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Hometown Happenings..and Flashing!

posted 6/6/2009 10:51:01 AM |
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tagged: flashing

I live in a Small town..that has other Little towns that surround it.
We have a couple of..Festivals each year...well actually one festival.....but a few other traditional things...that are cool!!! We have a Wine Fest..every fall... and...
This weekend... is "Uncle Billy's Day weekend"
Later this Month...In a small community that is close to us... has a "Fun Float Day"!!!(this web site is a couple years old..sorry!)
I have only been Once...but I am planning on going this Year!!!
You can take anything that will Float..down this Small river...... normally there are Thousands of people that "Float" the River!!! Some even build rafts..or other wooden vessels.....Though Most homemade vessels don't make it all the way though...
There are a few Rough Spots on the river...a couple of Class 2, 3 and 4 Rapids...depending on the water level..
Most everyone is Partying like crazy..!!! Its just a good time!!! (though last year.. a person that couldn't Swim..didn't wear his Life jacket..and he Drowned...that was a bummer!!! )
Anyways...during this Float day..we have the New Orleans style Bead/Flashing thingy!!! Some of the Guys..give out Jello shooters...for a flash!!! Last year this one Person gave out..over 200 Shooters...
He said that the women would show him Everything....Boobs.. Butt...And Kitty....just for a Jello shooter... WTF?

Ladies.....Have you Ever Flashed...your Boobs, Butt..or Kitty?
If not...would ya? What would it take for you to "Flash"?
BTW...most of the People Travel to get to the you prolly would never see them again.... just saying.....
Guys... have yall ever "Flashed" Your Goods? Moons..don't Count!!!!

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Jun 6 @ 11:20AM  
I've never flashed anyone, but I might if I had a few jello shooters!

Years ago at a very old bar in New Orleans where bras and panties hang on chandeliers, one of my friends dared me to remove my bra and add it to the others hanging above. She didn't know about my trick... I can remove bra without taking off my blouse. So I did my magic trick and tossed my bra... she and other friends were going WTF. I visited that same bar ten years later and my bra was still there - lol!

Uncle Billy's Day offers a flea market, a craft show, a car show, children’s games, exhibits, fireworks and quality entertainment. Is there anyone here who might invite another to attend?

Jun 6 @ 11:35AM  
Ladies.....Have you Ever Flashed...your Boobs
Ummm..........well yes I have, but in my own defense, large quanities of alcohol was consumed and a tittie contest broke out............ ,


I have mooned a few in my day..............

..or Kitty?
Nope, always considered that was for private showings only...........

Jun 6 @ 11:39AM  
Is there anyone here who might invite another to attend?
Sure...Hop on your Huffy..and come on!!!

Jun 6 @ 11:47AM  
i did it once! i was at a bar and this band was saying is there a lady who wants 2 buy there band shirt! then he said ok ladies i tell u what if you take your shirt off on stage and put this shirt on its yours! so i was the one to go up and take my top off and i hurried and put his on! haha after i did it the guy said he was kidding i said oh well

Jun 6 @ 11:58AM  
Oh boy, welp. I have flashed people my small boobs MANY times. lol. Mostly when drinking. Sober only a few times and that was to my husband. One night after drinking at a bar with a girlfriend we were driving on the highway, we both flashed a truck driver our boobs. Goodness I think everytime I went out drinking with her we both ended up flashing our boobs. She was a bad influence on me . As far as flashing the kitty, not unless you count doing that to husband to tease him or unless you count when I was an exotic dancer.

Jun 6 @ 12:41PM  
I won't count flashing as a dancer or model, but Yes I have flashed my boobies quite a few times ( Who woulda thunk me doing that!!!) In fact there is a picture on my profile photos page of me preparing to flash a paparazzi I knew who was also a figure photog I had worked with in the past. We were outside a Sunset Blvd rock club and I saw him when I was going in with friends. What was funny is he was probably the only one who realized what happened. They were looking for celebrities and suddenly there is several flashes of his camera flash and I'm sure the other photogs thought they had missed some big name going in. Some even fired off their cameras without knowing what they were shooting. Just a reaction to the other flash.

Jun 6 @ 12:44PM  
Every year, the first weekend in May, my hometown has "Toad Suck Daze". We are very close to the Arkansas River and there used to be a ferry across the river called Toad Suck Ferry. It was replaced by a Lock and Dam back in the 60's. It got its name from a tavern on the river MANY years ago, where legend has it the rivermen would stop there when the river was low and drink till they swelled up like a toad.

Toad Suck Daze is just good clean fun, having toad races, crafts booths, and good music. It has been going on now for about 25 years, and the money raised during Toad Suck Daze goes to a scholarship fund for local students.

Jun 6 @ 12:49PM  
Dang it I flash em all the time.. but nobody is paying attention.. you should look more closely.

Jun 6 @ 1:45PM  
Dang it I flash em all the time.. but nobody is paying attention.. you should look more closely.

Try me!!!


Jun 6 @ 1:47PM  
If I can take anything that floats, I wanna take fukky with me and go down (not just on the river)

Jun 6 @ 2:33PM  
That sounds like a very fun time. We have a thing about 250 miles south of me on the Guadalupe River over Memorial Day weekend (one of the pictures on here of me was taken there). It attracts 300,000 people. About 99 percent of the people journey down the river in truck innertubes that you can rent (it is recommended that you pay the extra buck for one with a bottom to save your ass from the rocks). It is one big drinking party.

There is one point where two huge boulders funnel the water through and area less than five feet wide culminating into a deep pool. The odds are about fifty/fifty that a person will get knocked off and take the high speed plunge. There are paramedics and life guards stationed at that point in case somebody begins floundering, drowning or smacks their head on a rock.

Just past these two boulders is a fairly long beach. It is very crowded as are the branches of the trees lining the river for good reason. If a female takes the plunge, the odds are in favor of a tit flop. It is quite common in the case of a bikini top for it to make its own way downstream without its owner.

Additionally, many people squeeze ice chests full of beer into innertubes. These will often take the plunge with the lids opening and contents being spilled. There are guys downstream waiting like bears on a salmon run, to scoop up the brew and toss them to a buddy on the beach. Finder's keepers, loser's weepers.

Jun 6 @ 6:07PM  
Does coming out of my shirt when a bee flew down the back of it in the middle of Central Park count?

Jun 6 @ 6:14PM  
Back in my CB days on a run to Chicago I flashed a boob shot to another trucker on a dare.

Moon shot? No. Kitty shot? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

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Hometown Happenings..and Flashing!