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Party over here

posted 6/5/2009 8:41:54 PM |
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Oh, wow, did I get lucky. I have just rented the top three floors of the largest hotel in the world. It's all ours. If transportation getting here is a problem, then I'll send my virtual helicoptor to pick you up. All three floors are open areas with pool tables, bars in each corner, ping pong tables, swimming pools, 2 bowling lanes, beds, So come one, come all and lets have a virtual party.

For those of you that have been to my parties you know the rules. For those of you that haven't...when you enter the party you must describe what you are wearing, what you want to eat and what you want for a drink.

This is a virtual party so we can do anything we want, so lets have some fun.

Oh, by the way, I'm wearing my purple loinclothe and I have a plate full of baby back ribs with just a touch of hot sauce and I'm drinkingn a double shot of Southern Comfort and Coke.

Now if there was just someone we knew that could do the music.

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Jun 5 @ 8:48PM  
I brought a sack of buckeyes .. you can choose the two that fit best k?

I'm wearing my pink and black corset with my double slit belly dance skirt and pink satin thong, I want bloody warmed up steak tonight.. cut off a slab.. pass it over the flame and slap it on a plate. I''ll bring a couple lbs of salad greens cuz I just cut em today... ummmm.. yeah.. drink... sigh... I'd kill for a kahlua shake.

Jun 5 @ 8:51PM  
Never been to a virtual party but I will try this.

I'm wearing tight black jeans with boots. A top that is purple, short and shows off my stomach. G string under my jeans and no bra under my top. I look kind of goth but sexy at the same time. Food wise I want nothing more than a few munchies, maybe some chips or pretzels. Drinking a Heineken and enjoying the view of men and women having fun. The music could be just about anything. At this moment all I want to do is dance and forget anything else.

Jun 5 @ 8:59PM  
Skwirl girl can you warm them buckeyes up in your hand first before I try them on.

A slab for ya just the way you like it, 2 lbs of salad and a kahlua shake. Would you like some dressing with your salad or some A1 sauce for your steak?

And for you Taisen, a bowl of ruffles and a bowl of pretzels. Any dip with them? And here is one of the coldest, freshest Heinikens you've ever had. I can see your g string.

Jun 5 @ 8:59PM  
Hold the heck on.. I can do ANYTHING I want? Well heck with this.. I'm gonna be a flyin skwirl.

Jun 5 @ 9:01PM  
Ohh don't poison my steak with goop.. vinaigrette salad dressing yeah but I ain't eatin this whole 2 lbs of greens sunshine.. I'd be a runny skwirl if I did.

Now.. you want em hand warmed or want me to put em in my pouches in my cheeks for a bit.. much warmer.. plus lubed.

Jun 5 @ 9:02PM  
hey some one say party!!!! well, i am wearing my red shin tight mini dress with my black high heals. boy it looks good i just bought it too! i will have a salad with the works please:)

Jun 5 @ 9:04PM  
Well thank you kind sir. Yes, dip would be nice. MMMM nice cold beer. Perfect. Just what I needed. Does seeing my g string bother you?

Jun 5 @ 9:05PM  
A little jump start to the partay!

Jun 5 @ 9:08PM  
Hey look, a flying skwirl with buckeyes in her mouth.

A super salad with the works for feather, anything to drionk with that?

Some ranch dip, or salsa, Taisen? And your thong, it doesn't bother me, but it is bothering me.

Jun 5 @ 9:14PM  
Great song to get started off with. She is so hot.

I would have to say ranch or sour cream and onion. What about my g string bothers you? Don't you like seeing a woman with her g srting showing just a little bit? Or does it make you want to see more?

Jun 5 @ 9:19PM  
How about some ranch and sour cream and onion?

G strings are one of them things that are hard for a guy to take his eye off from. And the more we look the harder it is...for us to take our eyes off that is. And it does cause me to want to see more.

Jun 5 @ 9:25PM  
Ah, well I can see the problem. Well, being this is not a strip club I can't show more, BUT I can do a nice dance . One that I am sure would be enjoyed

Jun 5 @ 9:27PM  
Let's go over in the corner where no one can see us.

Jun 5 @ 9:30PM  
No fun doing a sexy dance for just one person. Besides there might be a sexy lady I rather dance with.

Jun 5 @ 9:32PM  
Well look at that a virtual stage popped up just for you.

Jun 5 @ 9:34PM  
Pulls Skwirl up on stage with me. let's do a sexy dance for the audience.

Jun 5 @ 9:37PM  
Go girls, dance girls, go girls.

Jun 5 @ 9:39PM  
Who else can I get up here with me?

Jun 5 @ 9:42PM  
It doesn't look like too many showed up tonight, but I'll be more than happy to dance with you.

Jun 5 @ 9:45PM  
How well do you dance? So much more fun with a few other females.

Jun 5 @ 9:48PM  
I sure don't like I use to. Maybe I'd better just watch.

Jun 5 @ 10:08PM

Ok..PP....this is a test run for inserting URLs....if it don't work...someone fix it...k?

I'm wearin' denim capris and a gray sweatshirt that says...Indianapolis Colts on the front. Barefoot with toe and ankle jewerly.

Well dang...I already ate....uh...if I disappear from time to time it's cause I had smoked sausage and sauerkraut...

Mmmmm let's see....I want a shot of carmel apple 'n keep 'em coming.

Jun 5 @ 10:09PM  

Jun 5 @ 10:10PM  
I mean delete it....I'm so dumb with this stuff....

Jun 5 @ 10:16PM  
Well here's your carmel apple, anyways.

Did you copy the whole url?

Jun 5 @ 10:27PM  
Well if I'm gonna party with you guys I'll just be wearin a smile and eating some feather, with a side order of taisen...and just give me a bottle of JD and I'll be good to go for awhile

Jun 5 @ 10:33PM  
A one gallond jug of JD comin up.

Jun 5 @ 10:51PM  
I'm a side order now ?
Guess it is better than nothing though. I just won't dance as well for you

Jun 5 @ 10:57PM  
I Think the party is dying out now.

Jun 5 @ 11:01PM  
Such a shame for a party to die out. Not enough women to dance and have fun with me and not enough men to watch us ladies have some fun. We need a good clean fun party!!!!!!!! Something to make everyone smile, laugh and enjoy them selves.

Jun 5 @ 11:04PM  
I had a little bit of fun watching your thong go back and forth.

Jun 5 @ 11:29PM  
Awwww come on Purp, I want to see you shake that loin cloth. Come on up here.

Jun 5 @ 11:32PM  
Well I've never been one to turn down a request from a pretty lady.

Jun 5 @ 11:39PM  
And I've never seen a purple loin cloth move like that before. lol Shake it baby shake it.

Hey I just made ham and turkey deli sandwiches for everyone here, anybody want one?

Jun 5 @ 11:44PM  
I think we're the only ones left.

Jun 5 @ 11:47PM  
There's a few more, don't know where they are, but they sure aren't in the blogs. Nobody goes to the forums anymore and looks like they've dropped the chatroom, so where the hell are they? Reading profiles? I didn't know anyone did that anymore.

Jun 5 @ 11:52PM  
I read profiles the first week I got on here. After that the only ones I read were friends.

Jun 6 @ 12:04AM  
I only read the profiles of someone new in the blogs or someone new close to me that's online when I am.

Jun 6 @ 12:37PM  
sweats. I want to be comfy. A bit glass of hot chocolate & a hot tub with my name on it. To eat Swordfish drizzled with lemon juice.

Jun 6 @ 12:46PM  
So... wait.. the party's over? Why am I still dancin then??? Somebody stop meeeeeeeee!

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