating because that (hopefully) means we don't need it anymore. But until then, ambitious white males can always surpass the reverse-racist policies that are holding them back by living by the same mantra that minorities in the past used to succeed despite racist policies against them. That mantra? WORK HARD AND STAY IN SCHOOL, BITCHEZ!

Jun 8 @ 9:44AM  
On one hand Affirmative Action SHOULD be a thing of the past, either by merit of not working the way it's supposed to or because it technically should have done its job.

If it has done its job, then it's no longer needed -- unless one stops to consider whether such a job can ever be "done" or not. Last time I took a look around people are still ignorant and/or stupid and acting on it. That would suggest that people are only acting based on consequence.

Or it's not working the way it's supposed to, which suggests that there IS something inherently flawed in the system AND the proposed solution, which means there's still a problem to be worked against.

Or, as was put elsewhere, it ties the hands of corporate America to remove productivity and any competitive edge.

Ah, Kurt Vonnegut, where are you when we need you? Oh, wait -- your troubles are over.

Jun 8 @ 9:45AM  
For AA to be necessary suggests there are still issues.

For it to be unnecessary means people as a whole would have to be more moral and honest than they actually are.

Jun 8 @ 7:58PM  
I too have been victimized by this policy

After a certain period of time that had elapsed, the person who received the promtion had to be removed. The Department that he was in charge of started to lose lots of money.( When I was there we were making money hand over fists). A little sweet Justice there.

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Should we throw out affirmative action, or keep it?