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The Chest aka Bewbie Test

posted 6/5/2009 10:03:17 AM |
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tagged: boobs, chest

I was talking to a friend of mine who deliberately puts her bewbs on display. She especially likes doing it when she first goes out with a guy to see if/how long he can maintain eye contact. From that, she gauges his level of seriousness for her.

I think that's pretty fucked up! Can you say entrapment?

To the ladies: Do other women really do this??

To the guys: If this is a widespread phenomenon, you are screwed.

Edit to add: Okay, she is an acquaintance (a friend of a friend). I do not hang around this fuckin way

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Jun 5 @ 10:07AM  
By the way, I have never deliberately put my boobs on display. I don't really have that big of a chest and I'm actually uncomfortable wearing "revealing" tops because I don't want men staring. Just never been the sort of person to proudly prance around with my upheveled tits falling out of my shirt.

Jun 5 @ 10:13AM  
Speaking for myself.... No not really..!!! I have dated some women that had very Large Boobs..and I never Noticed...until they Get Naked...or say something about them..
I don't Look down My dates Top!!!
If she wants to "Show them to me" that's Cool Also!!!

Jun 5 @ 10:19AM  
It IS a widespread thing. Here's the part women don't get:

It's a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Men are geared to look at boobs, whether we're breast men or not. Cleavage, decollete, decollage, call it what you will, we're geared to look when boobs are on display via low-cuts, clinging garments, silks and satins, the hippie-dippy braless look, whatever.

I've seen women wear things to the gym which were two puffs of air away from public indecency (and I'm no prude). They're wearing these things with a v-cut down to their belly-button, skin-tight and pseudo-sheer fabric, camel-toes from the Cretaceous period -- and if they catch you looking some stop with "Why don't you take a PICTURE, jerk?!?" while others go so far as to complain to the staff.

Is it any wonder men die younger?

If a woman is purposely using boobs to gauge a man's interest, she's making a huge mistake by putting them on display and probably passing a LOT of good guys right on by. That's one hell of a rough litmus test!

Jun 5 @ 10:26AM  
They're wearing these things with a v-cut down to their belly-button, skin-tight and pseudo-sheer fabric, camel-toes from the Cretaceous period -- and if they catch you looking some stop with "Why don't you take a PICTURE, jerk?!?"

I cannot stand women like that. If you don't want anyone to look at you, cover it up then

Jun 5 @ 10:32AM  
Can you say entrapment?
That is funny but that could backfire, depending on how well she knows the guy ... A lot of sick people in the world that may take that as a for sure invitation.

Jun 5 @ 10:45AM  
I don't gauge a man's interest in me by showing like to look..period.

I do get a kick outta showing just enough cleavage to titillate (good word there!) their interest. It's a real hoot to watch them trying so hard to keep lookin' me in the eye.

By the way OTH....that was one of the funniest videos I've ever seen...never heard of this man before...but I like him!

Jun 5 @ 10:52AM  
What's her next step, to tell someone she's pregnant so he will marry her?

If she wears clothes like that all the time, that's one thing, but to test someone........I think that's just plain wrong. KInda right up there with making up a fake profile and flirting with your boyfriend/girlfriend to see if he/she will cheat on you..aww the games people play..................JMO

Jun 5 @ 10:54AM  
It's so not about boobs & if it is to a guy, than he's not worth it!

Jun 5 @ 11:01AM  
I don't gauge a man's interest in me by showing like to look..period.

Yep...that they do! I've also found that usually the more drinks they have in them, the harder it is for them to keep their eyes on your face

Jun 5 @ 11:16AM  
I don't have this problem with men looking at my chest and not my face. Mine are to small to even show any sort of cleavage! I don't agree with what she is doing though. Even if I had been blessed with bigger boobs I wouldn't do that.

Jun 5 @ 11:47AM  
I do not agree with the woman in question here. She and any other woman how shows them better expect guys to look at 'em. Heck! They look anyway. I've noticed that with many men we could be wearing burkkas (?) and they would look! So what? It is the nature of things.

I admit, I've shown them a lot, but in the proper context for what I was doing or where I was. In my daily life if I go out in public I dress appropriately. I go to the gym, I wear plenty of support and I am covered except my legs and arms I even wear a pair of shorts over my exercise outfit.

Any woman who lets it all hang out has no room to complain if guys look. Think about it. Why are they doing it in the first place, anyway? DUH! So guys will look! It is a no brainer.

Jun 5 @ 11:54AM  
I believe that if a woman is going to dress in a fashion that screams 'Look at ME, Look at ME", then men are going to do the looking. Period. Regardless of who they are or how intereted they might actually be in someone.

If she wants them to pay attention to HER, then she needs to give them a reason to actually do that. Like maybe holding a good conversation instead of shoving her boobs in their faces and expecting them to ignore them. Which by the way, if they did she would most likely be offended.

I realize she's your friend, but you did ask.......

Jun 5 @ 12:07PM  
I agree with you guys She's more of an acquaintance rather than a friend and I definitely don't agree with what she's doing

Jun 5 @ 12:21PM  
"Entrapment", Yes, I can say it.

If you see a woman Cop wearing a uniform, or a woman Letter Carrier
wearing a Postal Outfit, or a woman soldier wearing BDU's, you pretty
much know her occupation.
If you see another woman dressed all slutty....well, she IS wearing the

It's only sad when they get all pissey about it.

Jun 5 @ 12:21PM  
That's actually pretty sad... and you can keep a man occupied and paying attention if you have something north of the chesticles to keep their attention on.

Jun 5 @ 12:32PM  
I take it as a challenge. I get my looks in discreetly, and the rest of the time I go overboard forcing eye contact. My experience is the same with women like that as it was with my one can beat me in a stare-down. And if she becomes more aggressive in trying to distract me with them, she better have a whole lot more going for her than a big chest, otherwise, she won't get a second chance.

Jun 5 @ 12:40PM  
she gauges his level of seriousness for her.

That line was the part that hung me up and stumped me. I read this post, read it again, paused, then reread it.

The woman appears to me to be very odd.

Jun 5 @ 1:36PM  
I'm not really a bewb guy, so I have been able to pass the eye test. But for such an odd woman, I would deliberately stare at her boobs and get the test fail over with just so she's out of my life.

Jun 5 @ 1:39PM  
^^^^ LMAO.....great answer.....

Please note you guys.....this is a friend of a friend. I don't hang out with this person....God no!!!!

Maybe I should edit that part.

Jun 5 @ 3:05PM  
i wish more women would test me lol free bewbs ok whos up for a pop quiz

Jun 5 @ 4:37PM  
I can't beleive you hang out with people like this. She's probably your best friend.

I would simply tell her that the amount of cleavage she is showing is very distracting and my occasional looks at her breast is in know way meant to be demeaning. But I'm kinda the honest straight forward type of guy that every woman finds desirable.

Just to reiterate, I'm kind, generous, honest and very caring. You can put that in any order you like.

Jun 5 @ 6:11PM  
Well... for the ladies who like to show off their cleavage, I'll look and look and look- and the one that still wants me to chat with her, she's the one I want!! J/K

Actually, those are really bad signals to be sending out to the guys- especially if a lady shows a lot of cleave- then, get's upset for men looking at her chest! If you don't want guys staring at you, use some common sense and dress appropriately! There's nothing wrong with showing some cleavage (with some being the active word here) but showing cleavage to the extent that her boobs almost say: "Hey guys look at my nice boobies" that to me, is not appropriate- it belongs on the beach and that's a story all by its self!

Just my 2ยข worth!


Jun 5 @ 7:23PM  
I like to look. Try not to stare. But there are some women who have almost falling out of their shirts. Most women dont mind looks. Just no staring or comments. T o me its wrong for anyone to get upset if they are going to do whatever they can to get attention. Good or bad if their going to lead you in its their fault.

Jun 6 @ 1:49AM  
I am probably one of the most covered up people you will meet. It really bothers me to see some women out at the malls with their kids with shirts cut down to here with the boobs pushed up to there. They lean over a little and it is indecent exposure right there in the middle of the children's department. That is not the view I want in front of my register.
I do find that men tend to stare anyway no matter how covered up women are. I think it is in their DNA. But to women who show it all in the wrong place and time I would say if you dress like a slut you are probably going to be treated like one.

Jun 8 @ 12:38AM  
I have women doing this from time to time with me. They range in ages from 19 to around 44-45. I had this young woman almost a year ago that was really showing her cleavage and revealing a lot of herself. I was honestly trying not to make eye contact down there, but did a few times while joking with her about her showing a little too much. I think she was wanting me to look at them, and she knew she was revealing a lot, and so she didn't make anything out of me glancing a few times down there. But hey, not really too much into boobs like I am with womens legs and feet.

Jun 8 @ 5:03AM  
i wonder if she can pass the .....crotch test........keep from staring at the sock in my pants

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The Chest aka Bewbie Test